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NCC Moving Trees at Champlain Bridge Park

From the NCC e-newsletter, unfortunately not anonymously available online (you’d be able to unsubscribe us).

[Aerial View of the Proposed Champlain Bridge Park]

Improvements to the Champlain Bridge parking lot area: Implementing the first phase of the Ottawa River South Shore Riverfront Park

The National Capital Commission (NCC) would like to inform you about upcoming work to improve the Champlain Bridge parking lot area, which will begin this Thursday, December 13, 2018.
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Names Wanted for Our Riverside Park

The NCC is asking for names for their newly planned riverside park. Currently it is known as the Ottawa River South Shore Riverfront Park, which is descriptive but not too catchy.

They want names which are, in their words:

  • A person of national stature who has made a substantial contribution to the building of Canada and its identity in the world, or to an aspect of Canadian culture worthy of special recognition.
  • A place or event with a significant historical or cultural legacy in Canada.
  • A local or regional figure who has contributed to the building of the Capital.

Submit your suggestions by October 23rd on the NCC’s web site (which also has more information about the park, and naming rules – Toponymy is the word of the day) at:



By the way, Dan Wilcock volunteered at the last board meeting to represent our community on the NCC’s naming committee. Thanks Dan!

Sir John A. Macdonald Riverfront Park Plan Survey

http://ncc-ccn.gc.ca/our-projects/sir-john-a-macdonald-riverfront-park has background information and a draft (very extensive, detailed, well researched, chapter 5.3 is about our neighbourhood, seem to have thought of everything) of the NCC’s plan for the river park. That web page lists the general highlights:
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Public Consultation on the Plan for the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway Waterfront Linear Park – March 23

Better formatted versions of this newsletter are available at: http://ncc-ccn.createsend1.com/t/ViewEmail/r/9CEF9DD81A3540752540EF23F30FEDED/ http://www.ncc-ccn.gc.ca/capital-planning/public-meetings/calendar-events/public-consultation-plan-sir-john-a-macdonald-parkw http://www.ccn-ncc.gc.ca/planification-de-la-capitale/rencontres-publiques/calendrier-activites/consultation-publique-sur-le- Public Consultation on the Plan for the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway Waterfront Linear Park The National Capital Commission (NCC) invites you to attend a public workshop on … Continue reading


Sir John A. Macdonald Waterfront Linear Park Plan Workshop – May 5

http://www.ncc-ccn.gc.ca/about-ncc/urbanism-lab/calendar-events/workshop-plan-sir-john-a-macdonald-parkway-waterfront-linear http://www.ccn-ncc.gc.ca/a-propos-de-la-ccn/le-labo-durbanisme/calendrier-activites/atelier-sur-le-plan-du-parc-lineaire-de A workshop on the plan for the proposed park along the Ottawa River Tuesday, May 5, 7 pm to 9 pm The National Capital Commission (NCC) is pleased to invite the public to participate in a workshop on … Continue reading


National Capital Commission’s Capital Urban Lands Master Plan and the Sir John A. McDonald Parkway

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The draft version of the first three chapters of this plan plus seven appendices is now available online on the NCC’s (National Capital Commission) web site. Public consultation is planned for early October so watch for NCC ads. The urban … Continue reading