Annual Membership Drive Goes Online

Use e-transfer, handy QR code to sign up/pay up!

The Champlain Park Community Association is launching its annual membership drive, with some important changes.

Instead of a door-to-door campaign, residents are asked to pay the $20 fee via e-transfer and use the QR code on this page to help submit members’ contact information.

[Fieldhouse in Champlain Park]

What does the association do? It works hard on many fronts to enhance and protect our community, under the guidance of an elected board of directors. (All volunteers!)

How will your $20 be used? To support CPCA activities, such as:

  • Coordinating events like theatre and yoga in the park, star gazing, Winter Carnival, an online chess tournament and contests with prizes.
  • Coordinating the rink, and fieldhouse activities.
  • Enhancing our natural green space (ski trails, pollinator garden, tree plantings).
  • Keeping us secure through Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Presenting on planning and zoning issues.
  • Supporting our community’s concerns at City Hall.
  • Working with other communities on shared issues.
  • Keeping you informed through a website, Twitter @ChamplainPark and delivery of the Champlain Speaker newsletter.

Membership also allows you to vote for CPCA representatives at the Annual General Meeting.

Ideas or questions? We encourage residents to attend the AGM (late Fall date) or write to the webmaster to connect with the appropriate person.

So, how do I join?

  1. You can e-transfer the $20 annual fee to: with the contact name Champlain Park Community Association. Be sure to include your street address in the Message area to help us keep track of payments.
  2. In addition, use this QR to provide contact information for each person in your household joining the CPCA.
    [QR Code for Membership Application Form]
    (Note: if there are two or more voting members at your address, fill out contact information for each, but we only request one e-transfer of $20 for your address.)  Alternatively, click on this link to provide contact information.
  3. If you need help becoming a member, please contact the Membership Coordinator at and put Membership in the subject line.

To keep track of the latest news, join the email list by using the subscribe button at
And, finally, there is also third-party Facebook group at

COVID-19 and CPCA Operations in Fall 2022

CPCA Board meetings will continue to be virtual to ensure they are accessible to everyone, including those who may have increased health risks related to Covid-19. The meetings will be advertised on the website and the conference link will be made available to all interested community members.

Decisions regarding other CPCA events and activities will be made as we go along, taking into account the status of the pandemic and public health recommendations at the time the activity is to occur.

These are the highlights from the Ottawa Public Health Website as of 2022-09-09. Please refer to this link to remain up to date. The Champlain Park Community Association will reference these recommendations, keep up to date and take them into account as we plan activities for fall 2022.
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New Book by Local Author Daniel Buckles

Daniel Buckles, a Champlain Park resident and frequent volunteer on the Environment Committee, has had his book Connecting Worlds: art, anthropology and activism published. Here are the details:

[Connecting Worlds by Daniel Buckles book cover]


A hopeful and clear-eyed journey into the story of social change. The artist, anthropologist and community activist Daniel Buckles shows how connection—to self, others and nature—can become the catalyst for an engaged life. Participation in the bush lifestyle of the 1970s Yukon, exposure to the complex culture of Mexico and a battle with cancer at the age of thirty-two prompted the author to work with people living on the edge: Honduran peasants inventing new agricultural technologies for hillside agriculture; landless Bangladeshi women gleaning nutrient-rich food from their surroundings; small religious communities standing in solidarity at the centre of disaster relief efforts in the Philippines and Burkina Faso; grassroots organizations fighting to protect urban forests in Ottawa, Canada. This story of personal discovery and engaged research offers a window into real-life social struggles and life’s key challenges and professional choices. Richly illustrated with professional photography and paintings, Connecting Worlds shows how to make a difference, from the inside out.

Buy e-book:


“Connecting Worlds an absorbing travelogue of contemporary social struggles, a captivating journey of sound and light, no small amount of adventure and many stories about how change really happens. I read the book twice: first with envy and the second time with admiration.”

— Pat Roy Mooney is a Giraffe Hero, author of Shattering: Food, Politics, and the Loss of Genetic Diversity and recipient of the Right Livelihood Award and the Pearson Medal of Peace.

“As a young anthropologist, it is inspiring to read this candid and informative book. Buckles doesn’t shy away from imagining a better world, and demonstrates how anthropology’s methods can be used to get us there.”

— Emma Bider, PhD candidate and author of We Animals.

Daniel Buckles

Garage Sale

The 2023 Kitchissipi Ward-wide Garage Sale is scheduled to happen on Saturday, June 3, starting at 8AM (usually ending around 1pm but it can go longer). This year our city councillor Jeff Leiper is hosting a map of sale locations. Write to him if you want to be added, but it’s not necessary.

[Poster for the Garage Sale]

Here’s a possibly useful 2017 article about preparing for a garage sale in the Kitchissippi Times.

For late breaking news and posts about the garage sale, see

Westboro Beach and Bike Path Detour

From: Richard Lochead
Date: Fri, May 12, 2023 at 11:51 AM

Westboro Beach Redevelopment and Bike Path Detour

At a consultation session on May 3rd Benoit Gelinas, Public Relations Officer for the NCC provide an update on the Westboro Beach Construction which will result in a detour to the Ottawa River bike path from Island Park to Westboro Beach for all of 2023 and possibly part of 2024. A map of the detour is attached. Benoit noted that signage will be in place at various locations to help the public navigate the bike path detour. Users will now have to cross the SJAM Parkway at the Island Park traffic lights to reconnect to the existing pathway. This will be an inconvenience to cyclists and pedestrians bikers accustomed to a continuous nonstop route.

[Map of 2023 Bike Path Closures near Westboro Beach]

Benoit also reported that the Beach will be open this summer “at 2/3 capacity on a non-supervised basis.” Signage will be posted on swimming conditions. Porta potties will be on site.

Additional information can be found at NCC link

Pollinator Patch Program

Help save the monarchs, bees, and other pollinators with these free resources

There’s been a significant decline in pollinators in the last 20 years. Without these important pollinators, life as we know it will change. But YOU can help by planting native plants on your property, and there’s a local Ottawa community group that can help you make that happen.

Not sure where to start? New to gardening? Our friends at Eco West Enders have got you covered. Anyone participating in their Pollinator Patch Program will receive FREE information on everything from how to set up your new garden, to where to source your native plants, as well as gaining online support through a private Facebook group and direct email to the Eco West Enders team.

They’ll also be selling native plants for $1 each on June 18th at the Stittsville Market At the Barn event.

Please join your 175K neighbours as we encourage them to naturalize their outdoor space to build a greener and more resilient future. We can do great things together!

For more information and to register to participate, visit

[Eco West Enders Pollinator Logo]

Forest “Meditating Man”

How to put it politely? This started on May 17 at 5pm when a man claiming to be meditating (with his pants down) in the NCC forest startled a passerby (walking their dog, which spotted the man). He (assuming it is the same guy) seems to be a bit love-lorn, distressed, and is also leaving notes around the forest.

Neighbourhood Watch and the police have been alerted. The police do not recommend engaging him. If you feel threatened or he is doing something illegal ie. masturbating in public or some other form of public indecency definitely call 911. Otherwise if you just spot him, email the Constable ( and call 613-236-1222 Ext 7502. That’s the Ottawa police non emergency line. Don’t forget to quote the Occurrence number 23-155985 so it all gets filed together (if you have first hand sightings please inform the police so they can add it to the evidence collection).

For more details and photos of some of the notes, see the neighbourhood Facebook group.

Spring Cleanup 2023 Wrapup

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who volunteered during the 2023 Spring Clean-Up! This year’s turnout was amazing, with over 45 volunteers enjoying delicious donuts and cleaning up trash in and around Champlain Park. Thanks to you, our neighbourhood is so much cleaner and more beautiful! We are looking very forward to doing it again next year!

Kris, Eirene and Nick

Community Association Board Meeting – May 11


Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) Board Meeting

Thursday May 11, 2023
7:30 PM via Google Meet
Everybody Welcome

Board meetings will have an open session for community residents to observe business discussions. Non board community members will also be invited to participate at certain times by the chair and there will be “in camera” topics for the board members only. Please contact the secretary via to request a link to join the meeting.

Open session

  1. Approval of minutes of April 11, 2023 – Liz
  2. Planning and Zoning update – Heather – 6 minutes – information
  3. Report on the Westboro Beach Project consultation – Richard – 5 minutes – information
  4. Proposal to hold a panel discussion or presentation on what recent provincial legislation on Housing and Zoning will mean for Champlain Park – Richard – 15 minutes – decision
    The idea here is to provide an opportunity for Champlain Park residents to be more aware of what the implications of this legislation will be for Champlain Park. I proposed a panel with Jeff Leiper, Heather Pearl and a real estate agent to give their perspectives. When I approached Heather, she opted for a presentation instead to be given by an urban planner who she worked with previously on zoning issues. The objective is to just introduce the proposal for consideration by the Board.
  5. Membership Drive Proposal: Lynne – 15 minutes – Decision
  6. Financial Procedures – Lynne – 5 minutes – information
  7. ONCA (Ontario Not for Profit Legislation) – Lynne – 10 minutes – Information
    a) Lynne has background information, and the start of drafting a CPCA amended constitution (called “By-Laws” under ONCA).
    b) Recommended Seminar to Attend if interested (Geared to Community Associations):
  8. ONCA Articles and By-Laws Need to be reviewed – Lynne – Information
  9. Review of Letters Patent (“Articles” under ONCA) – Lynne – 10 minutes – Decision (to retain as is or amend?)
  10. Other Business
  11. Next Meeting

Agenda last updated on May 7. Please contact the secretary to add topics.

Climate Resiliency Workshop – May 23

City councillor Jeff Leiper describes it as:

The City is collaborating with Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability to host an in-person climate resiliency workshop next month at the Hintonburg Community Centre. The event will be held on May 23 from 7-9 pm focusing on what’s needed in the ward to be prepared for climate change impacts. It’s part of a city-wide series to help inform the upcoming climate resiliency strategy.

[Poster for 20230523 Climate Resiliency Workshop]
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