Snow Gear Rentals – MEC

MEC  – Mountain Equipment Co-operative

For convenience below is a snippet from the MEC website

Gear rentals

Reservations are highly recommended for holidays and weekends. Read our rental policies and procedures for information on reservations.

Some gear may only be available to rent at certain times of the year. When there’s snow on the ground, that’s usually when we swap out summer gear with winter gear (like skis or snowshoes). Give us a call if you have any questions about what’s available.

*Items available to rent year round

Snowsports gear

Daily rate Weekly rate
Cross-country package – Classic $20 $100
Cross-country package – Skate $30 $150
Ice climbing axes (pair) $13 $65
Crampons $10 $50
Snowshoes (general purpose) $15 $75
Snowshoes (kids’) $10 $50