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Neighbourhood Activities Suspended due to Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all of CPCA’s usual activities that involve close contact between people (fieldhouse bookings, social activities, membership drive, spring clean-up, face to face meetings, etc.), have been temporarily suspended.

Some of our Board members continue to safely carry out routine administrative tasks and attend virtual meetings (FCA, City Committees, and other groups we are involved with).

We are monitoring public health advice as the pandemic evolves, and will keep you informed via the website and notifications of any updates and changes related to our operations.

Thanks to everyone in the community for your patience and the co-operative efforts we see as people retain physical distancing while still enjoying being out and about in our neighbourhood.

Signed the CPCA Board

HNTF Update for 2020-05-11

Here are a few fact sheets from the Human Needs Task Force, created by the City of Ottawa to help with the COVID-19 emergency. This week’s update (possibly there will be an update each week, let us know in the comments if it becomes too much or is too little) has the following documents:

  1. The ‘Who to Call’ document helps residents to differentiate between 211, 311 and 911. As you will see, this document is available in several languages.
  2. The Mental Health Resources for Seniors was created by our partners at Ottawa Public Health and has been shared during outreach efforts in Ottawa Community Housing buildings across the city
  3. The Food Fact Sheet offers a list of resources to support those who are, or may know someone who is, needing to access food

[Who to Call Poster]
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Ottawa Public Health Messages

A few messages from Ottawa Public Health on what to do during the pandemic… Continue reading

Calls for Volunteers

We have several places for you to volunteer to help your neighbours: our councillor Jeff Leiper’s list, and now the Volunteer Ottawa / Champlain Community Support Network list (supported by the City of Ottawa, the Ottawa Community Foundation and United Way East Ontario).

Jeff’s latest message:
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Royal Ottawa Hospital Webcast – April 9

From: Sue Walton <Sue.Walton@theroyal.ca>
Date: April 8, 2020 at 9:48 AM
Subject: Special Conversations at The Royal – Live Webcast with Dr. Lau – Building resiliency in times of uncertainty – conquering COVID’s emotional contagion.
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Virtual Town Hall on COVID-19 – April 9

Join the virtual town hall on COVID-19 in Ottawa

The City of Ottawa is holding a virtual town hall on COVID-19 in Ottawa on Thursday, April 9 at 2 pm.

All residents are invited to join us for an update on urgent community issues and answers to your questions about the COVID-19 pandemic. To maintain physical distancing and reduce the spread of the virus, this meeting will take place online.
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Dogs MUST be on Leashes – Reminder

Reminder – Dogs MUST be on Leashes at all times.

Message from the Champlain Park Community Association

City of Ottawa bylaws and rules established by the National Capital Commission require dog owners to keep their dog on a leash at all times while in our neighbourhood. This applies to streets, to the Champlain Woods and to the Tunney’s Pasture parking lot, where dogs must also be on leashes at all times. The Park in our community is designated as a “No Dogs allowed” space, as is Remic Beach.
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