COVID-19 and CPCA Operations in Fall 2022

CPCA Board meetings will continue to be virtual to ensure they are accessible to everyone, including those who may have increased health risks related to Covid-19. The meetings will be advertised on the website and the conference link will be made available to all interested community members.

Decisions regarding other CPCA events and activities will be made as we go along, taking into account the status of the pandemic and public health recommendations at the time the activity is to occur.

These are the highlights from the Ottawa Public Health Website as of 2022-09-09. Please refer to this link to remain up to date. The Champlain Park Community Association will reference these recommendations, keep up to date and take them into account as we plan activities for fall 2022.


  • Many measures that have decreased the transmission of COVID-19 are still relevant and important, even when they are not mandatory.
  • Ottawa Public Health continues to strongly recommend public health measures as these help reduce transmission of COVID-19 (as well as other respiratory viruses) and the risk to those more likely to experience severe disease from COVID-19.
  • We highly recommend Ottawa residents to get vaccinated with all the doses of the COVID-19 vaccine that you are eligible for as soon as possible. It increases protection against serious outcomes and protects against symptomatic infection.
  • Although masking is no longer mandatory in Ontario, we highly recommend individuals continue wearing a mask indoors especially when physical distancing may not be possible or proves to be challenging in crowded areas.
  • When using a mask, select the best quality one available to you.