A Key Time for our Climate Change Campaign

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What to watch for!

The month between the end of April and the end of May is expected to be momentous in terms of our city’s plans on climate change.

Date Event – Activity
Ecology Ottawa hosts a climate change panel discussion. You’re welcome to attend, see details below
The city is expected to make public its new climate change management plan
The city’s Environment Committee meets, hopefully to approve the new plan
Full City Council meet, again hopefully to approve the new plan

Your efforts continue to make a difference.

GHG is shorthand for “greenhouse gas” – those emissions such as carbon dioxide (also known as CO2) and methane which, as their concentrations increase, are responsible for trapping more heat in earth’s atmosphere.

A year ago Mayor Jim Watson addressed the GHG Roundtable at City Hall saying “the City of Ottawa is committed to renewing the Air Quality and Climate Change Management Plan to include renewed GHG reduction targets for both community and corporate emissions.”

He made that promise because hundreds of people had told city hall this issue is important to them.

Despite a lack of news coming out from the city after the Roundtable we’re now on the cusp of progress.

In the fall of last year Ecology Ottawa became aware that city staff were indeed preparing a revised climate change management plan. We know that the city has consulted with subject-area experts about best practices. We believe the revised plan will encompass both climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation; which means they’ll be trying to both reduce emissions and trying to plan for what climate change will inevitably bring to our city.

The new document is expected to come before council in May. The schedules of city council meetings etc. mean that the revised climate change management plan should appear on the City of Ottawa website on May 13. Ecology Ottawa will be watching for it; we will let you know what we think of it; and we’ll ask you for your input.

The reason we’re at this point is because Ecology Ottawa supporters just like you told the mayor or their Councillor that climate change should be something our city takes action on. The messages of their voters created the political will. We are optimistic about the coming plan although we haven’t seen it.

But there’s more to do. Releasing a plan doesn’t bring down emissions or limit damage from extreme climatic events. With your help Ecology Ottawa will be working to ensure that the plan is a good one and that it actually gets funded and implemented.

We’d love your help. If you want to get more actively involved please email me and we can talk about what you can do.

For a full description of the background and current status on this issue, plus a list of what you can do to help, please visit Ecology Ottawa’s website.

Panel Discussion

While we’re waiting for that City of Ottawa plan you’ll be interested in the second of Ecology Ottawa’s discussion panels on local impacts of climate change:  Sick of Climate Change? Local Health Impacts in a Warming World

Is free and takes place Tuesday April 29 at the University of Ottawa. The event features local and international experts on how human health is already being affected by climate change. See full details here.

Please register to attend.

Thanks for all you do

Charles Hodgson
Volunteer Climate Change Campaign Lead
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Update: Summary of CPCA submission on 132 Cowley and plans

Re: 132 (130, 134, 136) Cowley Avenue Development Proposal

Applications for Consent and Minor Variances,

 City of Ottawa, Committee of Adjustment, July 17, 2013

The owner of 132 Cowley Avenue, Marc Cléroux, has applied to the City’s Committee of Adjustment for minor variances for lot width and consents to subdivide the property into three separate parcels of land to allow the building of 3 detached dwellings. Approval of the consents and minor variance applications would allow a reduced lot width of 10.16m (30ft 4ins) and building balcony projections for each of the three new parcels. 

The Committee of Adjustment, Committee Panel 1, will hear the application at its meeting of Wednesday July 17th starting at 1:00pm and will likely render its decision at that time. 

The Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) has sent a letter to the Committee of Adjustment in support of the applications.

The CPCA met with the owner and his project designer, Jacques Hamel, on May 2nd and at a community meeting of May 13th, before the submission of these applications, to discuss the CPCA’s goals and objectives for this community and had the opportunity to review the proposal and plans. Based on these meetings and a review of the plans, the CPCA believes that this proposal represents development compatible with the goals and objectives of the Association and is in accordance with the City’s Official Plan and Infill Zoning By-law. We believe building 3 detached dwellings on this deeper lot (45.72m/150ft) is a good and better use of the land and more compatible with the existing street scape and neighbourhood character than introducing semi-detached development on this site.

Three detached units also offer design opportunities to reduce the bulk massing impact that has occurred with some of the semi-detached development that has recently taken place in the neighbourhood. The staggered setbacks of the detached dwellings (13.0m, 9.81m and 6.61m) meets the setback averaging provisions related to the adjoining properties to the north and south and provides for more room for soft landscaping.

A large mature oak occupies the northeast corner of the property and the CPCA has successfully negotiated and signed an agreement with the owner to protect the tree during construction and to ensure its long term health. The agreement is similar to one signed with the owner of 179 Carleton.

Assessed owners of adjoining properties are entitled to attend and speak to the Committee of Adjustment.  If you would like to see a full set of plans showing the site, the unit floor plans and the building elevations or would like any further information:

Please contact Duncan Bury  (613) 729-0499; la.db@sympatico.ca) or CoChair1 champlainpark@gmail.com

Copy of the plans which were filed with the City.

Copy of signed letter.

Minutes: Annual General Meeting (AGM) February 16, 2012

The 2012 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) was attended by more than 30 members of the community, a great showing for a cold wintery night in February.

Some Highlights (please see attached minutes for full details):

  • Calls for nominations to the Executive, completion of the slate of candidates, and addition of a new member at large were passed unanimously.
  • Two presentations were given on urban infill development in mature neighbourhoods and Councillor Katherine Hobbs provided comments on the Infill Study.


1. “Study of Small Scale Infill Housing in Mature Neighbourhoods” Guest Speaker: Selma Hassan, Planning and Growth Management Department, City of Ottawa.

2. “Development in Champlain Park: Working Towards Compatibility” Speaker: Heather Pearl, Co-Chair, CPCA.

Many Thanks!
We wish to thank all, who were able to attend, present and organize this very informative meeting.

Please see the minutes provided below from the AGM meeting which took place at the Champlain Park Field house on February 16, 2012 at 7:30pm.

Word version: AGM2012Minutes-approved
PDF version: AGM2012Minutes-approved