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Community Association Board Meeting – Reminder

Just a reminder that the board meeting is on Wednesday evening and you need to contact the secretary if you want to join the video conferencing call. See

Community Association Board Meeting Agenda – November 25


Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) Board Meeting

Wednesday November 25, 2020
7:30 PM via Google Meet
Everybody Welcome

Board meetings will have an open session for community residents to observe business discussions. Non board community members will also be invited to participate at certain times by the chair and there will be “in camera” topics for the board members only. Please contact the secretary via to request a link to join the meeting.

If any neighbourhood resident would like to officially add an item to the agenda for discussion, please submit your request to the secretary:

  • Detail the item to present.
  • Provide a brief description and the goal of presenting the item.
  • Length of time for agenda items is normally 5 minutes unless otherwise specified.
  • The Chair will discuss additional time at the beginning of the meeting if that is requested.

Open session – draft agenda

  1. Approval of minutes of October 6 2020 – Liz
  2. Report of interim motions – all
  3. Updates: Westboro Infill Study and Transect Approach Consultations – Heather
  4. Financial Report and Procedures – Lynne
  5. AGM Planning – Lynne
  6. Social Activities Update – Nick
  7. Rink Update – Dan
  8. Notice of Intention to create a plan for the NCC woodlands – Daniel
  9. Proposal for CPCA volunteer recognition award – Roland/Laurie
  10. Next Meeting

Annual General Meeting Postponed

Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2020 12:17:58 -0400 (EDT)
From: Lynne Bankier

The CPCA AGM has been postponed to January 2021. Details will be posted when a date and agenda are available.

Community Association Board Meeting Agenda – October 6


Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) Board Meeting

Tuesday October 6, 2020
7:30 PM via Google Meet
Just the board is attending, until we’ve figured out the technology

Main session

  1. Approval of previous minutes of executive meeting Jan 28, 2020 – Liz
  2. Report of interim executive motions – All
  3. Update on CPCA operation of Champlain outdoor rink 2020-21 project – Adrian, Dan
  4. Financial Update – Lynne
    1. CPCA 2018, 2019 Fiscal Expenditures and Revenue by Category;
    2. CPCA 2019, 2020 Fiscal Expenditures and Revenue by Category;
    3. CPCA Projected Pandemic Year Budget 2020, 2021 to discuss
  5. CPCA operations during the Covid-19 Pandemic – Lynne
    1. Virtual Board Meetings
    2. Fieldhouse closure
    3. AGM – legislation allows us to postpone or hold a virtual meeting
    4. Social Events – postpone our usual events
  6. Motion regarding Logo – Adrian and Lynne
  7. Recognition of community service awards – Roland
  8. Other Business
  9. Next Meeting

COVID-19 and CPCA Operations in Fall 2020

How the CPCA will operate this season:

  • Undertake only outdoor community activities, where physical distancing can be achieved, to be considered on a case by case basis. Please contact the CPCA Board via the website if you are interested in organizing such an activity (Include details).
  • Covid waiver to be signed where applicable.
  • All meetings and AGM to be virtual.
  • Note that Board members remain active, attending virtual meetings and responding in writing to the City Councillor, City of Ottawa Committees and Committee of Adjustment regarding issues and proposals that affect our community.

Champlain Park Fieldhouse:

  • The CPCA has decided that we will not open the fieldhouse for any activities (rentals or CPCA use) this season.
  • This is because the Champlain Park Fieldhouse is an unstaffed, volunteer-run facility. The Covid-19 procedures and requirements outlined by the City would be difficult for our volunteers to undertake and to monitor. These include general hygiene practices to be followed by participants of indoor activities (hand hygiene, masks, physical distancing) plus Covid-19 cleaning, charting and monitoring responsibilities.

Community Development Framework Forum – June 11

This is more for the board members out there but residents are welcome too. Sign up to get the Zoom video conference link at

Community Development Framework Learning Forum for community members and service providers

WHERE: Join us on-line through zoom
WHEN: THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 2020 5:30pm-8:00pm

Community members and organizations are responding to COVID 19 by building community, social connections and addressing needs within Ottawa priority neighbourhoods, suburbs and rural areas.

Learn ways to:

  • Build community and social connections during COVID 19
  • Cope while physical distancing
  • Be inspired and find hope for the future

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Coping with the loss of routine during the pandemic

The CPCA thinks this is a useful pandemic related mental health article from a reputable source.

Summary: Attachments to places and people are changing, sense of self too if attached to something like a job that’s changed. Symptoms listed (numb, angry, trouble sleeping, etc). Coping (half a dozen tips).

More locally and more generally, there’s also

Coronavirus grief: Coping with the loss of routine during the pandemic

It isn’t easy adjusting to changes brought on by the pandemic. Consider how to deal with grief caused by the loss of your normal routine.

By Mayo Clinic Staff

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has changed people’s lives in many ways. In addition to feeling grief over the loss of life caused by COVID-19, you’re likely grieving the loss of your normal routine.

Rest of article at