Neighbourhood Activities Suspended due to Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all of CPCA’s usual activities that involve close contact between people (fieldhouse bookings, social activities, membership drive, spring clean-up, face to face meetings, etc.), have been temporarily suspended.

Some of our Board members continue to safely carry out routine administrative tasks and attend virtual meetings (FCA, City Committees, and other groups we are involved with).

We are monitoring public health advice as the pandemic evolves, and will keep you informed via the website and notifications of any updates and changes related to our operations.

Thanks to everyone in the community for your patience and the co-operative efforts we see as people retain physical distancing while still enjoying being out and about in our neighbourhood.

Signed the CPCA Board

Calls for Volunteers

We have several places for you to volunteer to help your neighbours: our councillor Jeff Leiper’s list, and now the Volunteer Ottawa / Champlain Community Support Network list (supported by the City of Ottawa, the Ottawa Community Foundation and United Way East Ontario).

Jeff’s latest message:
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The Ottawa River & Remic Beach

Subject: The Ottawa River & Remic Beach
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2020 02:58:40 +0000 (UTC)
From: Dan Wilcock <>

With many of us turning to activities close to home this year, there has been an increase in recreational activity along the Ottawa River, including at our local spot, Remic Beach. If you have been wondering about your options and the quality of the water, there are a number of relevant resources available.

[Water Samples from Remic Beach]

City of Ottawa Supervised Beaches

During summer, the City of Ottawa collects water samples daily from its supervised municipal beaches, including Westboro Beach, and tests for the presence of E.coli bacteria. Water samples will be collected between June 27 and August 30, 2020. For water sampling results at supervised beaches, please visit the City’s page:

Swim Guide – Remic Beach page

Swim Guide publishes water quality information for a wide variety of locations. Remic Beach has a separate page on Swim Guide, showing results of E.coli testing, supported by Ottawa Riverkeeper. However, the frequency of testing differs from the City of Ottawa and the results are only a likely representation of water quality. Relevant status updates and information can be found here:

Plage Remic Beach – ORK | Swim Guide

[Remic Beach at the end of Carleton Avenue in July 2020]

Water Rangers

With support from the Water Rangers program, the Champlain Park community has also been monitoring other water health parameters in the Ottawa River such as temperature, clarity, pH, hardness, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen and conductivity. Regular testing is establishing baseline data, allowing more meaningful long-term observations of our river’s health. Water quality results are available at:

Dan Wilcock is a member of Riverkeeper’s riverwatcher network and is leading local water quality monitoring. For any questions contact Dan at Please report any pollution concerns to Ottawa Riverkeeper’s Pollution Hotline at 1-888-9KEEPER.

Additional information about locations and activities on our reach of the river is available here:

However you choose to play along the Ottawa River, please stay alert for hazards such as currents, deadheads and changing water levels – and remember to use appropriate safety equipment such as personal flotation devices. Stay safe and have fun!

254 Carleton Zoning Hearing – July 8

The Development proposal for 254 (256) Carleton Avenue is scheduled for the virtual hearing on July 8 at 1 PM. This Hearing may be viewed online on the Committee of Adjustment YouTube Channel

This is the link to the Agenda, including the plans:

CPCA Position on the Applications for Consent and Minor Variances:

Lot Width and Area:

CPCA routinely supports the minor variances on lot width and area to build semi-detached dwellings on our most common lot size (50 X 100 ft.) (15.24 X 30.48 m.) provided the applications meet all other provisions of the Mature Neighbourhoods Overlay (Infill I) and the Alternative Provisions (Infill II).

Reduced Front Yard Set-Back from 6 m. to 4.9 m.

We understand that the minor variance request for front yard set-back is due to the dual sets of regulations in effect (6 m. set-back Exception 2159 to ZBL 2008 plus the Mature Neighbourhoods Overlay front yard averaging provision).

For this specific proposal, we accept, albeit reluctantly, the front yard setback of 4.9 metres, which is the average of the front yard set-backs of the abutting properties to the North (252 Carleton: 6.355 m.) and South (258 Carleton: 3.506 m.) of 254 Carleton. We note that the architect has provided some mitigation to this reduction from the 6 m. specified in Exception 2159:
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Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2020-07-06

This week’s topics:

  • Witnesses sought – Cyclist and Dump truck collision.

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Wading Pool Opening – July 13

The wading pool will be opening almost as usual this summer. Besides the late start, the other big change is social distancing. See for the details.

[Wading Pool Photo]

Wellington West BIA Survey

The Wellington West BIA wants to learn more about the residents of Carlington and our shopping behaviours. At the end of the completed survey, you can enter to win up to $500 in prizes. The grand prize draw for a $250 gift card to any store you choose will be held on August 7; and, weekly prizes will be held every Friday from July 3-31 for a $50 gift card to any store you choose. Complete the survey at

[Poster about the Survey]

Virtual Canada Day Celebrations

A good place to find virtual Canada Day celebrations and things to do is at:

Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2020-06-29

This week’s topics:

  • Safety tips – Children and windows and hot weather.
  • $75,000 reward offered in Ashton Dickson homicide investigation.
  • Front desk services begin reopening; records checks by appointment only.

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