Scott Street Changes and Cycling Meeting – January 13

Following up on the previous post, there’s another meeting about cycling and Scott Street changes:

Subject: Re: Meeting re: Scott Street reconfigurations
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2020 15:10:19 -0500
From: William van Geest <>

Good afternoon,

I have received communication from Councillor Leiper’s office that in order for City staff to participate in this meeting, it will need to be scheduled for the following week. I apologize for this change. I do, however, think it will be important for City staff to be on hand to answer questions.
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Scott Street Cycling and Pedestrian Presentation

Co-chair Heather writes:

On November 25, Jeff Leiper hosted an information and Q&A session with City Transportation Planning Staff, on upcoming changes to Scott St, to make it more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. Plans are to upgrade the section from Churchill to Holland later next year. Jeff provided us a copy of the presentation which describes the project and timelines. Within the next month, Staff will put up a web page with further information. The page will be updated as work proceeds.

Thank you,

The presentation, and YouTube archive of the video conference are indexed in our city councillor’s page on the meeting:
[Long Term Plan Map - One Way Cycling on the Multiuse Path beside the Transitway]

Scott Street Webinar – November 25

Our co-chairs say:

Jeff’s office sent a reminder about the Scott Street zoom webinar this coming Wednesday. Champlain Park’s participation is important; the plans for cycling, pedestrian and placemaking facilities will have a direct impact on our community.

From our city councillor’s web site…
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Scott Street Complete Street Funding

Topic previously mentioned in the Meeting on Scott Street Community Design Plan – November 13 posting. This update is from councillor Katherine Hobbs.

[Future Scott Street]

Scott Street Complete Street

December 3, 2013

Dear Residents of Hintonburg, Mechanicsville, Wellington Village and Champlain Park,

Throughout the Scott Street Community Design Plan process, I heard from hundreds of residents and while there were many opinions on other issues, people were united in their desire for a complete street for Scott Street. That’s why improving Scott Street has been identified as a community benefit priority in the Scott Street Community Design Plan to be considered by Planning Committee on December 10th.

I committed to you at our last public meeting on November 13th that I would ensure that the public benefit components, including a complete street on Scott, would become a reality, and today we took the first step toward that reality.

Today at the City’s Finance and Economic Development Committee (FEDCO), I successfully had a motion passed that will be the first step toward a complete street for Scott Street. The motion borrows $1,000,000 from the City’s Cash-in-lieu of parkland city-wide fund, to be repaid from Section 37 benefits from development in the Scott Street area. The motion had to be walked-on today because the next FEDCO meeting is not until February, and such a delay would have threatened the viability of the initiative.

The LRT will already be paying to move the poles for their detour. These funds will be used to top up the existing LRT budget to upgrade the poles to self-supporting poles, removing guy wires from the green boulevard on the north side of Scott, allowing for a safe and appropriately designed cycling track and pedestrian facilities.

This creates the necessary conditions for a complete street on Scott Street, allowing us to move forward quickly after LRT construction is complete.

I want to thank you all once again for your hours of volunteer time spent working with us on the Scott Street CDP, and I look forward to continue working with you to make the vision for this area a reality.

You can review the motion below.



Meeting on Scott Street Community Design Plan – November 13

Previously mentioned in the Scott Street CDP Presentation post.
Related city web site:

Subject: Community Meeting: TOMORROW, 3 to 8 PM – FW: Scott Street community design plan – Plan de conception communautaire de la rue Scott
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 14:33:54 +0000
From: Hobbs, Katherine <>

Dear Neighbours in Hintonburg, Mechanicsville, Wellington Village and Champlain Park,

This email is to remind you that tomorrow from 3 to 8 PM at the Hintonburg Community Centre, there will be a meeting to present the draft document of the Scott Street Community Design Plan. Duplicate presentations will be given at 4:30 and 7 PM, so please drop by when it is convenient for you.

Thanks and hope to see you there,


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November 5, 2013 / Le 5 novembre 2013

Community Meeting for the Scott Street Community Design Plan (CDP)

Your community is changing…let’s talk about it!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Hintonburg Community Centre, 1064 Wellington Street West
Extra time has been added to allow you to view the draft CDP and provide your feedback
3 to 8 p.m. with a short presentation at 4:30 p.m. and a repeat presentation at 7 p.m.

Come out to hear about the Scott Street CDP, drop by on your way home from work or in the evening. The open house will provide you with the opportunity to hear about the draft CDP and have one on one conversations with City staff and Urban Strategies Inc., the urban design consultant hired by the City of Ottawa to undertake the Scott Street CDP.

The Draft CDP
The CDP has been developing since the public meetings in May and June. In October we had a meeting to present the draft strategies for the CDP. This open house will be the release of the draft CDP.

The draft CDP will address these key issues:

  • Scott Street – the design of Scott Street after the Light Rail Transit (LRT) construction is completed
  • Tall Buildings and other uses – the location of future tall buildings and uses within the CDP area
  • Neighbourhood focus – the future of the residential neighbourhoods

No registration is required, just drop-in at any time. Accessibility is an important consideration for the City of Ottawa. If you require special accommodation, please call 3-1-1 or e-mail before the event.

For more information:

Check out the project’s website or send questions about the community meeting to or contact:

Melanie Knight, MCIP RPP
City of Ottawa
613-580-2424, ext. 28439

At any time, if you have questions about the Scott Street CDP, please contact the City’s Scott Street Community Design Plan project team at or by calling 3-1-1.

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Réunion communautaire concernant le Plan de conception communautaire (PCC) de la rue Scott

Votre communauté se transforme… parlons-en.

Mercredi 13 novembre 2013
Centre communautaire Hintonburg, 1064, rue Wellington Ouest
Du temps supplémentaire a été ajouté afin de vous permettre de consulter le PCC préliminaire et de fournir vos commentaires
de 15 h à 20 h, une brève présentation étant prévue à 16 h 30 et de nouveau à 19 h.

Venez vous renseigner au sujet du PCC de la rue Scott. Passez en rentrant chez vous ou dans la soirée. La séance portes ouvertes vous donnera l’occasion d’en apprendre davantage sur le PCC préliminaire et de discuter personnellement avec les employés de la Ville et d’Urban Strategies Inc., la société d’urbanistes-conseils dont la Ville d’Ottawa a retenu les services pour l’élaboration du PCC de la rue Scott.

La version provisoire du PCC
Le PCC est en préparation depuis les réunions publiques tenues en mai et juin derniers. En octobre, nous avons organisé une réunion pour présenter les stratégies provisoires du PCC. La diffusion du PCC préliminaire aura lieu à cette séance portes ouvertes.

La version provisoire du PCC comporte trois volets :

  • La rue Scott : la configuration de la rue Scott une fois le réseau de transport par train léger construit;
  • Les bâtiments de grande hauteur et autres utilisations : la répartition des futurs bâtiments de grande hauteur et des utilisations dans le secteur visé par le PCC;

La mise en valeur des quartiers : l’avenir des quartiers résidentiels.

Aucune inscription n’est exigée, vous pouvez vous joindre à la réunion à tout moment. L’accessibilité est une préoccupation majeure pour la Ville d’Ottawa. Si vous avez besoin d’accommodements particuliers, n’hésitez pas à composer le 3-1-1 ou à envoyer un courriel à l’adresse avant la tenue de la séance.

Renseignements complémentaires :

Consultez le site Web du projet, soumettez vos questions au sujet de la réunion communautaire à l’adresse ou communiquez avec :

Melanie Knight, MCIP, RPP
Ville d’Ottawa
613-580-2424, poste 28439

Si vous avez des questions à propos le Plan de conception communautaire de la rue Scott, veuillez communiquer avec l’équipe du projet en tout temps au ou en composant le 3-1-1.

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Please send your questions to
Vous pouvez transmettre vos questions à l’adresse

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Scott Street CDP presentation

CDP Tunneys Pasture

Suggest checkout the Scott Street Community Design Plan (CDP) presentation for more information and details on what’s being proposed in the neighbourhoods adjoining Champlain Park.

CDP Where we are in the process
The material was presented on October 9, 2013, at a public meeting, held in the Hintonburg Community Centre.

The last page of the presentation lists a number of questions which were posed at the meeting.