The Champlain Park Environment Team Needs YOU!

The ‘green season’ is upon us and we need your help to care for and advance the environmental work we’re doing in our neighbourhood. We’ve got activities that suit all ages, physical / skill ability ranges, and energy levels! If you like ‘low tech’, and love trees, then we’ve got what you’re looking for.

All you have to do is register with us ( and then you will be free to work when you want, on any project we’ve got, for as long as you like – 5 mins or 5 weeks, we have a spot for you!

We’ll provide the coordination, an orientation session, and a ‘report back’ contact so we can track what is getting done. It’s almost too easy!

Some activities planned for this season in Champlain Woods and Champlain Park include:

  • ‘Adopt a Tree’ care program (May/June-spongy moth countermeasures featuring the ‘burlap wrap’ in the Park)
  • Invasive plant species control (garlic mustard, baby buckthorn, Japanese knotwood, dog strangling vine, etc)
  • Insect pest patrol and general care of new planting sites and the pollinator garden
  • New tree planting projects

To get involved, just go to the “Environ-teer Registration” link noted above. Once registered you will begin receiving notices about orientation sessions, work party updates, and any tasks that may require immediate attention. From that point, you are free to chip-in to our projects when you’re able.

Minors are welcome to participate – parental/guardian permission and supervision are currently required at the time/location of participation.

We look forward to seeing you. Have a great summer!

Forest Artists with Don Monet

Are you a struggling student artist? Work with a pro and help your neighbourhood too by documenting the amazing green transformation going on right here in Champlain Park.

If you have been down to the river you will have seen the pollinator garden at the end of Carleton, and the “Tiny Forest” that has popped up along Pontiac.

[Black Walnut Way - tree planting along Pontiac Street]

There are other delights in the woods too that are the fruit of local volunteers with the Champlain Park Community Association.

We would like your help (photographers, painters, sculptors, etc.) to showcase the plant biodiversity and volunteer spirit we are bringing into the neighbourhood.

Don Monet, painter and owner of Ottawa’s CUBE Gallery, lives here too and would be happy to mentor or otherwise support you in a local art project focused on the green transformation. If interested, contact Daniel Buckles ( for a virtual introduction to Don.

Outdoor Rink Volunteers Needed!

[New Boards at the Champlain Park Rink]
The Outdoor Rink recevied a whole set of New Boards in 2017/18!

New snow expected for 2018/19! Volunteers needed to shovel it!

Volunteers Urgently Needed!

Mother Nature and the Farmer’s Almanac are hinting at a longer, snowier winter this year, so we need extra help to keep our rink in great shape this season. To help with supervision, shovelling, and ice flooding, please contact Jim Kot phone 613-355-7519 or e-mail Jim will coordinate the schedule for flooding, scraping, and clearing the ice. You can also support the rink by donating a new shovel, tuning up the snowblower, refreshing the first aid kit, or donating funds. Or just show up with a shovel after a snow fall!

High school students can earn Community Volunteer credit hours by helping out.

Don’t forget to dust off your skates and get them sharpened… Come out and enjoy our community rink and have fun with your family and friends!

The first day of the rink is always weather dependent, it’s not usually sooner than December 27 but not later than January 1st.
The official last day is February 28, weather permitting the Rink Coordinator will try to keep open as long as he can.

Don’t forget to bring your helmet! Skate safe, have fun!

See for hours of operation, booking special events, and facilities.

Community Sleigh Ride – December 21

Start Your Christmas Celebration with a Community Sleigh Ride and Carol Singing!

Thursday, December 21 2017 at 6:15PM

[Horse and sleigh ride]

What a great way to start the holidays!

If you’re able to volunteer any time with set-up, cleanup, making treats or hot chocolate, or just have questions about the event, please let Jim Cocks know at or (613) 728-7881. We thank-you in advance. One can never have too many elves!
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SJAM Winter Trail Fundraising Update

Update by Dovercourt Recreation Association
October 30, 12:59 PM

Just under $200 to reach our $17,500 goal and then its the home stretch! We are planning on some exciting partnership activities with the The Canadian War Museum and the SJAM Winter Trail is the perfect way to get there including their onsite licensed cafe! Please help us finish by sharing this with your friends and family. We’re almost there!

For more information and a great video click here. Project’s regular web site is

Background: Fundraiser for New Ottawa River Winter Trail Project

Winter Trail Progress as of 20161030

  • 16 km trail network that extends along 6 km of beautiful Ottawa River shoreline.
    • From: Canadian War Museum in the East.
    • To: Dominion Station in the West.
    • Along the way: Westboro Beach, Island Park, Champlain Park forest trails, Remic Park, Lemieux Island crossing, Prince of Wales train bridge.
  • All winter long: 3-4 grooming sessions a week from first snow to spring melt.
  • Professional standard: main trails will feature parallel machine-groomed classic ski tracks with firm-packed “cordouroy” centre.
  • Multi-use: suitable for skiing skate-skiing, walking, running, fat-tire cycling.
  • Side trails: Smaller trails will snake through scenic parks and forests, and connect the trail with side trails, access points, and transit.
  • FREE for the public to use! No permits required. Just strap on your skis and go!
  • We’ve already done it! Our February 2016 pilot project was a runaway hit; we counted 216 trail users in just one hour!
  • We’ve got permission to do it again! The National Capital Commission has given us the go-ahead and support needed for us to use their land for at least the next 3-5 years!

To make this happen, the organizers have to show solid community backing for the project. Which means at least 1/3 of their costs have to be covered by fund-raising campaigns like this one – with the rest coming from sponsors, grants, and government. Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation: will help them buy, maintain, and fuel their grooming machine, and pay their trail groomer for the first season. Then, if they do very well, your funds will begin to cover the next few years as well.

Email Correction: Trimming help wanted with SJAM Winter Trail within our forest

Oops Sorry!  Email address correction to this post , should have read as follows:

If you can help with the trimming of buckthorn bushes and small branches along the edges of the proposed Winter trail in the NCC forest please send your email to with your contact information and you will be added to a mail listing.  This list will be used to contact volunteers with dates and times for trimming parties.  If you are available, your help will be greatly appreciated.

i.e. Please send to




Trimming help wanted with SJAM Winter Trail within our forest

Looking for volunteers who would be able to help in trimming small bushes and branches along the proposed 2016 Winter trail within the NCC forest. This forest trail will be joining up with the main Sir John A. MacDonald (SJAM) Winter trail network which be running along the SJAM Parkway.

2016 Proposed SJAM Winter Trail within the NCC – Champlain Park forest area

If you can help with the trimming of buckthorn bushes and small branches along the edges of the proposed Winter trail in the NCC forest please send your email to with your contact information and you will be added to a mail listing.  This list will be used to contact volunteers with dates and times for trimming parties.  If you are available, your help will be greatly appreciated.

We plan to start trimmings on Sat Oct 22 weekend and continue with additional weekend mornings over the next few weeks as required.

Please contact Adrian Bradley is you have any questions: 613-722-2248;

Project Details

Work involved
– trimming back buckthorn brushes at base where possible
– trimming over head branches of bushes
– trimming over head branches of small trees
– placing and spreading all trimmings flat on the forest floor away from the trail (as there will be no chipping provided).  Placed so they don’t stick up for safety purposes

– No mechanical equipment will be used
– Only manual garden tools will be used. i.e. Small garden saws and garden clippers.
– Volunteers asked to provide their on equipment, suggest wear garden gloves and safety glasses

– Will be staring late-October 2016
– We expect trimmings to take place at various times over a 3 week period

Steps for this Project Activity:
– All volunteers will be asked to sign our waiver form when they sign up as volunteers

Benefits: The trimming of Buckthorn bushes and small over-hanging branches along the edges of the proposed Winter trail in the NCC Forest is to ensure the accessibility and safety of all users of the trail.  This work has been coordinated with agreement between the NCC, Nakkertok and the CPCA’s sponsored activity approval.

Other Trail related

 SJAM Winter Trail grooming fund

If you wish to contribute, any amount however small would be most welcome!
For donation details for SJAM Winter trail grooming fund please check here.
This is a crowd sourced funding initiative which has a closing date of November 14, 2016. 




Call for Canvassers – 2014 Membership Drive

Champlain Park Membership Drive

 It’s that time again! We need your help!

If you have a few free hours to spare and would like take-part in helping us to sustain our beautiful community and at the same time meet your fellow neighbours? Please read further for volunteering details.

Your time and efforts will be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance!

Duties:  Canvass approx. 20 homes on your street
Required: 1-2 hours of your time
For High school students: Sign up to earn your volunteering credits

The 2014 Champlain Park Community Association Membership Drive begins May 26.

To volunteer as a canvasser please contact:
Barbara Borylo-Gourdie
phone: 613-722-6829;

CANVASSERS are the core of our Community Association’s fundraising effort.  Revenues collected from our annual membership drive enable a variety of activities in our community, including:

  • Contributing directly to your community’s well-being; and
  • Providing financial resources to the Development Fund

Neighbourhood social events: (for families and children of all ages)

  • Halloween party
  • Winter Carnival
  • Christmas sleigh ride

This year, our Community Association needs 20 volunteers to help out with the membership drive. Our goal this year is to increase our Community Association memberships to 75 percent of all households.