Opportunities – We need you!

Local community volunteering

We need you! Make a difference by becoming a volunteer.

High school students can earn volunteer hours by helping out.

If you are interested in volunteering within our community, please see the list of volunteering opportunities below for Champlain Park and send an email to champlainpark@gmail.com if you have questions.

We would love to have you join us. Thank-you!

Champlain Park volunteering

Position Description
Rink volunteers Volunteers are welcome to help with supervision and shoveling, please contact the Rink Coordinator.
Event volunteers Volunteers are welcome at all of our community events. Pop over to help out and join the fun at various holiday events, spring cleaning, craft shows, sleigh rides and more.
Fund-Raising Volunteer Can be either executive or non-executive.
Membership Drive Canvassers Help promoting membership within the Champlain Park Community.
Committees We have the following Committees where volunteers are always welcome:

  • Communications
  • Environments
  • Development


Local, Regional and National volunteering

City of Ottawa
Get involved with your city!

Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee
Get involved with your city on the Environment!
The mandate of the Environmental Advisory Committee is to advise Ottawa City Council on policy, programs and service delivery in the area of environmental stewardship.

Other Advisory Committees which you maybe of interested in!
The City of Ottawa has a new Advisory Committee structure. You can be a part of one of these new Committees, which will focus on the City’s Term of Council Priorities.
Make a difference by becoming a volunteer member of an Advisory Committee! The City will benefit greatly from your expertise, enthusiasm and civic pride and in return, you will gain insight and knowledge of how the City works.