Calls for Volunteers

We have several places for you to volunteer to help your neighbours: our councillor Jeff Leiper’s list, and now the Volunteer Ottawa / Champlain Community Support Network list (supported by the City of Ottawa, the Ottawa Community Foundation and United Way East Ontario).

Jeff’s latest message:

We have, now, over 260 people signed up in our volunteer database willing to do all manner of tasks during the pandemic. We’ve been connecting requests to offers of help on a one-off basis for folks, and I have to thank everyone who stepped up. These have mostly revolved around groceries. One of the issues that’s emerging is laundry. If you hear from anyone who has lost walkable access to the laundromat because the ones in our ward are closed, I have a group of volunteers ready to pick up, wash and return that. We’ll keep using that list as nimbly as possible to address needs as they come up.

Jeff also has this to say about the Volunteer Ottawa effort (from his newsletter):

Volunteer Ottawa has equipped itself to begin accepting volunteers for its pandemic response. People who are interested in volunteering beyond or instead of our ward-specific list are invited to sign up here. Community and agency groups that anticipate needing volunteers are invited to list themselves here.

And the message from Volunteer Ottawa & CCSN:

[First Page of Volunteer Ottawa Letter]
Volunteer Ottawa – Mobilizing Volunteers for Community Sector.pdf

Some links from that document: