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Tom Sawyer’s Life Lesson

Mark Twain’s brilliant story about the Adventures of Tom Sawyer shows that “to make someone covet a thing, it is only necessary to make the thing difficult to attain.” Tom Sawyer, when his friend asked why he was not distressed about having to paint his Aunt Polly’s fence, simply said, “I don’t see why I would be, you don’t get to do this everyday.” Within a few hours, every one of his friends was vying for the opportunity to paint the fence, even paying him in kind (apples and precious pieces of string) for the privilege.

Well, we have some difficult things to challenge you that are also important enough for you to want to take on the challenge.

What are we talking about? Keeping 180 trees and a pollinator garden alive and thriving during a dry spring and summer is both difficult to attain and important to beautifying our neighbourhood. We are also trying to recover the abandoned former parking lot at Pontiac and the Park as a future tree planting site. Your contribution can make a difference, by taking on responsibility for a few hours in our watering schedule or by doing other tree or earth moving care. We have a pretty good system in place, but need more helping hands.

[Saplings with Stakes on Pontiac where there were parking spaces]

If this amazing opportunity to bring biodiversity into the neighbourhood is something you want to be part of, contact Daniel Buckles ( for a brief orientation and access to the online schedule. The project is an initiative of the Champlain Park Community Association.

Trees Still Available for Planting – Reminder

Following up on the previous post about saplings being available:

Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2020 15:25:28 -0400

Spring time trees

Are you one of the lucky ones with a front yard unimpeded by hydro wires? Do you have a backyard with space to breath? Want to start the next generation of the elder tree in your yard? There are still a few baby Bur Oaks (Heritage Champlain Oaks) and baby Sugar Maples available from my backyard nursery. They will become big trees, so not for tiny spaces. Curb side pick up available at Daniel Avenue, by sending an email to

Trees available for Planting

Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2020 17:02:16 -0400

Want to plant a tree, while practicing physical distancing in your yard? I have Champlain Oaks (Heritage Bur Oaks) and Sugar Maples in pots, available for you to pick up. These are very small saplings, but in 20 years will grow to be very large trees! They need room to grow, so may be best suited to backyards or frontyards with no obstructions.

Call Daniel at 613-807-8048 to arrange to pick up at the end of my driveway.

Planting Trees in Small Places

Planting Trees in Small Places: Options to consider when selecting the right tree for you.

Do you have a plantable space in your front or back yard? Do you have a mature tree in your yard that needs a new generation growing up beside it? This pamphlet offers some tips and points you to suitable native tree species. Native species are key because they also support the native insects and birds adapted to them. Some examples are provided here, with a link to 79 native species suitable for Champlain Park. Let’s all do our part to sustain the trees that make this a special neighbourhood.

Daniel Buckles

Planting Trees in Small Places brochure 201905.pdf

Don’t miss the unveiling of indoor and outdoor installations at fieldhouse

2013-12-21 Indoor outdoor installation fieldhouse

Please mark your calendars for an exciting community event
When :   Saturday Dec. 21, 2013
Time:      11 a.m. to Noon
Where:  Champlain Park Fieldhouse

Plan to be part of the unveiling of two installations that celebrate the links between trees and people in Champlain Park.

All are welcome!

City Councillor, Katherine Hobbs will be on hand to unveil an outdoor installation and an indoor display.

Family fun! Hot drinks and food! Art projects!
Put yourself on a timeline of residents in the ‘hood!

See the attached PDF poster and spread the word.

Sponsors: Champlain Oaks Project
and Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA)

Recent Mailing List Activity – Bur Oaks, Bus Frequency

There’s been a recent burst of activity in the mailing list. One topic is the lack of 151 bus trips during rush hour when kids need to get to school (Fisher Park in this case). The other recent topic is about the bur oaks planted earlier on Northwestern being threatened by construction (they’ve been marked with a pylon and one was moved).

More about the mailing list here.

Ottawa Heritage Tree Workshop – June 8 2012

The Ontario Urban Forest Council and Ontario Heritage Trust and the Ottawa Forests and Greenspace Advisory Committee (OFGAC), are sponsoring an Ottawa Heritage Tree Workshop, to take place on June 8-9, 2012.  This workshop may be of particular interest to Champlain Park residents.  Our Champlain Oaks are an item on the agenda.

General information about the workshop and a list of what’s covered in each session: OttawaHeritageTrees20120608.pdf
A more detailed schedule, pricing, and information about the field trip on June 9th: OFGACHeritageTreeWorkshopProgrammeJune8-92012Agenda.pdf

Heritage tree initiative

Dear Neighbours,

We have many beautiful trees in our neighbourhood, some of which have a
long and surprising history. Attached is a DRAFT report on that history,
being prepared for consideration by the City of Ottawa’s heritage
committee and the Ottawa Forests and Green Space advisory committees. It
may result in a formal listing of the trees as natural features of
heritage value. The report is endorsed by three community associations –
ours plus the Island Park Community Association and the Westboro Beach
Community Association.

While the report is now circulating (to our Councillor, City staff, and
others) it will not be formally submitted for consideration and decision
until after an event in early June you might consider attending. Thanks in
part to the attention received by resistance to cutting an ancient bur oak
on Northwestern Avenue, the Ontario Urban Forest Council (OUFC) and
various local groups have organized a workshop and speakers on heritage
trees, to take place at the Experimental Farm on June 8. There will also
be a tour the following day of heritage-potential trees and forests,
including our own neighbourhood, as part of a certification process
offered by OUFC. The purpose is to raise awareness and the level of
knowledge about the issues among citizens, City officials and Councillors.
The speakers list and other details are attached.

If you have any questions or comments on the heritage report, the 106
individual trees listed from the three neighbourhoods, or any other
related matter, please feel free to contact me at or
613-722-8048. We have until June 8 to make revisions to the report before
submitting it to the City for their consideration.

Best Regards,

Daniel Buckles
Secretary, CPCA

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