Want to help out? Registration form now up.

From city councillor Jeff Leiper https://kitchissippiward.ca/content/ward-volunteer-call-out

Many of you have reached out in the past few days to let me know you’d be willing to volunteer in the ward. We don’t know, yet, what those needs might be, but I’d like to now start capturing that interest in anticipation of future need. If you live in Kitchissippi ward and want to volunteer here, please fill out the form here. Thank you!

There is also the potential that the City may have a general call-out for volunteers as they mobilized for flooding. If and when that call is made, I’ll be sure to pass that on!

The volunteering form URL is https://kitchissippiward.ca/content/volunteer-call-out

One response to “Want to help out? Registration form now up.

  1. Jeff Leiper wrote the community associations today, saying in part:

    I’ve got well over 200 folks who have signed up to the ward volunteer list, and have already received one agency request to do a call-out – to which people massively responded.

    We’re going to do the best we can in our office to deal with one-off requests, but I’m also certain that many residents are going to get the most immediate help from their neighbours. If you’re communicating with your members, it would be helpful to nudge them to make sure their neighbours on the block have their phone number or other contact info.

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