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Notices and other information from the City of Ottawa that is of relevance to our neighbourhood.

Byron Linear Park, Cleary, New Orchard Meeting – May 23

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Sidewalk Construction in the Neighbourhood

As mentioned previously, the old asphalt sidewalks are being replaced by concrete ones. So both Clearview:

Replacing the sidewalk on Clearview avenue. The temporary pedestrian path is behind the fence to the right.

Construction detail of concrete forms on Clearview for the new sidewalk.

and Premier avenue are being done:

Work on Premier Avenue sidewalks. This is taken on Friday April 21 2017, a bit after 1pm and there aren’t any cars parked on Premier!

Update on 190 Richmond Real Canadian Superstore Development

This isn’t directly in our neighbourhood but is likely of interest…

From: “McCreight, Andrew” <>
Date: April 11, 2017 at 11:08 AM
Subject: Update – 190 Richmond Road applications


Please note that all members of the public and registered community groups, whom have provided comment(s) to date, are included on this e-mail and have been Bcc’d in order to maintain e-mail privacy.

The applicants for 190 Richmond Road (Zoning – D02-02-16-0031, Site Plan D07-12-16-0055) have submitted revised plans and studies in response the initial comment period, the community open house (Sept. 2016), and recent review by the Urban Design Review Panel.

All revisions have been uploaded to the website and can be viewed by searching the address or above noted file numbers.

Highlights of the proposed development include:

  • 6-storey apartment building with 187 units
  • 143 parking spaces in underground garage
  • 94 Bicycle parking spaces (40 at grade, 54 below grade)
  • The 5th and 6th storeys are setback 1.5m from the below storeys facing Kirkwood and Byron Linear.
  • Additional building setback along Byron Linear to preserve all trees.
  • Surface parking lot for Grocery Store and LCBO reconfigured providing 400 parking spaces (approx. 380 exist currently).
  • Land set aside for a new park, approximately 1000sq.m in size and located in the southwest corner of the site abutting Byron Linear. Note – the size and location of the park will be confirmed through the Zoning application, but the design will be subject to a separate public process.
  • New north-south pedestrian/cyclist connections through the site, including landscaping.
  • Section 37 (community benefits) is required for the proposed development. Staff will discuss this with Councillor Leiper.

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Spring Street Sweeping

Also see, particularly for concentrated street cleaning locations and schedules.

From the city’s winter parking alerts newsletter:

Street sweeping operations now in effect

The City of Ottawa’s winter overnight parking restrictions are now completed for the 2016-2017 season. The City would like to thank you for your cooperation in making our streets safer throughout the winter season.

On Sunday, April 9 City of Ottawa crews will begin the annual city-wide sweeping of streets and sidewalks, including both daytime and night-time operations. These operations are necessary to remove debris, dust and sand that accumulated over the winter months.
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LRT Bus Detour Meeting Aftermath

Following up on the LRT Bus Detour Meeting post, there’s a copy of the presentation materials at (other presentations and reports are at

Councillor Jeff Leiper’s archive of the live stream of the meeting is at though there seems to be a longer one (possibly unedited footage) also at

Renaming Streets in Champlain Park

Subject: Street renaming: two streets in Champlain Park are on the list.
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2017 00:32:57 -0400
From: Heather Pearl <>

Jeff Leiper’s Kitchissippi Ward Newsletter contains a notice about street renaming, that affects two streets in Champlain Park. Patricia Avenue (Pontiac to Premier) and Premier Avenue (Remic to Island Park Drive and from Patricia to Northwestern) are on the list of streets to be renamed.
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Pontiac Depaving Park Expansion Update

Seen in councillor Jeff Leiper’s Kitchissippi Ward Newsletter #88:

Pontiac Street partial closure update

It has been a bit of a slog to accomplish the street closure for a portion of Pontiac that we’ve been seeking since last fall. There were some outstanding questions about drainage from staff that we believe we’ve now worked through, and we expect to put jersey barriers in place as a first phase of closure relatively soon. In response to a community request, we’re delaying that until the end of the school year in order to minimize disruption to school buses and drop-off. The background to the closure is here. We’ve yet to figure out a timetable for de-paving, but are working on it!