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Notices and other information from the City of Ottawa that is of relevance to our neighbourhood.

Keyworth Avenue Sewer Work

In local news – The Keyworth Avenue Sewer is being Rehabilitated.

The city’s contractor has been installing a temporary sewer pipe from the corner of Clearview and Keyworth right over the Carleton Avenue bridge and onto Scott Street. Once the sewer under Keyworth has been bypassed, they’ll be relining it to make it last longer (delaying the need to dig it up and replace it).

Of course, during this work Keyworth will be even more impassible than usual (lots of house construction already clogs up the south end). There was even a bus detour to completely avoid the street on Thursday due to a gas leak. Though they did bury most of the temporary pipe, so Keyworth should be mostly back to normal during the relining operation.

Temporary sewer pipe crosses Carleton Avenue bridge and goes down south side of Amanda Avenue.

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New Patricia Avenue Sidewalk

In local news – there’s a new sidewalk on Patricia Avenue!

The former asphalt one has been replaced with a new concrete sidewalk. It has fewer cracks than the old one, a slip reduction rubber pad at the corner, and the sideways tilt is about half of the previous one (formerly it had driveway ramps sloping up completely in the half of the sidewalk next to the street).

The more noticeable change is that the corner of Patricia and Amanda is narrower, just the width of the road. Formerly it was the junction with Island Park Drive and part of the extra wide curve was the former road going up the hill to Island Park.

The $120,000 budget was funded by the city of Ottawa and the Federal government. And it seems like they’re finished as of October 18th 2019, except for a bit of landscaping repair to the adjacent front lawns.

New Patricia Avenue sidewalk at the corner with Sunnymede. Note the slip reduction rubber pad built into the curve, the place where slips are more likely.

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Pontiac De-paving Day Photo Review

Community Effort to Remove Pavement on Pontiac Street and Reclaim Paradise!!

Last Saturday, a family-friendly event was led by Councillor Jeff Leiper to de-pave one block of Pontiac Street and to re-connect the green space of Champlain Park directly to NCC lands accessing the Ottawa river.

The Councillor received sponsorship from the City with funds from cash-in-lieu of parkland money and a small grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Energetic community volunteers showed up to dig up sections of pavement and transfer them to City dumpsters. The volunteers were organized by Enviro Centre and Champlain Park Community Association, with coffee from Bridgehead and bagels from the Ottawa Bagel Shop.

In the near future, the City workers will finish digging the gravel base, adding soil, and seeding the area. The NCC will remove the fence and gravel on their side. Volunteers plan to landscape the NCC land with native species of ground cover, shrubs and trees. As Joni Mitchell sang in her song “Big Yellow Taxi”, “you don’t know what you’ve got, ’till it’s gone”. It’s not often a parking lot gets turned into parkland!

Enviro Centre team with Champlain Park Community Association volunteer, Debra Huron, set up coffee (Bridgehead) and bagels (Ottawa Bagel Shop) as well as supplying tools and safety gear for volunteers. Photo by John Arnason.

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Depaving Commences

Here’s a quick photo essay of the core work cycle at the depaving ceremony this morning. There were other things happening too, like a kids amusement spot with pumpkins and paint (they helped out near the end, moving small road fragments), an outfitting area and sponsored snacks. Hopefully we’ll have time to write a longer story later and give credit to the people and groups who helped with the depaving event.

The pick-axe crew at work, digging up the slabs.

Loading slabs onto the wheelbarrows. Councillor Jeff Leiper (in white) lends a hand.

Back and forth the wheelbarrow convoy goes.

Lining up to drop off asphalt squares. The front end loader lifts batches of them up into the dumpster.

National Tree Day – September 25

Grade 2 and 3 children at St. George Catholic School in our neighbourhood will celebrate National Tree Day at 1:15 pm this Wednesday by planting a tree on the Pontiac side of the main school yard. Join us that same day from 4:30 to 6:30 pm to plant a tree (or two) in “the Little Woods” at Patricia and Clearview. Weather permitting, tree planting will continue in the NCC forest near the school on Saturday, from 10 till noon. Bring your shovel and/or a pick!

For those interested in the bigger picture, attend a Tree Canada event at the Museum of Nature, where the NCC, the City of Ottawa and the Ville de Gatineau will present the results of a tree canopy assessment. This report on the extent of the current tree canopy is meant to support planning for the future of urban forestry in the region.

Museum of Nature, 240 McLeod Street, Ottawa ON:
4:30 National Tree Day Ceremonial Tree Planting, west grounds (corner of Argyle and O’Connor).
5:00 Presentation of report findings in the Rotunda.
5:30 Questions and discussions.

Hazardous Waste Disposal at Tunney’s Pasture – Sept 15

As described in we have local waste depots twice this year, for disposing of paint, old electronics and other things too dangerous for regular garbage.

The depot runs from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Tunney’s Pasture. The last one this year is on Sunday, September 15, 2019.

Some of the odder and more dangerous things I’ve brought and the chemical experts at the depot had fun looking over – old gardening chemicals with Malathion (still used for West Nile mosquitoes), DDT and Chlordane.

City Climate Change Plans Talk – August 26

Three of our CPCA board members (Roland, Daniel, Heather) are involved with this event, and would like to bring it to the attention of the community:

You are welcome to attend a talk by the City’s lead Climate Change staff August 26, 7:00 PM, hosted by the Greenspace Alliance. Andrea Flowers and Jennifer Brown of the City’s Climate Change and Resiliency Unit will provide an overview of their work, including the updated vision, targets, and priorities for the Air Quality and Climate Change Management Plan and the Energy Evolution model and the magnitude of change required to meet our Green House Gas targets.

The meeting will be held at the Hintonburg Community Centre, Burnside Room, 7 pm, August 26. Please RSVP Paul Johanis (