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CPCA Executive Meeting – October 19

Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) Executive Meeting

Thursday October 19, 2017
7:30 PM at the Fieldhouse

Note: The chair will invite non exec community members to speak at specified times during the agenda

Time for each item is assumed to be 5 minutes unless otherwise specified. Please state whether your item is for information only (with opportunity for Q & A) OR whether a decision has to be made. For info items, distribution of a brief summary before the meeting is an option to be encouraged with use of the allotted time for Q & A/Decision-Making. It is the responsibility of all exec members to read distributed materials before the meeting and print them if preferred.


  1. Approval of previous minutes of executive meeting September 21, 2017, and review of action items – All
  2. Report of interim executive motions – All
  3. AGM Preparation – All
    1. Finalize the agenda
    2. Board member nomination list – Lynne
    3. Chairperson
    4. Speakers
    5. Reports
    6. Other arrangements (e.g. refreshments, setup, opening the fieldhouse)
    7. Handout material to be given to Liz by Monday Oct 23 9 a.m.
  4. Social Coordinator update – Carol (10 minutes)
    DECISION “Vote needs to be taken on Halloween Fun Run donation (CPP already passed Treasurer approval). Also, I wish to update Executive on progress by organizers of Christmas Eve sleigh ride”
  5. Decision-Making Protocol – Roland & Lynne
  6. Voting procedures for those who attend via teleconference – Joan (5 minutes)
  7. Publishing executive minutes and documents – Liz (5 minutes)

    • Do we publish the documents we are going to discuss before or after the meeting at which they are considered, or not at all?
    • do we publish minutes on the website after they are finalized?
  8. Next meeting

Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2017-10-16

This week’s topics:

  • Smart technology for safer roads – Cyclist Detection System at O’Conner and Waverley, with a Youtube video.
  • Operation Impact – Driver education.
  • Mary Papatsie still missing.

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Adopt a Pontiac Planter!

Seven planters have been installed by the City at the Park on Pontiac, to create and beautify a new greenspace (pending removal of the NCC fence and some pavement). The Community is responsible for planting and caring for the Planters. Two have been adopted already by a generous neighbour (marked with a stake). Five more are available for adoption. Let the Environment Committee ( know if you are willing to get some perennials started this fall, and care for further planting and watering of a planter in the Spring. The City rules require that no food plants be included in a City planter, for food safety and liability reasons.
[Concrete Planters on Pontiac, with dirt installed]

Ward 15: Looking 4ward – October 18

Via D. Huron, see also and

Message from the Hampton Iona Community Group:

Think about the qualities that drew you to live in Hampton Iona. What made this part of Ottawa a place in which you wanted to live, raise a family and retire? How do you feel about the way your neighbourhood is developing now? What concerns you? What excites you? How do we retain the qualities that make this a special part of the city in which to live, while dealing with issues such as intensification and opportunities such as the LRT?

Come and join us on October 18th for a “big picture” conversation concerning the future of our corner of Kitchissippi Ward. With significant new development, infill and changing transportation systems, Hampton Iona and the rest of Kitchissippi Ward will look significantly different in 10 or 20 years. How can we have a voice in what our future will look like? What role can citizens play in designing our neighbourhoods and city; and coping with change? How can we make sure that our social and physical infrastructures keep pace with our population growth?

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Missing Cats Warning

Subject: missing cats – a warning
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2017 18:54:18 +0000
From: Eloise Holland

Missing Cats:

In the last month five “missing cat” posters have been put up in and around Champlain Park. It is possible they may have been taken by predators. There have been foxes and coyotes spotted in the neighbourhood since the beginning of the summer. Please consider keeping your cats indoors for their protection.

Eloise Holland

Tree Walk – October 15

BIG TREES of Kitchissippi is hosting two outdoor walking events. Celebrate the season and our big trees by learning more, talking to experts, and meeting other tree enthusiasts.

October 15, 2017 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. – Champlain Park Tree Walk – Meet at Champlain Park fieldhouse, 149 Cowley Ave. Focus on Heritage Oaks.

October 22, 2017 1:30 to 3:30 pm – Hampton Park Tree Walk – Meet near the wading pool, at the parking lot off Parkview Road, which can only be accessed from Kirkwood Avenue, via either Buell St. or Sebring Ave. Led by forest therapy guide Andrea Prazmowski, with master tree identifier Owen Clarkin.
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Local Woods Biodiversity Report – October 12

Come hear about the results of a U of Ottawa study on the biodiversity of the NCC-Champlain Woods, and findings from our community mapping exercise Neighbourwoods in Champlain Park. You are cordially invited to a meeting of the Environment Committee on Thursday, October 12 at 7:15 PM till 8:30 PM, to be held at the park Field House on Cowley Avenue. We will discuss these and other activities of the Environment Committee, and seek your ideas for other environmental initiatives you may wish to develop.
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