Annual General Meeting – February 1

Champlain Park Community Association Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, February 1, 2022, 7:00 PM

Virtual Meeting by Zoom

To attend the meeting please register at this link:

Everybody Welcome


If anyone is interested in running for a position on the CPCA board, please contact Lynne Bankier via

Executive Officers

Co-Chair Co-Chair 1
Co-Chair Heather Pearl
Vice-chair Vacant
Secretary Liz Gyalokay
Treasurer Dave Harding

Board Members

Most of the following positions are Committee Coordinators:

FCA Representative Richard Lochead
Communications Carol Arnason
Environment Kris Phillips
Fieldhouse Laurie Fagan
Membership Jennie Hornosty
Planning and Zoning Heather Pearl
Social Convenor Nick Xenos
Member at Large Michael Cheng
Member at Large Josh Bizjak
Member at Large Vacant


  1. Chair: Nick Xenos
  2. Guest Speaker: David Wise, City of Ottawa, Planner and Program Manager, Zoning Unit (30 minutes)
  3. Financial Report from CPCA Finance Committee: Dave Harding (10 minutes)
  4. Election of Board for 2022: Nick Xenos (10 minutes)
  5. Report from City Councillor: Jeff Leiper (30 minutes)
  6. Business Items:
    1. Approval of minutes of previous AGM 27 Jan 2021: Liz Gyalokay (2 minutes, see Minutes.pdf)
    2. Reports from the 20-21 Board (5 minutes each)
      1. Planning and Zoning – Heather Pearl (P&Z Report.pdf, Climate Change.pdf)
      2. Environment – Kris Phillips (Environment Recap.pdf)
      3. Rink Update – Dan Wilcock
      4. Communications – Carol Arnason
      5. Membership – Jennie Hornosty
      6. Social – Nick Xenos
      7. Civic Engagement – Roland Dorsay
      8. Thanks to departing board members – Nick Xenos
    3. Call for volunteers – Lynne Bankier (5 minutes)
    4. Other Business
    5. Adjournment


[Poster for the Annual General Meeting]
AGM Poster 2022.pdf

Annual General Meeting Results

As usual, the candidates were voted in without opposition. Guest speakers spoke, reports were made by the subcommittees and many things were discussed (my favourite was the telescope night idea, runner up was a feel good rink story).

The message from the board is:

Thx all for a great AGM, lots of amazing things happening in our neighbourhood – special thank you to Liz from the CPCA and Fiona in Jeff’s office for their help in making the AGM a success!

Here are the public documents from the 2021 annual general meeting of the Champlain Park Community Association.

  • AgendaAGM20210127.pdf – The Agenda for this meeting.
  • Financial documents are available from the finance committee upon request.
  • MinutesAGM20191029.pdf – Last year’s (well, 2019) AGM minutes, currently draft status until approved by a vote.
  • AGM20210127 PZ Report.pdf – Planing and Zoning Report; a succinct 9 PowerPoint pages on what’s been going on, with a section on the infill and “inner urban transect” changes happening here (in the extreme case leading to huge houses with no green space).
  • 2020 CPCA environment report slides & text.pdf – Environment Report; lots of projects and lots of photos.

– Alex