About us

We are a community nestled between the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway (Ottawa River) to the north,
Tunney’s Pasture to the east, Scott Street to the south, and Island Park Drive (near Champlain Bridge) to the west.



The  community consists of approximately 361 homes, with a neighborhood of over  a 1,000 residents.

Some tidbits on what’s in our neighborhood:

Our Politicial representatives

Ottawa Neighbourhood Study for Island Park
Description: Island Park is bounded by the Ottawa River on the north, Highway 417 on the south, both Parkdale Avenue (to the north of Scott Street) and Holland Avenue on the east, and Island Park Drive to the west. In 1910 the Ottawa Improvement Commission constructed Island Park Drive (then named The Ottawa Improvement Commission Driveway) as well as a series of bridges in the area which connected the Ottawa shore to the islands located between Ontario and Quebec. Those islands became known as Island Park. The grand homes located on Island Park drive today stem from a series of construction initiatives launched throughout the 1920s, depression era 1930s, and the 1940s.


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