As we continue to navigate these uncertain times, it can be overwhelming to think how we might make it through the winter season with ease and calm.

Not only does yoga and meditation help with…

  • creating space and cultivating strength in your body.

But it also helps with…

  • strengthening your ability to navigate challenging times with ease and confidence.
  • creating peaceful space amidst a busy and overthinking mind.

OUTDOOR Yoga Classes — Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for details on outdoor yoga classes being offered in Champlain Park during the warmer months!

FREE Yoga Classes:

Yoga with Carolynne YouTube Channel

In this channel you will gain the tools, knowledge, and confidence to practice yoga no matter your size, age, or ability to touch your toes.

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LIVE Virtual Yoga Classes:


The winter season can be a dark and challenging time. The air is cold, the days are short, and the “winter blues” is a real thing.

That’s why Yoga with Carolynne has put together these nurturing and cozy weekly yoga classes to help you find peace and comfort during this season.

All bodies, mobilities levels, and abilities are welcome!

  • MONDAYS: HATHA Yoga // Nurture through Movement
  • WEDNESDAYS: YIN Yoga // Nurture through Stillness

All classes are offered LIVE on ZOOM.

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Meet Carolynne!

Carolynne teaches yoga students how to find more comfort and presence in life through the lessons of gentle Hatha and yin yoga, no matter your shape or ability to touch your toes!

With her 200-hour Kripalu Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Yoga for All certifications, she strives to create a fun and relaxed environment, while offering as many variations and modifications possible to make your body feel welcome and comfortable.

She’s passionate about bringing yoga to those who think they don’t fit the mold of those who can benefit from the practice.

Everybody is welcome to her classes, no matter what size, age, or physical ability you are.