Community Plan

Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA)

Mission: Champlain Park is a welcoming, engaged and sustainable community

Core interconnected goals for our community

1.  A responsive, open and accountable organization

Goal: to act as responsible asset-keepers and strong organizers, who maintain open lines of communication and accountability with neighbours

Executive Committee:

  • Executive meetings and Annual General Meetings
  • Budgeting and Finance
  • Fieldhouse administration and upkeep

Communication Committee:

Risk Management Committee:

  • Risk Management for the Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA)

2.  A warm, welcoming neighbourhood

Goal: to cultivate a community where people want to stay and grow, to know their neighbours and care for each others best interests

Member Services Committee:

  • Member recruitment and neighbourhood welcome

Social Committee:

  • Organize/promote social events and sports, arts and hobbies

Neighbourhood Watch:

  •  Supporting community security

3. Compatible growth and infill

Goal: to respond to infill development proposals, and engage residents, developers, and lawmakers in dialogue

Planning and Zoning Committee:

  • Respond to infill proposals, city-wide infill policy
  • Track bylaw compliance
  • Manage OMB appeals

4. Sustainable living in a healthy urban forest

Goal: to enhance our environment, reduce our environmental footprint including our carbon emissions, and nurture biodiversity in our unique mature urban forest

Environment Committee:

  • Spring clean-up
  • Promoting tree protection, enhancing biodiversity/greenspaces
  • Projects to reduce our footprint including our carbon emissions and waste

5. Strategic engagement and action

Goal: to strengthen relationships with other communities, leaders, and organizations; and to coordinate responses to improve our community and the city

Civic Engagement Committee:

  • Liaison with FCA, BIA’s, politicians, and relevant community organizations
  • Respond to pedestrian safety, traffic, parking and transit issues
  • Assist with park development and local infrastructure projects
  • Monitor and engage with civic issues, projects and processes in the broader area

Community Plan to be reviewed annually – Last review May 15, 2016