Copyright Fees for Media used in Community Events

Please see the note, below, regarding the licensing requirements for movie presentation events and the attached Quote Request.

Please also click on the link to the Copyright Board of Canada’s list of Copyright Collective Societies which grant permission to use audiovisual and multimedia copyrighted materials. Anyone who wishes to hold an event that entails showing or performing copyrighted material, should find out in advance if they need a license to do so.

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Sent: 22/08/2013 9:34:40 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Copyright Reminder for Movie Events


This is just a reminder that all indoor/outdoor community movie presentation events taking place must be licensed with a rights representative such as Audio Cine Films Inc. This applies even if movies are shown freely or have been purchased in stores. Numerous municipalities and community associations across Ontario present “movies in the park” during the summer, and ALL of these have to be properly licensed.

Additional information may be obtained from THE COPYRIGHT BOARD OF CANADA –

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2013 Outdoor-Indoor Movie Quote Request.pdf
Outdoor-Indoor Movie Quote Request.pdf