Trimming help wanted with SJAM Winter Trail within our forest

Looking for volunteers who would be able to help in trimming small bushes and branches along the proposed 2016 Winter trail within the NCC forest. This forest trail will be joining up with the main Sir John A. MacDonald (SJAM) Winter trail network which be running along the SJAM Parkway.

2016 Proposed SJAM Winter Trail within the NCC – Champlain Park forest area

If you can help with the trimming of buckthorn bushes and small branches along the edges of the proposed Winter trail in the NCC forest please send your email to with your contact information and you will be added to a mail listing.  This list will be used to contact volunteers with dates and times for trimming parties.  If you are available, your help will be greatly appreciated.

We plan to start trimmings on Sat Oct 22 weekend and continue with additional weekend mornings over the next few weeks as required.

Please contact Adrian Bradley is you have any questions: 613-722-2248;

Project Details

Work involved
– trimming back buckthorn brushes at base where possible
– trimming over head branches of bushes
– trimming over head branches of small trees
– placing and spreading all trimmings flat on the forest floor away from the trail (as there will be no chipping provided).  Placed so they don’t stick up for safety purposes

– No mechanical equipment will be used
– Only manual garden tools will be used. i.e. Small garden saws and garden clippers.
– Volunteers asked to provide their on equipment, suggest wear garden gloves and safety glasses

– Will be staring late-October 2016
– We expect trimmings to take place at various times over a 3 week period

Steps for this Project Activity:
– All volunteers will be asked to sign our waiver form when they sign up as volunteers

Benefits: The trimming of Buckthorn bushes and small over-hanging branches along the edges of the proposed Winter trail in the NCC Forest is to ensure the accessibility and safety of all users of the trail.  This work has been coordinated with agreement between the NCC, Nakkertok and the CPCA’s sponsored activity approval.

Other Trail related

 SJAM Winter Trail grooming fund

If you wish to contribute, any amount however small would be most welcome!
For donation details for SJAM Winter trail grooming fund please check here.
This is a crowd sourced funding initiative which has a closing date of November 14, 2016.