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Key Found

Key found on a key chain in front of 56 Sunnymede. Contact the webmaster if you think it’s yours. Now with a photo:

[Folding knife with key attached]

Helmet Found

MdV says on the neighbourhood Facebook group:

Hi, does this helmet look familiar? It was left in our yard last weekend. If yours, pm me with address & we’ll deliver it.

If it’s yours, contact him there or send an e-mail to the webmaster here.

[Picture of a black plastic helmet]

Black Belt Lost

LOST: Karate black belt at the Fieldhouse last Tuesday morning.

If you find it, please contact Hashmat Kahn or the webmaster.

Binoculars Found

From Kelly or Laurie on Tue, 31 Oct 2017 19:32:21 -0400:

FOUND: During Halloween trick or treating, someone found a pair of binoculars in our driveway. They are the portable kind that fold up and can be put in a leather case on your belt. The brand name is Tasco.

Please call 613-728-1945 to claim or drop by 197 Daniel Avenue.

Thank you.

Ring Found

The lost and found post below reminded me that my husband and I found what looks like a man’s wedding band. We found it near the ice rink about a month ago.

Diana Lefebvre diananortonlefebvre@gmail.com
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USB Stick Found

Subject: CPCA Lost and Found Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2017 18:17:40 -0500 From: Kelly Wiles <thewiles@rogers.com> Hello, I found a usb stick on the side walk of the Field House this morning. Is there a way to post ‘the find”? … Continue reading


Lost and Found – Bracelet

Lost and Found Silver bracelet found along path in NCC woods bordering Champlain Park on Saturday, July 23. Call 613-725-1562 to describe and make arrangements to claim your lost jewelry.