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The Future We Want

Protecting and planting trees in our neighbourhood benefits us all, and is a shared responsibility. You can do your part in a variety of ways, depending on your interests and circumstances.

  • If you know of a plantable spot in the neighbourhood, use this interactive site to map it.
  • If you want to get going with a tree to eventually replace a mature tree, check out these guides to tree planting and contact us for local help.
Neighbourhood children with a sapling for their front yard grown from an acorn collected from the Kot Family Bur Oak.

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The Financial Benefits
How much money do three blocks of trees in Champlain Park save the residents?


Local cool spots
Which street in our neighbourhood has the coolest temperatures in July? Two streets actually!


What species to plant?
Some tree species are already over-represented in Champlain Park. Planting more diversity is better.


This is a project of the Champlain Park Community Association, in partnership with the CAFES neighbourhood tree canopy network.