Garage Sale – June 4

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Kitchissippi Community-wide Garage Sale on Saturday June 4 2022

Start getting those treasures ready!

The annual community-wide garage sale is just around the corner, which is exactly where you hope all those treasures will end up!

The sale generally begins at 8 a.m. and usually winds up about 1 p.m.

Rain date is Sunday June 5.

Residents of other community associations in Kitchissippi Ward will be holding their sale on the same day.

[Poster for the Garage Sale]

Please also considered donating a portion of your proceeds to the charity of your choice.

Leftover treasures

Should you have any leftover gems, keep in mind that the following weekend is not Ottawa’s Spring Give Away Weekend (the city has discontinued it). Though you may still put things out on the afternoon of the sale and mark them as Free, or use one of the matchmaking services to find someone who wants your items.

Blood Moon Viewing – May 15

Blood Moon Viewing

  • At Champlain Park (NCC woods end, former Pontiac Street)
  • Sunday, May 15 (10pm – midnight, weather permitting) to view the total lunar eclipse.

This is a free event. You do not need to bring anything but your curiosity, and perhaps a folding chair. You are of course welcome to bring a telescope or binoculars and snacks. Don Monet will set up his 8 inch Ritchy-Cretien telescope which will be open to all on site. The actual eclipse is total by 11:30 it lasts this way until 1 am. This is the longest total lunar eclipse that Canadians have been able to see in 15 years. Astronomers call it the Blood Moon because when it is eclipsed by our earth shadow it is still visible, but turns a darkish red colour, due to the many sunsets surrounding the earth that collectively shine their colour on the eclipsed moon. Hope to see you there!

[Blood Moon 2021 Painting by Don Monet]

Don Monet
Cowley Ave.

Spring Cleanup 2022 Wrapup

The 2022 Spring Clean Up was once again a great success with nearly 50 participants! Folks had lots of fun collecting trash to keep the neighbourhood clean while chatting with friends and neighbours and enjoying some delicious doughnuts!

We would like to address a heartfelt thank you to every one who contributed by showing up on Saturday morning despite the cool grey day to volunteer, give out gloves and garbage bags and build community spirit. We would also like to thank the Champlain Park Community Association for funding the snacks.

Wishing everyone a happy spring,

Kris, Eirene and Nick

Spring Cleanup 2022 – April 23

Time to limber up and to get ready to stoop, scoop, lunge and squat our way to a cleaner community!

It’s a great way to get some exercise and help make our neighbourhood beautiful at the same time.

When: Saturday April 23rd (in case of rain Saturday April 30th)

Where: meet outside the Champlain Park fieldhouse at 10am and pick up a garbage bag and gloves. We’ll also provide snacks to tide you over!

What: Choose a part of the neighbourhood and pick up any garbage you see and make our neighbourhood clean and beautiful. Dispose of the garbage bag with your normal household garbage/recycling/composting.

For posts about Spring Cleanups, see Category: Spring Cleanup

[Cleanup Poster]
Spring cleanup CPCA.pdf

Spring Cleanup 2022 Coming Soon – April 23

Neighbourhood Spring Clean-Up 2022 is Coming!

Time to limber-up, and to get ready to stoop, scoop, lunge, and squat our way to a cleaner community. What a great way to get some exercise and to help make our neighbourhood beautiful at the same time.

Planning is underway for Champlain Park to host the return of the “Cleaning the Capital Program”.

The date for the event is being planned for April 23rd, with a rain date of April 30th, so mark your calendars!

More details for Champlain Park’s activity will follow in the coming days, but if you want to learn more about the overall program please visit:

In the meantime, while we await the return of this community-wide program, everyone is encouraged to do their part, at their own pace, in cleaning-up their piece of our little oasis here in the heart of Ottawa. If you see some trash around your home or on your street, just pick it up and dispose of it in your regularly scheduled garbage collection, or in the public bins.

So stay tuned, and we’ll get you more information soon about our rendition of Ottawa’s “Cleaning the Capital Program”.

Holiday House Decoration Winner

CPCA Holiday Decorating Contest Winner

We are happy to announce that 234 Cowley won the Champlain Park Holiday House Decorating Contest for the second time yet! It was indeed very hard to beat: the front lawn was decorated with snowmen and nutcrackers and strings of colorful lights. Brightly lit wire candy canes hung on the shrub down the driveway, demonstrating the effort put in by the deserving winners on this amazing display. All storeys of the house, along with the garage and the porch, were also festively decorated in the same manner, delighting most passersby.

We thank all those who participated in the contest, both by decorating their house and by voting for their favorite. You truly contributed to sharing the holiday spirit during these unprecedented times.

We would also like to congratulate the deserving winners. They have won a $50 gift certificate good at a Wellington West business of their choice generously donated by the Wellington West BIA.

Thanks again and happy holidays!!

Eirene and Nick

Champlain Park Chess Tournament

Join the 2nd annual tournament of the Champlain Park Chess League for the winter/spring. A ladder format will be used, so sign up, then challenge a neighbour to a virtual game of online chess (many online sites exist) and move up the ladder ranking. Top four players will then play off in the spring to crown the champion. Congrats to Andrew O. who won last year!

To sign up, email Nick at


  • To move up the ladder you can challenge any player up to 4 ranks above you or anyone anywhere below you. If you win you switch ranks with them on the ladder.
  • To challenge someone, send them an email and choose your chess online website to play (i.e. You can choose to play with time limits or not or any other format agreed upon by both players. If there is no agreement then the higher ranked player chooses the format. If the opposing player does not play their turn within 5 days then they default the game (unless both sides agreed to take a break).
  • Each player can only play one game at a time and can turn down challenges without penalty if they are playing someone else.
  • If someone is not playing anyone and turns down 3 challenges in a row then they automatically go to the bottom of the ladder.
  • Top four ranked players in the ladder who have played at least 5 games on May 1 will play a tournament. Format will be #1 plays #4 and #2 plays #3 – in a one-game winner goes to final format. Final 2 winners play each other in a best of 3 final tournament (first one who wins 2 games). The winner of the best of 3 final is crowned the Champlain Park Chess Champion of 2022!