Neighbourhood Watch

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We are looking for volunteers! for Neighbourhood Watch – Block Captains

If you would be interested in helping to make our neighbourhood a safer place to live for you, your family, friends and neighbours, for a minimal amount of your time?

Join us in becoming a team member of the Champlain Park Neighbourhood Watch Block Captains

Please send email to:
We thank-you in advance

Keeping porch light helps in making a feeling of safety in the neighbourhood

<snippet from Kitchissippi Ward Newsletter #117>
One resident suggested to Jeff Leiper to keep your porch light on after dark to contribute to our community safety. Energy efficient bulbs are not very costly to run, but the difference they make in the feeling of safety in the neighbourhood is huge. It’s a great suggestion!

Neighbourhood Watch Team

Coordinator Brian Tychie
Community Police Constable Dawn Neilly 613-236-1222, ext. 5870, for the office, and ext. 5871
Block Captain – Premier and Sunnymede Lynda Fancy
Block Captain – Clearview and Pontiac Michael Cheng
Block Captain – Cowley both sides of block between Premier and Sunnymede Carol Arnason

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Neighbourhood Watch (NW) ProgRam

Purpose: Sponsored by the Ottawa Police Service

Neighbourhood Watch (NW) is one of several core crime prevention programs offered by the Ottawa Police Service through its Community Police Centres.  It is a community driven program designed to help deter crime by utilizing the active aid and vigilance of the caring citizens who reside in the community itself.   All residents in the community are enlisted in the program with the purpose of discouraging and preventing crime at the local level.  To achieve this, residents are encouraged to watch out for neighbours whether they are the folks next door or the next street.  The ultimate success of Neighbourhood Watch depends largely upon all residents making a commitment to cooperate with each other and with the Police.   In this way, the entire community can combat crime before it starts by reducing the opportunities for crime to occur.

A Neighbourhood Watch (also referred to as a ‘Watch’) signifies a group of neighbours bonded together to protect each other’s interests to reduce or prevent crime and vandalism within a defined locale such as a neighbourhood (several streets within a specific geographical locale), a city street or block, apartment or condominium or a rural area.

A Neighbourhood Watch does NOT involve:
a) time consuming duties and obligations
b) being a busybody
c) being a vigilante
d) fees for service

It simply encourages residents to be observant of suspicious behaviors, people or vehicles in their neighbourhood and to report these to the police and to their NW Coordinator.  One of the accomplishments Neighbourhood Watch had achieved in some communities has been the elimination of vandalism and rowdiness within active watch areas.


The NW Program depends on a communication network made up of members of the community.  The Watch is expected to have a Coordinator, selected from among its members, as well as several Block Captains to help the Watch run smoothly and to facilitate communication to and from Watch members.

Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator

The Coordinator is principally responsible for the entire Watch and serves as the Watch’s contact with the Ottawa Neighbourhood Watch Executive Committee (ONWEC) and the Ottawa Police Service – primarily through the local Community Police Centre.  There are occasional meetings (possible once a year) called by the ONWEC to which Coordinators are invited where problems and issues affecting the City as a whole are discussed.  Coordinators may also call local community meetings from time to time or channel information to residents through established local communication networks whenever a particular rash of crimes occur in the area about which members should be aware.

Currently vacant

If you would be interested in helping to make our neighbourhood a safer place to live for you, your family, friends and neighbours, for a minimal amount of your time?

Please send email to:
We thank-you in advance

Block Captain  (for the block you live on)

Vacancies (on some blocks)

The Block Captain is principally responsible for monitoring a set of approximately ten homes within a Watch and also acts as a conduit for information between residents, the Coordinator and the Police.

A Crime Prevention pamphlet is made available to all members and can be obtained either through the Coordinator or directly from the local Community Police Centre.

Other Crime Prevention Programs of the Ottawa Police that may be of interest to residents are:

Operation Identification:

This Program offers residents the free loan of an electric engraver from your local Community Police Centre, with which to mark your personal possessions and other valuables with a unique identifier, such as your driver’s licence number or your vehicle licence plate number.   This is a proactive measure against theft since marked stolen items are easily traced and difficult to sell.  You are also encouraged to inventory, photograph or videotape the contents of your home that cannot be engraved, including silverware, jewelry, figurines, paintings, and so on.   Such records are of particular value in the event that any of these items is lost due to fire or theft requiring the submission of an insurance claim.

Window stickers are also provided for your home to alert potential thieves that you have taken proactive measures to deter theft by marking your valuables.

Home Security Inspection Program:

This Program is a free service available upon request in which trained representatives of the Ottawa Police will visit your home to conduct a security audit and assess your security concerns.   Residents will be provided with a written report listing any security improvements that might be suggested along with other information on how to protect their homes.  There is no obligation on the part of residents to take action on any points that may be observed but any such suggestions are recommended.

To arrange for a Home Security Inspection merely contact the Home Security Coordinator of your local Community Police Centre to make an appointment.


The Childprint program typically operates throughout the summer months in various parks of the City and at other times, in other locations as requested, such as schools or community centres.   Once a child’s fingerprints are recorded in the free booklet provided, parents can then inscribe other descriptive information about their child such as age, gender, height, weight, and photograph etc.  This booklet can be either a valuable resource in the unlikely event that the child at some future time becomes missing and has to be identified, or it can be a cherished souvenir which records the child’s vital statistics at a particular time of life.  The fingerprinting of a child can also be done at any time on request by visiting any Community Police Centre.

Contact information:

The local Community Police Centre for the Champlain Park community is located at

1064 Wellington St (in the lobby area of the Hintonburg Community Centre).

The Community Police Centre Officer is Cst. Dawn Neilly, who is assisted by a number of volunteers.

The telephone number is: 613-236-1222, ext. 5870, for the office, and ext. 5871 for Cst. Neilly.

To report a life threatening situation or crime in progress (only), call 911.

For other emergencies (suspicious activity or vehicle; alcohol or drug use in public; youth under age 16 out between midnight and 6:00 a.m.), call 613-230-6211.

To report other incidents after the fact, call 613-236-1222, ext 7300, or attend any Police office.

To report any by-law infractions (parking, graffiti, etc.), call the City of Ottawa, at 311.

Reference Material

This year the focus is on financial crime and fraud: OACP 2016 Crime Prevention Book – web.pdf
OACP 2016 Crime Prevention Book