Garage Sale – June 1

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Kitchissippi Community-wide Garage Sale on Saturday June 1 2019

Start getting those treasures ready!

The annual community-wide garage sale is just around the corner, which is exactly where you hope all those treasures will end up!

The sale generally begins at 8 a.m. and usually winds up about 1 p.m.

Rain date is Sunday, June 2.
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2019 Membership Drive – Starts May 1

Wanted: Volunteers for our 2019 Membership drive!

We need new recruits for our Champlain Park membership drive. You could be one of them!

What do the volunteers do?

It’s easy and a great way to meet your neighbours. Here’s what’s involved:

What: Visit about 20 homes in Champlain Park

When: Starting May 1, 2019

How much do I collect? Only $15 per house (Cash or Cheque)

What is the money used for?

With these fees the community can run fun and important activities like:

  • Winter carnival
  • Sleigh rides
  • Theatre in the Park
  • Champlain Woods projects

How do I get involved?

To become a volunteer contact:

Jennie Hornosty

For past and future posts about the membership drive:

Planting Trees in Small Places

Planting Trees in Small Places: Options to consider when selecting the right tree for you.

Do you have a plantable space in your front or back yard? Do you have a mature tree in your yard that needs a new generation growing up beside it? This pamphlet offers some tips and points you to suitable native tree species. Native species are key because they also support the native insects and birds adapted to them. Some examples are provided here, with a link to 79 native species suitable for Champlain Park. Let’s all do our part to sustain the trees that make this a special neighbourhood.

Daniel Buckles

Planting Trees in Small Places brochure 201905.pdf

Pontiac Planters and Depaving

Daniel Buckles writes:

That was easy! All planters have been picked up, with one water-helper from last year now taking #3 between Alexandra’s herb’s and Lori’s tall grasses (Thanks Kathy). Everyone has the go ahead to proceed when you are ready. Fabulous.

FYI, the Pontiac Ave depaving may occur in September of this year (or later). This does not affect your plans, other than at harvest time. The depaving is managed by Councillor Leiper’s office, with Adrian Bradley as the local association executive contact for this. Jeff has confirmed verbally that the 7 planters will remain in the community even after the depaving is complete (although locations may change).

As of now, I am formally bowing out of the coordinator role. The group information is below, so I will leave it to one of you to pick up the reins of keeping each other in touch and supporting as needed. This might include putting up a notice of progress once in a while to the community association website.

Thanks for your enthusiastic planting and tending. I remain active in the neighbourhood on tree planting and other environment projects. Cheers, Daniel

Planter Assignments:

  1. Heather Pearl
  2. Alexandra Evershed
  3. Kathy Choquettee
  4. Lori Kibbee
  5. Lianne Bellisario
  6. Kelly Wiles
  7. Lauren Simon

Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2019-05-13

This week’s topics:

  • Police Week 2019 – Several events this week.
  • Garage 529 app – Register your bike, get an alert when nearby bikes are stolen.
  • OPS supporting Ottawa charities – Snowsuit Fund and Operation Come Home.

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Mother’s Day Lavender & Cashmere Sale

One stop shopping today for Mother’s Day at the Champlain Park field house. Homemade cookies and sweets, pre-loved cashmere sweaters and designer purses, vintage lace lavender sachets & much more.

10-3 pm

All welcome including sons and husbands!
[Sweater and some Pillow Cases]

Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2019-05-06

This week’s topics:

  • STEP in May – Motorcycle and pedestrian safety.

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Champlain Park Emergency Preparedness

We need your help: Champlain Park Emergency Preparedness

Many residents in the Ottawa region are dealing once again with rising flood waters from heavy spring snow melt. Last summer, tragedy struck many when 6 tornadoes caused extensive damage throughout the region and cut off power to most parts of the City for extended periods. Battery backup for cell towers died in a couple of hours. Had the power outage lasted more a few more days, land lines also would have failed and hospital generators might have run out of fuel or might not have been able to keep up with demand.

We can’t know when the next natural disaster will hit or when but it makes good sense to be well prepared.

How can you help?
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