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Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2021-05-03

Odd, no Monday post. So here are the last three pending posts from Neighbourhood Watch:

  • Check on seniors during ongoing pandemic.
  • Frontline patrol launches Project Handlebar – Stolen bike recovery.
  • Project NoiseMaker targets speeding, stunt driving and excessive noise on city streets.

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Tick Tick… Spring Ticks!

Since the weather is warming up, the insects are starting to come out. That includes the ticks living in our area. Have a look at the NCC’s Tick information post to find out how to deal with these half spiders at

[Screen shot of NCC Tick Info Page]

Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2021-04-26

Today’s topic:

  • Open data stats release and theft prevention tips – Bicycle theft avoidance tips and open data on where thefts happen.

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Champlain Speaker Non-Paper April Issue

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, volunteers will not deliver the April edition of the Champlain Speaker to Champlain Park residents’ home mailboxes.

— Update – all the paper copies in the fieldhouse box have been picked up —

[Fieldhouse Doorway with a Small Table holding a box of Champlain Speaker Paper Copies]

Meanwhile, you can download it in colourful PDF format. If you have legal size paper (the editor needed the extra space), you can print it out and perhaps give a copy to a neighbour without a computer.
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Homes Wanted for Tree Saplings

Are you willing to provide a foster home for a tree sapling?

[Small Oak Sapling - just a leaf]

The Champlain Park Enviro Committee is looking for caretakers of small, potted trees that will eventually make their way into public spaces in the community. The term for taking care of plants can range from a few months to two years, depending on species and how quickly we can find a permanent home. Learn about and share your knowledge of native trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants, while also helping to create a legacy urban forest and healthy environment.

If you would be interested in becoming a member of our Caretaker Network, volunteering as Champlain Park Plant Caretaker, please complete the Caretaker registration form  and one of the Project Coordinators will get back you.

Thanking you in advance for your interest.

For more details on the Champlain Park Plant Caretaker please visit the Projects homepage

Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2021-04-22

Last couple of day’s topics:

  • Changes to interprovincial crossings operation.
  • A reminder to remain vigilant about the potential for abuse towards women and children.
  • Missing youth to locate.

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Join the Champlain Park Baseball Pool – April 22 – Reminder

Just a reminder that the pool closes in a couple of days…

Nothing says spring like the beginning of baseball – Join the first ever Champlain Park Baseball Pool! It’s free and low-maintenance, to enter:

  • Pick one position player from each of these positions: 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, Catcher, (5 players total)
  • Pick 3 outfielders

Position players get 1 point for each steal, run, homerun, RBI

  • Pick 1 pitcher – pitchers get 5 points for each win and 1 point for each strikeout
  • Pick a team – each team win gets 2 points

Submit your 10 picks (9 players and 1 team) to Nick at by April 22nd 10pm.
For questions or details email Nick.

Play ball!

Big Trees and Mechanicsville Promoting Trees vs Embassies

Via Heather and Daniel:

Mechanicsville Community Association and Big Trees of Kitchissippi invite you to make your voice count in efforts to say YES to more trees and No to embassies at the NCC Burnside property on the Ottawa River in Kitchissippi Ward.

[Poster for More Trees Here]

First, send a video message (hug) to Councillors and Federal Ministers before Earth Day next week, using this simple video platform:

Use your phone, or record directly on the platform, indoors or (preferably) outdoors to say Yes (and No).

Second, sign this petition calling on the City of Ottawa and NCC to honour their commitments to addressing the climate emergency, by saying Yes to more trees on the site, and No to embassies:  See Petition

Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2021-04-19

Today’s topic:

  • Provincial restrictions at interprovincial crossings.

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Prescription Sunglasses Found

Maria writes:

I found a pair of prescription sunglasses on Northwestern Avenue. Frame is black and brand is Maui Jim.

I can be reached at 613-608-9916.
Thanks, Maria