Project Activity Disclaimer forms

Community Proposal Project (CPP)

Project Activity Disclaimer Form

A completed form is in effect for the duration of each particular project

Please select and download one of the listed forms below.
Complete form, you must present this to the Project Coordinator before starting any project volunteer work.

Thank you for volunteering!

Other important conditions prior to volunteer work taking place

For volunteer projects which take place on the City of Ottawa or the National Capital Commission (NCC) properties, must have all necessary Landowner project approvals and permits in place before any volunteer work can take place. This is done by the CCP Coordinator.

Approved CPCA sponsored project activity
A CPP project must first have been submitted through the CPP approval process and obtained the CPCA’s approval as a sponsored project activity before any volunteer work can take place on a Landowner’s property (as mentioned above)
This is done by the CPP Coordinator.