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For postings that are reminders about something previously posted. If you have a good memory, you can ignore the reminders.

Community Sleigh Ride – December 21

Start Your Christmas Celebration with a Community Sleigh Ride and Carol Singing!

Thursday, December 21 2017 at 6:15PM

[Horse and sleigh ride]

What a great way to start the holidays!

If you’re able to volunteer any time with set-up, cleanup, making treats or hot chocolate, or just have questions about the event, please let Jim Cocks know at or (613) 728-7881. We thank-you in advance. One can never have too many elves!
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Book Club Inaugural Meeting – September 19

Amy Steele Kempster is setting up a book club. An inaugural meeting is set for Tuesday September 19th at 2pm, to decide on how to run the club and to find out how much interest there is.

They need to decide on things like:

  • When should the meetings be (likely on Tuesdays at 2pm since that’s available) and how often (monthly, weekly, bi-weekly)?
  • What sort of books should they read? Fiction, non-fiction, or specific genres. Or have the members choose books on a rotation basis.
  • Should they take turns reading and discussing a book, particularly if multiple copies aren’t available, or wait for everyone to have read it before discussing?

Please show your interest by coming to the inaugural meeting.

Fall Season Activities Starting

Just a reminder that Fall Activities are starting soon. There are:

Additionally a book club is being started, details coming soon.

Quite a busy season! See the full calendar at

Fieldhouse Unbooked during Summer – Reminder

We’ve had a few summer requests, so I’ve updated the web pages and written this note to make it a bit more obvious that there are no field house bookings during the summer (July and August). We’ll start accepting bookings for September in September at the latest. As usual, see for more about the field house, the online booking form, and contact info for the booking coordinator.

P.S. Is there much demand for the field house when it is so nice outside? Well, except all those rainy days this year. Could be a topic for the next executive meeting, if interested people want to come and bring it up. No, the summer field house topic, not the fixing the weather topic! That one is way outside our jurisdiction. 🙂

– Alex

Proposal for 240 Carleton – June 21 Reminder

Just a reminder from Lynne that the 240 Carleton Avenue Redevelopment Proposal Community Meeting is tonight at 7:30 PM. See the proposal post for details.

Walk in the woods with naturalist Owen Clarkin – April 22 – Reminder

For full details, see the original post.

Join naturalist Owen Clarkin for a walk through the Champlain Woods and various streets to learn how to identify trees when there are no leaves present.

When:    22 April –  rain or shine
Time:     10 am – noon
Where:  Champlain Park Fieldhouse
Event organized by: Catherine Shearer

Refreshments at the Fieldhouse following the walk where Owen will continue to answer questions.


Plan Your Parks – March 2

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The city wants to know how you want to spend cash-in-lieu-of-parkland money from developers on our park. The background information is at and the information about the different consultation sessions is at A 3rd round session (deciding which … Continue reading