Volunteer Project activity procedures

CPCA Enviro Committee

Volunteer Project activity procedures for working on National Capital Commission (NCC) and City of Ottawa properties

Project Coordinator

First need to request volunteers complete the appropriate project teams Registration and Activity Disclaimer Form and retain an email copy for their records

The Projects activity must have been approved by the CPCA board for insurance liability coverage purposes

Volunteer Projects on National Capital Commission (NCC) properties

For projects in the NCC Woodlands the Project Coordinator will also require to have a copy of the NCC’s Land Access Permit (LAP) #19937-x on them in person, to meet the NCC’s LAP permit conditions

Volunteer Projects on City of Ottawa properties

For projects in the Littlewoods / Other City properties within the Champlain Park the Project Coordinator will also require copy of the City’s signed and completed City Consent form on them in person

Advising CPCA Enviro Committee

Project Coordinators must notify the appropriate Project Chair/Co-Chairs of any entries by volunteers onto City or NCC properties who will be participating in any project related activity work.

This can be done with quick email or text on the day of, no response back is required, this is for only notification and awareness purposes. Primarily for the Project Chair/Co-Chairs awareness as to whats going on in case they are contacted directly by the property owner

Project Coordinator delegates

The above procedures would also apply if the Project Coordinator delegates their role to one or more volunteer team members when they can’t be present at a work site

i.e. when a delegated volunteer team member is entering and working on the property without the Project Coordinator being present, but with their prior approval

Project Reporting

As part of project reporting and tracking of volunteer work effort, please provide if possible before and after pictures of the project work site, with location details, brief description of work and the estimated volunteer time. Please pass this information on to the Project Coordinator.

Thanks for volunteering!


Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) Enviro Committee