Email Correction: Trimming help wanted with SJAM Winter Trail within our forest

Oops Sorry!  Email address correction to this post , should have read as follows:

If you can help with the trimming of buckthorn bushes and small branches along the edges of the proposed Winter trail in the NCC forest please send your email to with your contact information and you will be added to a mail listing.  This list will be used to contact volunteers with dates and times for trimming parties.  If you are available, your help will be greatly appreciated.

i.e. Please send to




2 thoughts on “Email Correction: Trimming help wanted with SJAM Winter Trail within our forest

  1. Was not aware that ski trail through our forest was a done deal. Thought the last meeting did not in any way show that the neighbourhood was behind having the ski trail go through our walking forest trail or other changes to the neighbourhood. Please reply to Champlain Speaker if further plans have gone forward without community backing or notification.

  2. I hope this will clear up some confusion.  The SJAM ski trail on the NCC lands (1) and the Champlain Park extension proposal (2) are completely separate from each other. 

    (1) Ski Trail:
    The ski trail is on NCC property.  It opened in February 2016.  The Westboro Beach Community Association and the NCC partnered to develop it.  The NCC did not need Champlain Park’s permission or participation to approve it.  Champlain Park volunteers have since come forward to help in making it a success (e.g.: the request re: trimming).  Here are some links to information about the SJAM winter trail: (published Feb. 26, 2016) (published Feb. 25, 2016)  (see photos showing the compacted walking trail in the centre, with ski trails on either side)

    The NCC’s purpose is to promote active living, provide access to the Ottawa River Shoreline while respecting its environmental sensitivity, and welcome a diversity of users.  The SJAM trail is consistent with their longer-term project to create a 4-season, multi-use Linear Park along the Ottawa River.  

    Note re: the NCC woods next to our community.  As was the case last winter, the SJAM trail loop will continue to run only along the main pathway in the woods.   This multi-use pathway (MUP) will be groomed up to twice a week, making it safer and more walkable for Champlain Park residents.  The many other walking paths in the woods will remain as-is for those who prefer to walk off the main trail.    

    (2) Park Extension Proposal:
    Champlain Park is a City of Ottawa property.  The proposal to enlarge Champlain Park is something to be decided between the City (with Jeff Leiper’s assistance) and Champlain Park residents.  The consultation process is underway.  A well-attended community meeting was held on September 27 to discuss the proposal.  Residents are encouraged to send comments to Councillor Jeff Leiper by October 31, (Jeff.Leiper@ c.c. Carol Arnason (    

    Note: If the extension is approved, the NCC might be willing, at some future date, to remove part of the fence that divides their property from City property.  This will allow a section of the ski trail to be groomed into the Park.  

    Please stay tuned to the Champlain Park web site for updates on the park extension consultation.    

    Heather Pearl

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