Tunney’s Pasture Redevelopment Input – Reminder

We’d like to take a moment to remind our neighbours that there is still time to apply to join the Tunney’s Pasture Communities Perspectives Group (CPG) to play a supporting role in the redevelopment of Tunney’s Pasture.  

Until August 26, any organization or individual that represents community interests can apply to take part in this small group hosted by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) and Canada Lands Company (CLC). Of course, Neighbours for Tunney’s shares the view that we’d like to ensure that a diverse variety of interests and perspectives are considered throughout the redevelopment of the non-federal development blocks at Tunney’s Pasture. 

Please consider the unique contributions that you could make and visit the CPG application form tab to learn more and complete the application.

We also encourage all local residents, community groups and stakeholders to explore these Engagement resources to follow the project and the consultation process. 

Finally, please continue to spread the word and invite others to join our ever-growing network of Neighbours for Tunney’s via email request to: NeighboursforTunneys@gmail.com

Your Neighbours for Tunney’s working group


Tunney’s Pasture Redevelopment Q&A – June 20

Tunney’s Pasture Redevelopment Project: Invitation to Participate

Canada Lands Company (CLC) and Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) were very pleased to see the high degree of participation in our workshops of May 25 and 26, during which attendees provided input into the development of “community values” that will inform the redevelopment of Tunney’s Pasture.

And, we would also like to give members of the community another opportunity to have their questions answered during a virtual “Questions and Answers Coffee House” meeting that we will hold from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Monday, June 20. To register, please visit: https://engage.clc-sic.ca/tunney-s-pasture-vision-to-reality.

Canada Lands and PSPC are committed to meaningful engagement and we greatly appreciate your interest in this project. We strongly believe the community’s involvement will lead to a better outcome for the transformation of Tunney’s Pasture.

Additional message from Heather Pearl: for regular community updates on this project, please consider joining Neighbours for Tunney’s. Send your email request to NeighboursforTunneys@gmail.com

Thanks, Heather

Tunney’s Pasture Redevelopment Workshops – May 25, 26

Following on from last year’s Tunney’s Pasture Redevelopment Survey

In 2014, the National Capital Commission finalized and endorsed the Tunney’s Pasture Master Plan (TPMP). The Canada Lands Company (CLC) – a federal Crown corporation – is managing the transformation: https://www.clc-sic.ca/real-estate/tunneys-pasture. CLC is seeking your input to this project. Please see the invitation to register for next week’s workshop.

Thanks, Heather

Registration open for workshops on the future of Tunney’s Pasture

Registration is now open for two virtual workshops to gather the public’s input on the transformation of Tunney’s Pasture from a single-use employment centre into a vibrant transit-oriented and sustainable mixed-use community that is integrated with surrounding neighbourhoods, while maintaining a strong federal presence.
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Blasting at Tunney’s Pasture

Just so you know what’s making that loud thump noise every few hours, and other sound effects, we received this message from Steph at councillor Jeff Leiper’s office…

With help from Yasir’s office, our message got through to the government team overseeing the construction at the heating/cooling plant at Tunney’s currently. We asked about the work, to be sure, and any ways to get a timeline/notifications on the work. Here’s the response we got:

“From now until the end of March 2022, the construction team will be conducting controlled blasts at the site on weekdays from 8:00 to 4:00 Monday to Thursday and from 8:00 to 1:00 on Fridays. There will be no more than one per hour. From time to time there may be hoe ramming done on site as well to break up rock.

Members of the public interested in learning more about the ESAP project or asking us a question by email should visit https://nationalcapitaldistrictenergy.ca. There is also a contact us page on the site which allows people to ask questions directly to the construction team.”

I would suggest those with concerns get directly in contact with them through that page. I suspect the major disruption is coming from the hoe-ramming, in addition to the blasting. I know our power is limited in a project like this, but I nonetheless wanted to pass on the information to you and neighbours as soon as we got it.

Tunney’s Pasture Development Update

From: Mary Jarvis <mjarvis@clc.ca>
Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2021, 05:04:48 p.m. EST
Subject: Tunney’s Pasture transformation project website now live

Thank you and your fellow executives for joining us at our technical briefing on the Tunney’s Pasture transformation. We were pleased to connect with you and share an update on this important project for our city and your members.

As promised, I am pleased to share the link to our new website (www.participons.clc-sic.ca/pre-tunney-de-la-vision-a-la-realite www.engage.clc-sic.ca/tunney-s-pasture-vision-to-reality), which was created to engage with you and your community. On it, you will also find the full presentation we shared with you.
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Tunney’s Pasture Redevelopment Update

Subject: Tunney’s Pasture Redevelopment: FYI for the Board and for posting on the CPCA website
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2021 16:19:45 -0400
From: Heather Pearl

On April 5, a short history of the Tunney’s Pasture redevelopment plans was posted on the CPCA website.  All Champlain Park residents were invited to complete a Survey, developed by the Wellington Village Community Association (WVCA).  The survey results are in, a web page has been created, the working group is growing and everyone is invited to participate.  Here is a brief recap:

Tunney’s Pasture redevelopment plans have been in the works for some time. This massive federal government project has been developed under a cone of silence. Plans are now at an advanced stage, and have been done with no community consultation or input, nor the input or knowledge of city staff and elected officials. Whatever the outcome, this will have a major and direct effect on anyone who lives near Tunney’s Pasture, works at Tunney’s Pasture, or enjoys the river, roads and greenspaces in and around this large campus. The Wellington Village Community Association recently completed a survey of area residents regarding their knowledge and concerns related to the redevelopment, and are using this data to make a difference before it is too late. Step one is for all of us to push for the release of the detailed plans, and to push for the federal government to meet with local residents to ensure our input is taken into account, and taken seriously.

The community associations representing Wellington Village, Champlain Park, Hintonburg and Mechanicsville have formed Neighbours for Tunney’s to focus on these and other Tunney’s Pasture redevelopment-related issues. A preliminary web page has been launched (www.neighboursfortunneys.ca) and a mailing list has been created so that everyone can stay apprised of updates, and have continued input into the work your community associations are doing on your behalf. Even if you live outside of these four neighbourhoods, you can still sign up. You can join the mailing list by sending a request to  neighboursfortunneys@gmail.com.

For more information, please read the Neighbours for Tunney’s News Release and the Backgrounder and visit the WVCA web page.

To access previous Tunney’s Pasture related posts on the CPCA web site, type “Tunney’s” into the box under Search our Posts to find Community Information on the web page.

Thanks, Heather

Tunney’s Pasture Redevelopment Survey

Subject: Tunney’s Pasture redevelopment plans, history, update on current status and a survey
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2021 19:26:47 -0400
From: Heather Pearl

After years of silence, we may soon know more about the redevelopment proposals for Tunney’s Pasture.  Here is some history:

  • Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) presented a draft plan to local community associations and the West Wellington BIA in 2012.
  • The CAs and BIA responded that the site needed to be redeveloped as much more than an attractive employment campus.
  • Our MP, Paul Dewar held a public meeting, attended by a large number of residents from the adjacent communities, to discuss what the Tunney’s Pasture Master Plan (TPMP) needed to address.
  • The resulting TPMP Community Report (attached) was posted on Paul’s website.  In-house negotiations began, to which the CAs were not privy.

In 2013, PSPC held a public consultation to gather comments on their new, very different proposal, for a substantial mixed-use development, that responded to most of the issues raised in the TPMP Community Report.

Current status:

  • Jeff Leiper has regularly asked for updates, but has learned only that the 2014 TPMP is being, for the most part, followed.  Recently, he heard that more information should be coming soon.
  • The Wellington Village CA (WVCA) recently heard from PSPC that more information may be available by late spring.

A survey:

  • WV is inviting all interested residents of Champlain Park to respond to their survey questionnaire on the Tunney’s redevelopment plans.  The survey can be found at https://forms.gle/mEWU8BTBj2Rg3oZ6A

Their intent is to:

  • Gather preliminary information on awareness, concerns, and priorities associated with the coming redevelopment.
  • Gather information for a mailing list of keenly interested residents.
  • Take the first step in a series of steps as they attempt to obtain more information, and participate in public consultation.

Based on the survey responses, they hope to form a small working group amongst neighbouring CAs to keep the ball rolling.

Please consider completing the short survey and staying current as this issue matures.  Whatever happens at Tunney’s Pasture has a direct impact on Champlain Park.


TPMP Community Report.pdf

OC Transpo Name the Trains Contest – December 8

OC Transpo
Name the Trains Contest

If you know of a child or youth aged 16 or under who wants to be part of Ottawa’s history? OC Transpo are looking for creative, fun and unique names for each of our 40 train cars: 34 O-Train Confederation Line train cars and 6 O-Train Trillium Line train cars. Submit your name idea from now until Dec. 8, 2017 for your chance to have it featured on an operating O-Train car starting in 2018.

See http://www.octranspo.com/ready4rail for more about using the new rail service. And http://www.ligneconfederationline.ca/ for weekly newsletters (with photos) on construction progress.

In related news, there are bicycle repair spots at 10 OC Transpo stations. Locally, there’s a new one installed on the path at the Westboro station, see https://ottawa.ca/en/residents/transportation-and-parking/road-safety/cycling-safety#bike-repair-station

Tunney’s Pasture Master Plan Info Session – November 27

From: Scott.Manning@tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca
Sent: 19/11/2013 7:50:14 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Tunney’s Pasture Master Plan – Public Information Session on Preferred Development Option

To: Champlain Park Community Association
Attn: Heather Pearl/ CoChair1

This is an invitation for you and members of your association to attend an upcoming public information session on the Tunney’s Pasture master plan. The purpose of this session is twofold: to present the preferred development option for the master plan and to receive public feedback. To be held as an open house format, members of the public can attend at a time convenient to them, as follows:

Date: Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Time: 5 – 8 p.m.
Place: Conference Room, Jean Talon Building, 1st Floor, 170 Tunney’s Pasture Driveway, Ottawa

Newspaper ads will be published in the Citizen, Le Droit and Kitchissippi Times to inform the public of this event, but please feel free to extend this invitation to others through your community contacts. Free parking will be available after 4:30 p.m. in the parking lot situated between Parkdale Avenue and the Jean Talon Building.

Thank you,

Scott Manning, MCIP, RPP
Principal Portfolio Urban Planner/ Urbaniste principal du portefeuille
Development & Urban Planning/ Développement et urbanisme
Strategic Portfolio Planning/ Planification stratégique du portefeuille
NCA Portfolio Management/ Gestion du portefeuille de la RCN
Real Property Branch/ Direction générale des biens immobiliers
(819) 956-6323

Meeting on Scott Street Community Design Plan – November 13

Previously mentioned in the Scott Street CDP Presentation post.
Related city web site: http://ottawa.ca/en/city-hall/public-consultations/scott-street-community-design-plan

Subject: Community Meeting: TOMORROW, 3 to 8 PM – FW: Scott Street community design plan – Plan de conception communautaire de la rue Scott
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 14:33:54 +0000
From: Hobbs, Katherine <Katherine.Hobbs@ottawa.ca>

Dear Neighbours in Hintonburg, Mechanicsville, Wellington Village and Champlain Park,

This email is to remind you that tomorrow from 3 to 8 PM at the Hintonburg Community Centre, there will be a meeting to present the draft document of the Scott Street Community Design Plan. Duplicate presentations will be given at 4:30 and 7 PM, so please drop by when it is convenient for you.

Thanks and hope to see you there,


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November 5, 2013 / Le 5 novembre 2013

Community Meeting for the Scott Street Community Design Plan (CDP)

Your community is changing…let’s talk about it!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Hintonburg Community Centre, 1064 Wellington Street West
Extra time has been added to allow you to view the draft CDP and provide your feedback
3 to 8 p.m. with a short presentation at 4:30 p.m. and a repeat presentation at 7 p.m.

Come out to hear about the Scott Street CDP, drop by on your way home from work or in the evening. The open house will provide you with the opportunity to hear about the draft CDP and have one on one conversations with City staff and Urban Strategies Inc., the urban design consultant hired by the City of Ottawa to undertake the Scott Street CDP.

The Draft CDP
The CDP has been developing since the public meetings in May and June. In October we had a meeting to present the draft strategies for the CDP. This open house will be the release of the draft CDP.

The draft CDP will address these key issues:

  • Scott Street – the design of Scott Street after the Light Rail Transit (LRT) construction is completed
  • Tall Buildings and other uses – the location of future tall buildings and uses within the CDP area
  • Neighbourhood focus – the future of the residential neighbourhoods

No registration is required, just drop-in at any time. Accessibility is an important consideration for the City of Ottawa. If you require special accommodation, please call 3-1-1 or e-mail scottcdp@ottawa.ca before the event.

For more information:

Check out the project’s website or send questions about the community meeting to scottcdp@ottawa.ca or contact:

Melanie Knight, MCIP RPP
City of Ottawa
613-580-2424, ext. 28439

At any time, if you have questions about the Scott Street CDP, please contact the City’s Scott Street Community Design Plan project team at scottcdp@ottawa.ca or by calling 3-1-1.

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Réunion communautaire concernant le Plan de conception communautaire (PCC) de la rue Scott

Votre communauté se transforme… parlons-en.

Mercredi 13 novembre 2013
Centre communautaire Hintonburg, 1064, rue Wellington Ouest
Du temps supplémentaire a été ajouté afin de vous permettre de consulter le PCC préliminaire et de fournir vos commentaires
de 15 h à 20 h, une brève présentation étant prévue à 16 h 30 et de nouveau à 19 h.

Venez vous renseigner au sujet du PCC de la rue Scott. Passez en rentrant chez vous ou dans la soirée. La séance portes ouvertes vous donnera l’occasion d’en apprendre davantage sur le PCC préliminaire et de discuter personnellement avec les employés de la Ville et d’Urban Strategies Inc., la société d’urbanistes-conseils dont la Ville d’Ottawa a retenu les services pour l’élaboration du PCC de la rue Scott.

La version provisoire du PCC
Le PCC est en préparation depuis les réunions publiques tenues en mai et juin derniers. En octobre, nous avons organisé une réunion pour présenter les stratégies provisoires du PCC. La diffusion du PCC préliminaire aura lieu à cette séance portes ouvertes.

La version provisoire du PCC comporte trois volets :

  • La rue Scott : la configuration de la rue Scott une fois le réseau de transport par train léger construit;
  • Les bâtiments de grande hauteur et autres utilisations : la répartition des futurs bâtiments de grande hauteur et des utilisations dans le secteur visé par le PCC;

La mise en valeur des quartiers : l’avenir des quartiers résidentiels.

Aucune inscription n’est exigée, vous pouvez vous joindre à la réunion à tout moment. L’accessibilité est une préoccupation majeure pour la Ville d’Ottawa. Si vous avez besoin d’accommodements particuliers, n’hésitez pas à composer le 3-1-1 ou à envoyer un courriel à l’adresse scottcdp@ottawa.ca avant la tenue de la séance.

Renseignements complémentaires :

Consultez le site Web du projet, soumettez vos questions au sujet de la réunion communautaire à l’adresse scottcdp@ottawa.ca ou communiquez avec :

Melanie Knight, MCIP, RPP
Ville d’Ottawa
613-580-2424, poste 28439

Si vous avez des questions à propos le Plan de conception communautaire de la rue Scott, veuillez communiquer avec l’équipe du projet en tout temps au scottcdp@ottawa.ca ou en composant le 3-1-1.

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Please send your questions to scottcdp@ottawa.ca
Vous pouvez transmettre vos questions à l’adresse scottcdp@ottawa.ca.

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