Rosemount Library – Let Champlain Park’s voice, YOUR voice be heard!

Rosemount Library is the second most used library per sq/ft of all 32 branches AND has been the #1 branch priority for the Ottawa Public Library for three years. Yet, other libraries lower on the list have had expansions and redevelopments. Now is a critical time for Rosemount, especially with all the surrounding development that is occurring.

READ (Rosemount Expansion and Development) is a group of local volunteers throughout Rosemount’s catchment area that want to support Rosemount Library. We are working closely with library staff and with politicians at various levels of government on this issue.

We encourage you to have your voice be heard in a few key ways:

1. Have your say in the vision!

Participate in the community consultation upcoming in March and April

Absolutely EVERYONE is welcome!

What would you like to see in a redeveloped Rosemount Branch?
Dates, times and Details available at

2. Sign the Letter of Support for Rosemount

Every name on the letter of support matters. Take two minutes to add yours at

3. Spread the word

Tell your neighbours, friends, and community connections about Rosemount’s current status and the consultation process.
· Facebook:
· Twitter: READRosemount
· Website: (this includes why the library needs updating!)

For more details please view the PDF flyer version for this great cause!

Premiere Ave at Carleton Ave loses a big tree to development

The intersection of Carleton Avenue at Scott Street is a main gateway to our community, for pedestrians and vehicles alike. For more than a year many of us have watched with vigilance as two new houses have gone up at the corner of Carleton & Premiere Avenues.

What will happen with the two majestic silver maples on the property, we wondered? The community association diligently cajoled the developer into promising to retain and protect these two trees, in exchange for their support for the variances required. Many visits by forestry services and discussions with the developer about keeping machinery away and minimizing excavation ensued. As construction drew to a close it seemed the trees would survive, to provide relief and life next to the tall exterior of the buildings. More than a year of effort and worry seemed to be behind us.

This week the tree in the backyard of the property was severely damaged by new excavation on either side of the vital roots. Two pits, one on each side of the silver maple’s majestic trunk, may be designed for hot tubs. (See photographs of the backyard tree with one of the 5 ft deep pits in foreground).


Forestry Services has concluded that the new excavations have destabilized the tree to such an extent that it is a safety hazard and will need to be removed. The developer will be charged with violating the Urban Tree Conservation By-law (damage to a distinctive tree).

This is something but is it enough? Not when our community once again loses something that makes it a unique and desirable place to live: a really big tree. They are falling one by one. A main gateway to our community will never again be graced with anything so lovely as a healthy, thriving silver maple tree. We mourn its loss.

–submitted by Daniel Buckes & Debra Huron
The Champlain Oaks project reported on and chronicled the demise of this tree during 2014:

Infill II By-Law Proposal Update

Infill 2 By-Law Update, 22 Feb 2015 for Champlain Park website

Heather Pearl and CoChair1, CPCA Co-Chairs, have been involved over the last several months in some multi-community discussions on the Infill 2 By-Law proposal (see CPCA website links to summary meeting notes at the bottom of this message). They also attended an information session offered by the Planning Department on Jan. 15.

Here are links from the City’s website to pertinent information on the proposed By-Law changes, which deal with height, massing, rear and side yards:

The provisions can be found at this link:

Other info can be found at this link:

We would like to draw your attention in particular to the discussion of “equitable massing”. This issue and related FCA resolutions (supported by CPCA) are described in Attachment 1 “Height and Equitable Massing” from the FCA Infill 2 Working Group’s Feb. 5 meeting notes. The CPCA executive has also voted to support the FCA resolutions.

The working group discussions highlighted the fact that each community’s character and development history affect their response to the Infill 2 By-law proposal. CoChair1 and Heather recently met with Councillor Jeff Leiper to discuss options that are appropriate and achievable for our community, including height reductions to 8.5 metres for both the R1 and the R2. We will be following up with Jeff and with the Planning Department. The Planning Department has a deadline of Feb. 27 for comments. Our letter will be posted.

Here are the documents related to the Infill 2 By-Law proposal that is scheduled to be heard at Planning Committee on April 14. The first attachment is a summary (the main text of this post). The other documents contain supplementary information related to multi-community discussions between community association planning and zoning reps.

Infill 2 By-Law Update 22Feb2015.pdf
150205 Final FCA Infill 2 Meeting Notes.pdf
150205 Final Attachment 1 Height and Equitable Massing.pdf
150205 Final Attachment 2 Projections Above Height.pdf
150205 Final Attachment 3 Corner Lots Provision.pdf
FCA Infill 2 WG MeetingNotes18Jan2015.pdf
Infill II Meeting Synopsis 150121.pdf
Presentation Flat vs Sloped 1412040001.pdf

Champlain Park Front and Corner Side Yard Set-backs

See the previous post for details about the set-back zoning ammendments. There’s also a next post about what happened.

Subject: Zoning: Champlain Park Front and Corner Side Yard
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2014 01:01:09 +0000
From: CoChair1

Please see attachment for July 8 Planning Committee Agenda containing Item 15, Omnibus zoning amendments. The report includes proposed changes to Champlain Park Front and Corner Side Yard Set-back from the current 3 metres to 6 metres and 4.5 metres respectively. This change reflects the actual built form of the neighbourhood, and returns the set-backs to pre-2009 values, thus correcting an anomaly in the subzone specifications.

Champlain Park Front Yard Set Back 8 July 2014
Champlain Park Front Yard Set Back 8 July 2014.pdf

Omnibus Zoning Amendment Update

See the previous post for details about the set-back zoning ammendments. There is also a newer post about the same topic.

The Champlain Park Community Association supports the intent of this zoning amendment.

We have been discussing further clarification to the phrase “in a portion of Champlain Park” to confirm the exact boundaries for the amendment (for example exclusion of the park and minor institutional subzones).

On January 26, 2014, the Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) executive passed the following motion:

Motion: The executive of the Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) approves of the proposal to re-designate the Champlain Park sub-zones (R2D and R1P) from the current 3 metre front yard set-back to a revised 6 metre set-back and gives consent to the City of Ottawa to proceed with this initiative.

Clarification regarding side yard set-back associated with the 6 metre front yard set-back was received after this motion was passed, and is also supported as per the proposed amendment listed above.

  • We have had further communication with the Planning department on this matter.
  • The item is not going to Planning Committee until July 8. The Councillors will vote on the matter; Councillor Hobbs has indicated that she will support this.
  • We have confirmed that in most cases the front yard set-back averaging provisions (average of front yard set-backs of one property abutting on each side of the new infill) will be used. This has resulted in around a 6 metre set-back for most of the proposals that were introduce after May 2012 when the “infill” by-law came into effect.
  • The revision in the omnibus will come into play only where the By-Law 2012-147 (current and revised version that will come into effect once approved at the OMB) references the “underlying zone provisions”. However, the revision is important because it improves the interaction with By-Law 2012-147 in those specific cases.

Questions can be addressed to CoChair1 or

Zoning Study on Local Shops and Services

There is an update in a future post.

Subject: Local Commercial Study – City of Ottawa
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 17:12:12 +0000

Good afternoon,

The Zoning Consistency Team from the Planning & Growth Management Department (City of Ottawa) is pleased to announce a new zoning study regarding local commercial shops and services.

All registered community groups from the study area (Wards 12, 13,14,15,17 and 18) are receiving notice through this e-mail and I invite you to review the details of the study and participate through the online questionnaire in the website identified below. Please feel free to forward this e-mail to any interested parties.

Zoning Study on Local Shops and Services in Residential Neighbourhoods

Is there a corner store or shop in your neighbourhood?

Would it be convenient to have a neighbourhood store providing goods and services in your community?

Online questionnaire

We want to hear your views on this important zoning study that will determine appropriate locations for local commercial zoning within existing residential neighbourhoods.

Existing small shops, such as convenience stores, barbers, laundromats, florists and cafés, are often located in residential areas. Current zoning may not permit these businesses beyond what currently exists. This study will consider rezoning these sites, where appropriate, to permit the businesses to continue to contribute to their community.

The study will also consider possible new locations for, scale of, and provisions for, neighbourhood-focused commercial uses that might fall between a home-based business and a full-fledged retail store.

You are encouraged to visit the website at for more information, and to provide your views through an online questionnaire from November 21, 2013 to January 31, 2014.

Your participation is an integral part of this study.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or comments.

Best regards,

Andrew McCreight MCIP, RPP
Zoning, Intensification and Neighbourhoods Unit
Planning and Growth Management, City of Ottawa
110 Laurier Ave West | 4th Floor | Ottawa, ON | K1P 1J1
(t) 613.580.2424 x22568
(f) 613.580.2459

Tunney’s Pasture Master Plan Info Session – November 27

Sent: 19/11/2013 7:50:14 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Tunney’s Pasture Master Plan – Public Information Session on Preferred Development Option

To: Champlain Park Community Association
Attn: Heather Pearl/ CoChair1

This is an invitation for you and members of your association to attend an upcoming public information session on the Tunney’s Pasture master plan. The purpose of this session is twofold: to present the preferred development option for the master plan and to receive public feedback. To be held as an open house format, members of the public can attend at a time convenient to them, as follows:

Date: Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Time: 5 – 8 p.m.
Place: Conference Room, Jean Talon Building, 1st Floor, 170 Tunney’s Pasture Driveway, Ottawa

Newspaper ads will be published in the Citizen, Le Droit and Kitchissippi Times to inform the public of this event, but please feel free to extend this invitation to others through your community contacts. Free parking will be available after 4:30 p.m. in the parking lot situated between Parkdale Avenue and the Jean Talon Building.

Thank you,

Scott Manning, MCIP, RPP
Principal Portfolio Urban Planner/ Urbaniste principal du portefeuille
Development & Urban Planning/ Développement et urbanisme
Strategic Portfolio Planning/ Planification stratégique du portefeuille
NCA Portfolio Management/ Gestion du portefeuille de la RCN
Real Property Branch/ Direction générale des biens immobiliers
(819) 956-6323

153 Carleton Development Proposal – November 11th Meeting

This matter continues on from the September 11th meeting.

From: CoChair1
Subject: 153 Carleton Development Proposal
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2013 02:22:31 +0000

The owner has requested a meeting with the neighbours.  There was a previous community meeting with the architect, who presented the proposal.

Date of next meeting: Monday November 11
Time: 8 PM
Place: Champlain Park Fieldhouse, corner of Cowley and Clearview (in the park)

Attached is the Committee of Adjustment Notice and an image of the proposed semi-detached on a 47 X 100 foot lot (permission given to us by architect to distribute).  Full plans available from architect.

The hearing is November 20 at 1 PM.  Details are in the notice re: meeting times and where to send letters.

We will write a letter and make a 5 minute presentation at the hearing.  We will provide you with a copy when it is written.

We encourage the neighbours to participate.

How you can participate:

  1. Write a letter to the Committee of Adjustment to indicate your position. Letters are due 5 days before the hearing. We would appreciate it if you could e-mail a copy of your letter to us.
  2. Attend the hearing.  It’s important to have some neighbours there to respond to questions from the panel members and also to indicate that there is interest in the community. We would appreciate it if you could let us know if you plan to attend.

CPCA contact information: CoChair1
Other development committee members listed in the cc. line.
Blind cc’d to neighbours and property owner of 153 Carleton

COA Notice 153 Carleton.pdf
COA Notice 153 Carleton.pdf

153 Carleton Image for Meeting Notice.jpeg