SJAM Winter Trail Fundraising Update

Update by Dovercourt Recreation Association
October 30, 12:59 PM

Just under $200 to reach our $17,500 goal and then its the home stretch! We are planning on some exciting partnership activities with the The Canadian War Museum and the SJAM Winter Trail is the perfect way to get there including their onsite licensed cafe! Please help us finish by sharing this with your friends and family. We’re almost there!

For more information and a great video click here. Project’s regular web site is

Background: Fundraiser for New Ottawa River Winter Trail Project

Winter Trail Progress as of 20161030

  • 16 km trail network that extends along 6 km of beautiful Ottawa River shoreline.
    • From: Canadian War Museum in the East.
    • To: Dominion Station in the West.
    • Along the way: Westboro Beach, Island Park, Champlain Park forest trails, Remic Park, Lemieux Island crossing, Prince of Wales train bridge.
  • All winter long: 3-4 grooming sessions a week from first snow to spring melt.
  • Professional standard: main trails will feature parallel machine-groomed classic ski tracks with firm-packed “cordouroy” centre.
  • Multi-use: suitable for skiing skate-skiing, walking, running, fat-tire cycling.
  • Side trails: Smaller trails will snake through scenic parks and forests, and connect the trail with side trails, access points, and transit.
  • FREE for the public to use! No permits required. Just strap on your skis and go!
  • We’ve already done it! Our February 2016 pilot project was a runaway hit; we counted 216 trail users in just one hour!
  • We’ve got permission to do it again! The National Capital Commission has given us the go-ahead and support needed for us to use their land for at least the next 3-5 years!

To make this happen, the organizers have to show solid community backing for the project. Which means at least 1/3 of their costs have to be covered by fund-raising campaigns like this one – with the rest coming from sponsors, grants, and government. Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation: will help them buy, maintain, and fuel their grooming machine, and pay their trail groomer for the first season. Then, if they do very well, your funds will begin to cover the next few years as well.

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  1. Looks like they made it! Here’s the tweet:

    SJAM Winter Trail @SJAMWinterTrail

    To all the donors, #ottawa #ottcity #ottnews #xcski. Thank you for believing in the @SJAMWinterTrail. We can now make this project real.

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