Rink is Ready!

Will be even slipperier with today’s freezing rain 🙂

Here’s the message Matt posted on Facebook this morning:

[Side view across the boards of the rink's ice and Carleton avenue]

All three surfaces are now open!

Some caution is required as the ice is in fair condition. A couple of days of skating should smooth out most of the bumps. There are also a couple of ice chippers available for chipping away any bumps.

A big thank you to the volunteer crew for putting the surfaces together in just 5 days.

As a reminder, more frequent updates will be provided on the CP Outdoor Rink group:

Hockey now allowed on the Rink

An update on our Rink page https://champlainpark.org/park/the-rink/

Important notice – Provincial Shutdown Update – Outdoor Rinks

On Tuesday February 16th, 2021, the Government of Ontario is moving Ottawa to the orange level of restriction. The main difference at Champlain Park is that team sports (hockey) is now allowed, with restrictions.

Although outdoor skating is permitted, there are restrictions and requirements that must be adhered to:

  • There is a requirement to wear masks within 15 meters of the rink.
  • A maximum of 25 skaters permitted on boarded rinks.
  • A maximum of 12 skaters on puddle rinks.
  • Maintain a 2 meter physical distance between those residing in different households.

The orange level of restriction does allow for game play to resume and indoor facilities to be open for purposes beyond washroom and first aid use. Therefore, effective Tuesday February 16th, the following allowances will be implemented within the outdoor rink program:

  • Hockey, ringette and other game play activity will be permitted on the rinks with the requirement for those from different households to maintain a 2 meter physical distance.
  • Indoor facilities will be open for washroom use, first aid requirements, warming and skate changing (health screening must be completed before entering the facility) – may not be available at Champlain Park.

Public requests for ice time permits will continue to be forwarded to the rink operators. The restrictions for hockey or ringette apply to permit requests as well.

Please let your Rink Supervisors know if you have any specific questions pertaining to your rink: Contact Matt @ ChamplainParkRink@gmail.com

Rink Finally Iced Up!

Just a quick note to say the rink is now iced up and fully open as of this morning. We have three areas – the hockey rink inside the boards, a circular skating loop rink outside the boards and a “puddle” rink over the baseball diamond.

[Rink Ice being Flooded]

Thanks to the team of volunteers for getting it into shape, lead by Matt.

Be aware of the city COVID rules, rough summary: masks required and distancing (crowd limits too) and no team sports.

– Alex

Outdoor Rink during COVID Lockdown

Important notice – Provincial Shutdown Update – Outdoor Rinks

On Monday December 21st, the Government of Ontario announced a province-wide shutdown effective Saturday, December 26th. Additional public health measures include the closure of all indoor and outdoor sports and recreational facilities with limited exceptions until Saturday, January 23, 2021.

City of Ottawa Seasonal Recreation confirmed that the outdoor rink program is permitted to proceed within the shutdown regulations.

Details are available at https://files.ontario.ca/moh-provincewide-shutdown-en-2020-12-22.pdf.

Although outdoor skating is permitted, there are restrictions and requirements that must be adhered to:

– Any person who enters or uses the [outdoor rink] maintains a physical distance of at least two metres from other persons using the [outdoor rink] (excluding members of the same household). Seasonal Recreation is in the process of updating signage for the rinks to ensure this information is prominently displayed for rink users.

– Team sports, or other sports or games where people may come within two metres of each other, are not practiced or played within the [outdoor rink].

  • This means that hockey and ringette are not permitted within the current restrictions. Goal nets will not be provided at rinks to support the implementation of this restriction

– Any locker rooms, change rooms, showers and clubhouses remain closed, except to the extent they provide access to equipment storage, a washroom or a portion of the amenity that is used to provide first aid.

  • Skaters are required to change their skates outside.
  • Where washrooms are available, anyone who is entering the building to use them must adhere to the City of Ottawa’s Mandatory Mask By-Law.
  • The indoor space can also be used for first aid treatment, if there is a risk of frostbite, or if you are concerned about the cold weather affecting a participant at your rink. Again, the City of Ottawa Mandatory Mask By-Law must be followed.
  • Indoor spaces should have high touch point areas cleaned frequently. This includes door-knobs and counter tops.

Public requests for ice time permits will continue to be forwarded to the rink operators. The restrictions for hockey or ringette apply to permit requests as well.

Please let your Rink Supervisors know if you have any specific questions pertaining to your rink at email Matt @ ChamplainParkRink@gmail.com

Remic Beach Ice Pond

From Daniel Buckles:

Dan Wilcock (resident RiverKeeper representative), and others know how to make the most of water and ice on Remic Beach in our neighbourhood. A nature-based rink along the Ottawa river, with a great photo featured on CBC News:


Rink – Call for Support

Champlain Park Outdoor Rink – call for community support!

Hello Champlain Park residents and friends,

We’re happy to let you know that the Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) will be taking on the task of building and maintaining the Champlain Park outdoor rink for the 2020 season. A huge thanks to our neighbours, Matt Karam and Paul O’Blenes, who have volunteered as rink coordinators this year!

We have already received interest from community members to assist with the rink, but we will need all the help we can get for rink maintenance. Maintenance needs will be a mix of regularly scheduled tasks, as well as ad hoc calls for help, depending on weather events and conditions (such as shoveling snow before a thaw or small frequent clearings during a blizzard). A large volunteer network will help ensure we maximize the number of days the rink is open. We are eager to begin building the rink as soon as the weather permits, hopefully around mid-December.

In terms of COVID countermeasures, the City will be posting signage at all outdoor rinks this winter, reminding skaters to maintain 2 metres distance and specifying gathering limits, based on allowances that apply at the time. Please note that in light of the current public health conditions, the CPCA will not be taking on the responsibility to provide either public access to the Fieldhouse changerooms, or supervised rink hours. However, a special thank you goes to St. George School, who graciously donated three benches which will be available outdoors to put on and take off skates.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with maintenance, please email Matt at ChamplainParkRink@gmail.com. We would also welcome students looking to fulfill their community hour requirements.

Looking forward to a happy and safe winter on the Champlain Park ODR!

Dan Wilcock

Rink Shovelling Needed!

Subject: Help with snow from storm Champlain Rink
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2020 13:44:26 +0000
From: Jason I <jason_ilacqua@hotmail.com>

The snow plow was able to remove a lot of snow from the big storm we had. He was able to remove a lot of the snow but he’s having issues with the large snow banks along the boards. He’s heading back to the rink but we need your help.

Anyone that is available this morning to help push the snow off the boards or has a snowblower available we would greatly appreciate all the help we can get.

The plow is heading to the rink this morning so please let me know if you can help out.


Jason Ilacqua.

Community Bonfire – February 22

Champlain Park Community Bonfire 2020

When: Saturday, February 22nd, 3-5pm
Where: North End of Champlain Park

Bonfire Panorama.

3rd Annual SJAM bonfire will be lit, Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 ; 3 – 5pm

For the last two years, our community bonfires have been a roaring success! Once again, you are invited out of hibernation on Saturday, Feb. 22 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. to meet around a neighbourly bonfire at the edge of the SJAM Trail. Come for a skate on the Champlain Park outdoor rink, or a XC ski or fatbike on the SJAM trail — and warm up with a hot drink around the bonfire. A City of Ottawa open-air fire permit will be secured once again for this event and the burning spot will be at the north end of Champlain Park, near the link with the NCC woods.
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