NeighbourWoods Tree Mapping Workshop – June 9, 10

Daniel Buckles points out that there’s another tree mapping workship this weekend, has the details of the two day workshop.

NeighbourWoods in Beaverbrook (Kanata) is running a tree mapping workshop with Dr. Andy Kenny Saturday June 9 and Sunday June 10. They have kindly offered a few spots to our neighbourhood, for those that would like to refresh or learn to use this protocol for tree mapping (tree identification and tree health assessment). Tree mapping in Champlain Park has raised awareness about the health of our urban forest and measured the many benefits in ways relevant to City policy. Its fun too!

If interested in attending, contact the organizer, Rob Mcaulay directly to register:

Benefits of our Forest

Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2018 07:03:32 -0500

Just three blocks of trees in Champlain Park bring an annual flow of financial benefits to residents of $41,924 (using the USDA Forestry Services i-Tree benefits calculator). Imagine the flow of benefits of all the trees in the neighbourhood!

The Neighbourwoods in Champlain Park tree inventory has produced two interesting infographics, showing the size and diversity of trees, and the financial benefits to residents in the form of energy saved, storm water filtered, air quality improved, and carbon stored. Check it out, and save by saving our trees!

[Tree Mapping Poster of our Neighbourhood]

Local Woods Biodiversity Report – October 12

Come hear about the results of a U of Ottawa study on the biodiversity of the NCC-Champlain Woods, and findings from our community mapping exercise Neighbourwoods in Champlain Park. You are cordially invited to a meeting of the Environment Committee on Thursday, October 12 at 7:15 PM till 8:30 PM, to be held at the park Field House on Cowley Avenue. We will discuss these and other activities of the Environment Committee, and seek your ideas for other environmental initiatives you may wish to develop.
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Trees in the Neighbourhood and BIG TREES Website

From: Debra Huron <>
Subject: Trees in the neighbourhood and BIG TREES website
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2017 10:53:59 -0400

The most recent edition of the Kitchissippi Times featured an article about Neighbourwoods, which is a tree mapping project that began last summer in Champlain Park. Written by Andrea Prazmowski, it includes interviews with Catherine Shearer of Cowley Ave. and Daniel Buckles of Daniel Ave.

Another article in the same edition was written by Daniel Buckles and is titled How Can I Protect Trees in my Neighbourhood?

The ward-wide group that has taken on protection of mature trees now has a home one the web with a new website for BIG TREES of Kitchissippi. The same group is also active on Facebook.
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Neighbourwoods in Champlain Park – June 10

Spring has finally arrived and the leaves on the trees have come out enough so we can identify the trees and we can once again build the NeighbourWoods survey/inventory. This process will help the community learn about the wonderful resource we have, and the many benefits the urban canopy bring to the neighbourhood.
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Neighbourwoods Tree Inventory

On 02/07/16 06:28 PM, DANIEL BUCKLES wrote:
Neighbourwoods in Champlain Park is a new initiative of residents and neighbours in Champlain Park (Kitchissippi). It aims to foster neighbourhood stewardship of the trees in Champlain Park using a scientifically sound tree inventory protocol developed by Dr. Danijela Puric-Mladenovic and Dr. Andy Kenny (University of Toronto). The protocol is used by dozens of neighbourhoods in municipalities across Ontario. It starts with gathering information on trees, including species, size, location and condition. It is also a great way for residents to learn about the trees around us and get together with others contributing to community tree stewardship. Benefits from this information may include:

  • Estimating the economic benefits of trees and forest canopy at the neighbhourhood and household level;
  • Identifying spaces in the neighbourhood where new trees can be planted;
  • Identifying declining trees in need of attention;
  • Developing group actions such as collective contracting of arborists.

All are welcome to join in for an hour or a week as we complete the inventory for the community park, and expand outwards into the community. Volunteers may come to your door to explain what it is all about and seek your assistance. We need block ambassadors and people interested in learning about trees, so please contact Catherine Shearer ( to get involved. Information on the broader set of environmental initiatives in the community is available on the CPCA website under “our association”.

Daniel Buckles

Neighbourwoods in Champlain Park – Initial meeting

Sorry for the short notice, but this seems best to catch most people before vacations take a lot of you out of town …

I attended a meeting in May hosted by Daniel Buckles and Adrian Bradley of the Urban Forest Green Spaces group.

Several initiatives were discussed that night including a tree inventory project. A number of you (along with some others) went to the Neighbourwoods weekend training session in early June and we have had several subsequent sessions to improve our skills in a group setting.  During these sessions, we started the actual inventory (location, species, size, condition) using the trees in the park.

The next step in “Neighbourwoods in Champlain Park” will be a meeting to organize the expansion of the inventory process.

Tuesday, 28 June @ 7pm in the Fieldhouse

This meeting will be for setting up teams for the actual inventory, data input, GPS marking, etc.  We expect to work block by block, in teams of 2-3 (or more).

EVEN IF YOU DID NOT GO TO THE TRAINING SESSION, we could still use your help.  You could work with some of those who were able to take the training, especially when they are do the inventory on your street.  You could serve as a block ambassador and introduce the team to your neighbours.

Catherine Shearer
Coordinator, Neighbourwoods in Champlain Park