Champlain Park – Parkland Expansion project – moving forward

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November 20, 2016  Jeff Leiper -Kitchissippi Ward Newsletter #72


Moving forward with next steps on potential Pontiac closure



Over the past couple of months, we’ve heard a lot of feedback on whether to press ahead with a proposal I originally heard from community members to close a portion of Pontiac in order to join Champlain Park with the NCC property to the north. That idea captured my and others’ imagination, and we’ve had a rich consultation on it.

As we go into the Champlain Park Community Association annual general meeting next week, I’m preparing to let folks know I’ve decided to proceed with next steps toward achieving that. There’s no guarantee we can accomplish it, but I’ve had enough discussions with the City to be confident that the plan is achievable.

Clearly, it would have pros and cons. Our consultation has raised a number of separate but notionally-related issues on which we’ll also have to work. But, I’ve heard the overwhelming support, counted the traffic, listened to the concerns, and am feeling very comfortable that this step would be to the overall benefit of the quality of life year-round in Champlain Park. Read more here.

Champlain Park Community Association AGM

The Champlain Park Community Association is holding its AGM on Tuesday, November 22 in the field house at 149 Cowley Avenue. I’ll be on hand to provide an update about potential next steps for the Pontiac closure.

How we got here!

22-Nov-2016 CPCA – AGM Meeting Jeff Leiper to provide update
20-Nov-2016 Jeff Leiper -Kitchissippi Ward Newsletter #72
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20-Sept-2016 Park Expansion Opportunity, We need your support!
28-April-2016 The Park Extension was first proposed to Jeff by Carol Arnason on behalf of Adrian Bradley, who was unable to attend this meeting with Jeff. Adrian later met with Jeff at one of his pop-up meetings held at the Van Lang Fieldhouse to follow up on the status of this proposal. Where Jeff indicated he was looking into it, and would be setting up meeting with community to discuss further.

Traffic Counts along Pontiac

Traffic counts September 22 and 23, 2016 (snippet source: from Jeff’s Newsletter #65)

I want to understand the traffic implications better, so did some quick counts on Thursday and Friday.

On Friday, I was out from 3:15-5:05 and counted on Pontiac in the stretch we’re floating closing:

  • 15 cars westbound that came from Northwestern
  • 4 cars westbound that came from Carleton
  • 17 cars eastbound from Cowley. My impression is that these were almost all Tunney’s parkers.
  • 17 cars eastbound from Keyworth, including 7 that had a child visible in the car (my assumption is that these are pick-ups from the school), and 3 buses
  • 10 cars eastbound from Patricia, including 6 that had a child visible in the car (again, I’m making an assumption of pick-ups)
  • 2 bikes eastbound, and 15 bikes westbound
  • 14 pedestrians eastbound, and 25 pedestrians westbound. As you might imagine, a very large number of these westbound pedestrians looked like they were headed to their car from Tunney’s Pasture.

As an observation, the school rush lasts for about 10 minutes immediately after the bell. Traffic is extremely light outside of that period.

On Thursday morning, I did a count from 7:30 to 9:15 am.

On Pontiac westbound I observed:

  • From Northwestern: 9 vehicles, of which 8 had kids visible
  • From Carleton: 14 vehicles, of which 10 had kids visible and one bus
  • 4 bikes
  • 10 pedestrians

On Pontiac eastbound I observed:

  • One vehicle – a resident of the Keyworth/Cowley block
  • One vehicle from Cowley
  • 12 vehicles from Keyworth, of which 4 were buses
  • 7 vehicles from Patricia, of which 1 was a bus
  • 33 bikes
  • 6 pedestrians

168 Carleton Development Proposal Update

An update from our community association co-chair CoChair1:

The final revised design for three units (instead of the originally proposed four units) has now been approved, and a supplementary OMB Decision has been issued.  The original and supplementary decisions are attached.  Drawings and other documentation related to the approvals process are on file at the Committee of Adjustment office, 101 Centrepointe Drive.

The revised design was arrived at as a result of a negotiation process facilitated by the lawyers for both parties.  It  features a single-detached home with  a peaked roof at the corner of Carleton and Clearview and a semi-detached home on the interior Carleton Avenue lot with a flat roof.  All of the dwellings are two storey,  with rooftop decks designed to mitigate privacy and overlook.

The Clearview Avenue facade of the corner unit animates the street across from the park and the report of a Forestry expert confirms that the revised design will allow the distinctive bur oak on this lot to be preserved, when combined with other prescribed preservation measures.  Set-backs on Carleton Avenue have been increased to allow more room for soft landscaping and leaving space for three new street trees to replace the two that will be removed.

The revised design features the following changes to what was originally proposed at the Committee of Adjustment on June 1, 2011:

  • Formerly proposed semi-detached lot/dwellings on north half of existing 100 X 100 foot lot on the corner of Carleton and Clearview avenues, replaced by single lot/dwelling;
  • Setback of dwellings from Carleton increased from range of 3 – 5.4 metres to range of 4.65-6.16 metres to increase greenspace and more closely reflect existing pattern of development in neighbourhood;
  • Setback radius from mature Burr Oak adjacent to Clearview Avenue increased from previous application to 6 metres consistently to reduce potential development impacts upon tree (as per IFS Forestry report)
  • Driveway lengths along Carleton will be 5.62 metres (includes the section of the City Right of Way between the sidewalk and the property line) to lessen the potential for vehicles to  overhang and block sidewalk;
  • Number of street trees proposed along Carleton increased from two to three and species changed from Amur Maple to Service Berry and Hackberry (based on recommendation from  IFS Forestry Consultant);
  • Height of northernmost building increased from 7.3 metres to 8.31 metres to accommodate a pitched roof design on the new single family dwelling;
  • Height of southernmost semi-detached dwellings reduced from 7.3 metres to 6.9 metres.

168 Carleton OMB Decision May 22 2012 case PL110694.pdf

204 Northwestern Avenue Redevelopment Proposal – Follow-Up

From our community association co-chair CoChair1:

June 1, 2012

Re: Follow-Up to May 22, 2012 Meeting Regarding 204 Northwestern Avenue Development Proposal

At the meeting, we discussed everyone’s individual concerns, and then Heather and myself summarized what we could and could not address as a community association based on the planning principles and documents that form the basis of our evaluation framework.

I have just completed a successful negotiation process with the Owners through their architect, Rosaline Hill.  I have copied below the most pertinent information related to our negotiations.

A. E-mail from architect subsequent to our letter stating our remaining concerns

Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 14:14:41 -0400
Subject: Re: 204 Northwestern Follow-Up to May 22 Presentation
To: CoChair1
CC: […]

Hello Everyone,

I have reviewed your comments along with other comments we have received.

Adam and Michael have agreed to the following changes:

  1. We will delete the rear roof patio,
  2. We will include plants between the driveways that will survive, as per your examples,
  3. We will reduce the width of the proposed front walkways from 4′ to 3′-8″, increasing the soft landscaping by 7.5sq.ft. in front of each semi.

Additional changes to our submission, not relating to your requests, will include:

  1. A revision to the draft R plan showing a narrow easement on the north side, in favour of 198 Northwester Ave, for vehicular access.
  2. A correction to the noted rear yard dimensions.  I have not changed the design or the location of the rear wall.  Drawings to date have shown the dimensions to the rear wall not including the chimney.  Because the chimney has living space above it, I will shift the dimension line to include it, as per the bylaw.
  3. I will amend the noted units sizes to be 2550sq.ft. plus basement.
  4. I will note on the drawing that the roof top patio (at the front) is 10’x15′.

B. Motion to Support Proposal Based on the e-mail above

A motion was passed unanimously by the Champlain Park Community Association Executive, dated May 31, 2012.  A more detailed letter will be sent to the Committee of Adjustment.

The Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) supports the application for minor variances on lot width for the proposal to build a semi-detached home at 204 Northwestern Avenue (D08-01-12/B-00165 and B-00185 & D08-02-12/A-00164 and A-00184).

The CPCA and the proponents, Adam Gard and Michael Ayoub, Timberville Developments, have engaged in a successful negotiation process via their representative, architect Rosaline Hill.  This has resulted in a proposal that has addressed the major concerns and considerations of the association, based on Planning Principles, related to this specific site.

C. Notes Related to Issues Discussed at the Meeting

We discussed the neighbours’ concerns at the meeting and clarified what we could and could not address based on the planning principles.

We clarified the following points:

  • This is a contemporary style of architecture.  They are using more traditional finishing materials to soften the look of the buildings.
  • We advocated to eliminate rear yard privacy and overlook concerns related to rooftop decks,  as this is supported by City of Ottawa Official Plan policies.  In order to address our concerns, they have eliminated the rooftop decks originally overlooking the rear yard, while retaining those at the front.
  • The deeper lot depth on Northwestern (130 to 140 feet) means that only one minor variance (lot width) is required whereas other lots in the community with 100 foot depths require variances on both lot width and area.
  • This proposal is for a building of moderate size compared to some of the proposals that have been problematic on Northwestern.
  • This proposal has a well inset partial 3rd storey, that takes up 35% of the floor space compared to the floor below. This was a site specific variable that was assessed in the context of the overall proposal.  In this instance, adding living space to a partial 3rd storey has allowed them to have a very deep back yard so they are able to preserve some mature trees that will be an asset to the neighbourhood.
  • Note that the front yards of new semi-detached development will never have as extensive a “green presence” as the homes they are replacing, but the City has improved the requirements via the new by-law. The Owners have improved the front yard landscaping to address the new by-law provisions at our request.

Committee of Adjustment Hearing (Consent to Sever into Two Parcels and Minor Variances on Lot Width):

June 6, 3 PM, 101 Centrepointe Drive

Re: File Numbers: (D08-01-12/B-00165 and B-00185 & D08-02-12/A-00164 and A-00184)
Committee of Adjustment
101 Centrepointe Dr.
Ottawa  ON K2G5K7
Fax:  613-580-2436

Co-Chair, Champlain Park Community Association