The Champlain Park Environ-teers are a group of community volunteers who help develop and maintain ‘green’ projects focussed on encouraging active-living, and the protection and remediation of the wooded areas found on National Capital Commission (NCC)-managed lands to the north and northeast of the Champlain Park Community, as well as the City of Ottawa parkland known as Champlain Park.

Champlain Park Environ-teers operate under the authority and direction of the Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) – Environment Committee, and in close collaboration with the NCC and the City of Ottawa.

Environ-teer actions are guided by four core principles in relation to their neighbourhood park and neighbouring woodlands – Safety, Security, Utility and Preservation. 

Environ-teers can expect to be engaged in the following types of activities:

  • Care and maintenance of Environment Committee Project sites (watering, pest control, weeding);
  • Planting at Environment Committee Project sites;
  • Invasive plant species removal/mitigation measures;
  • Periodic woodland clean-up (garbage, campsite reporting and removal);
  • Periodic drainage ditch work to help prevent water pooling or trail obstruction;
  • General maintenance of the primary trail through Champlain Woods (wood chip spreading, directed light trimming, natural debris removal)

If you would be interested in volunteering and joining the Champlain Park Environ-teers, complete the registration form below (alternatively, use this link to form):

Upon completion and submission of the registration form a Environ-teer Coordinator will contact you.

Environ-teer Project Coordinators:

Kris Phillips

Catherine Shearer

Joscelyn Coolican

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