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Notices of births and deaths, obituaries and similar items about people in our neighbourhood.

The Passing of John Sadler

Our neighbour on Daniel Avenue, John Sadler, has passed away this spring. I often stopped for a pleasant chat with him when I was walking by and he was outside working on his property or washing his immaculate white car. Kelly wrote a good article about him in the Ottawa Citizen:

The Passing of John Holliday

From: Laurie Fagan
Date: October 15, 2020 at 4:34 PM

John Holliday a longtime resident of Champlain Park passed away on October 11 just shy of his 98th birthday. Jack as he preferred to be called lived at 198 Keyworth Avenue in a small white bungalow where he and his wife Winnifred raised 5 children. They were married for 75 years before Winnifred passed away almost a year ago. They lived their entire married life in the house on Keyworth Ave. After her death Jack went to live in a retirement home. He was according to his obituary a “bomb aimer” with the RAF Bomber Command out of England during the war and worked in the federal government when he returned to Canada.

But Jack’s real passion was the natural world, especially gardening. His front apple tree had several bird feeders and clumps of seed studded suet. In his garage he raised several types of moths and butterflies. He one day invited me over to see a Cecropia moth, North America’s largest native variety. It had a wingspan of about five inches. It was incredible if not a bit creepy since I had recently seen the movie Silence of the Lambs.

His side garden was ablaze with bright orange and yellow poppies every year but it was his backyard garden that was his real pride and joy. I live behind his home and Jack and I would swap flower and gardening tips quite often on spring and summer days. He had a giant patch of indigo blue delphiniums one year that was so tall that if you closed your eyes for a moment you felt like you were in an English garden. Another year he had about a dozen Asiatic Lillies (Casa Blanca) with a mass of trumpet white flowers almost 6 feet tall. As I sat in the backyard near dusk with a glass of wine the beautiful scent wafted my way. Jack shared his garden with neighbours, especially children as he often left free pots of Johnny Jump Ups and other perennials at the end of his driveway – usually on Mother’s Day.

This summer as his family prepared the house for selling, his son John very kindly gave me a clump of Jack’s irises that I will treasure in my garden and think of that lovely, gentle man.

A more formal obituary is at

The Passing of Kay Kot

Neighbour Kathleen Margaret Kot of Cowley Avenue died on September 29 2020 at age 92. For a more poetic and much more detailed description from Debra Huron, please see There’s also a more official obituary at

Passing of Len de Carle

Subject: Passing of Len de Carle
Date: Sun, 9 Aug 2020 08:13:16 -0400
From: John de Carle

Just wanted to let the community know that my father, Len de Carle, passed away on Thursday.

He (and my mother) were long-time residents of the Community and lived most of their adult lives on 66 Pontiac St.

John de Carle….

Marcella Winship Obituary

Kelly passes on this obituary:

Marcella Winship, a longtime resident of Clearview Avenue (near the corner of Patricia), has died in Magog, Que., at the age of 84. She is remembered fondly by neighbours as a kind, thoughtful person who was very engaged in community life, just as she was proudly enthusiastic to be Canadian. Condolences to her husband David and three children and good friend Amy (Steele) Kempster. Please see the attached notice on The service is Saturday, with visitation on Friday.

Rich Denham Obituary

Joan passes on this obituary for Harold Richard (Rich) Denham in the Ottawa Citizen:

Steve Kot Obituary

Debra passes on this obituary (via Facebook) for Steve Kot (of Cowley Avenue) in the Ottawa Citizen:

Alfred Carew Obituary

Alfred Carew, Cowley resident since 1977, has died. See the obituary at:


Brad Brooks Obituary

Joscelyn wrote on Thursday July 7 2016: As many of you have heard, an active member of our community, Brad Brooks died unexpectedly on Thursday, June 30. Brad was the wife of Sarah and father to daughters Josie (13) and … Continue reading


Death Notice of “Buck” Sauve

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Subject: Death Notice of “Buck” Sauve Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 12:16:10 -0400 From: Carol Arnason <> We will miss long time resident of Champlain Park Community known to us as “Santa” or “Buck” — Sadly, Orville Sauve, of Sunnymede … Continue reading