Report on January 17th Environmental Initiatives Meeting

Report on Environmental Initiatives Meeting – January 17

The Environment Committee of the Champlain Park Community Association met with interested residents at the Field House on Thursday, January 17. There were 16 people at the meeting engaged in informative discussions and amicable debates about steps we are taking together to foster sustainable living in a healthy urban environment (the Committee mission). Follow this link to the Environment Committee page for detail.

Daniel Buckles and Adrian Bradley, Co-chairs, Environment Committee

Jane’s Walk about Local Oak Trees – May 6

Debra Huron writes:

Hug one of our community’s heritage bur oaks this weekend as part of the city’s annual Jane’s Walk. Here are details

We will visit six majestic bur oak trees that will be coming into leaf. Learn how Champlain Park ‘hood has managed to get a provincial designation for these heritage trees—to date, the only such designations in Ottawa. Discuss and strategize on ways to ensure heritage trees and all our natural heritage are recognized by the City of Ottawa as it reviews its tree by-law in 2018.

Heritage Oaks and you!

New to the neighbourhood? Or do you have a new neighbour?

Perhaps the front yard in a new home in our neighbourhood would be an excellent host for a heritage oak sapling from one of our very own Champlain Oaks.

The parent trees are Bur Oaks that pre-date Confederation, and preserve the genetic code of generations of local Bur Oaks dating back to the retreat of the last Ice Age some 10,000 years ago. Sites with no hydro wires immediately above them are becoming rare in the neighbourhood, and some offer an opportunity to re-establish these important forest genes.

Play a part in keeping Champlain Park a community where trees with scope and majestic beauty have a place not only in the present but also for future generations.

Bur Oak images

For a special Heritage Oak sapling and tips on planting contact Daniel Buckles (613-722-8048).

Check out the indoor and outdoor installations at the Fieldhouse and the blog of the Champlain Oaks Project  for more information.

Don’t miss the unveiling of indoor and outdoor installations at fieldhouse

2013-12-21 Indoor outdoor installation fieldhouse

Please mark your calendars for an exciting community event
When :   Saturday Dec. 21, 2013
Time:      11 a.m. to Noon
Where:  Champlain Park Fieldhouse

Plan to be part of the unveiling of two installations that celebrate the links between trees and people in Champlain Park.

All are welcome!

City Councillor, Katherine Hobbs will be on hand to unveil an outdoor installation and an indoor display.

Family fun! Hot drinks and food! Art projects!
Put yourself on a timeline of residents in the ‘hood!

See the attached PDF poster and spread the word.

Sponsors: Champlain Oaks Project
and Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA)

All are Welcome! National Tree Day in the Park

Wednesday September 25th, is National Tree Day

Here is the announcement for an early evening event planned for Champlain Park to celebrate our bur oaks, their acorns, and the trees’ links to social history.

Please see The Champlain Oaks Project for more details:

This event will only occur if we have clear skies on Wednesday since it is planned as an OUTDOOR event and we do not have access to the fieldhouse.

All are welcome! We will have hot drinks, including hot chocolate, on hand. And we are lining up some special guests from outside the neighbourhood.

Recent Mailing List Activity – Bur Oaks, Bus Frequency

There’s been a recent burst of activity in the mailing list. One topic is the lack of 151 bus trips during rush hour when kids need to get to school (Fisher Park in this case). The other recent topic is about the bur oaks planted earlier on Northwestern being threatened by construction (they’ve been marked with a pylon and one was moved).

More about the mailing list here.

Plans finalized for bur oak planting on September 26

Dear friends and neighbours,

Please visit the Champlain Oaks site for details on this year’s event to celebrate National Tree Day.

You are invited to help The Champlain Oaks celebrate bur oaks on National Tree Day.
This year’s event–to be held between 10 a.m. and noon on Weds. Sept. 26–will involve about 70 students from St. George’s Elementary School on Keyworth Ave.

For more information: