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Ottawa River 2020 Updates

Subject: Ottawa River 2020 – freshet updates
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2020 12:53:21 +0000 (UTC)
From: Dan Wilcock <CPCADan@gmail.com>

Hi all,

Happy Easter and hoping you’re all well. I wanted to provide a quick update about what’s happening along our Ottawa River…

[River Path with Water and A-Frame Barrier]
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Salt in our River

From the Ottawa Riverkeeper Newsletter for January 30 2020:

Salt in the Watershed

Did you know that road salt can be toxic to aquatic environments? For several years we have shared the downsides to using road salt, given tips to reduce personal usage, and recommended alternatives.

But what if you could directly measure the impact of road salt on our watershed? This winter we are piloting a new community based monitoring initiative, which will involve sampling water at local creeks to determine the changes in the level of salinity over the season. Data will be collected by a team of volunteers and these findings will lead to a deeper understanding of how the levels of salt applied in snowy weather are changing your river.
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River Activities on Saturday 29 June – Remic Beach and Rapids

Shoreline Cleanup

The floodwaters have now receded, leaving behind garbage and debris along the Ottawa River shoreline.
We are seeking volunteers to help clean up the area along the river, north of Champlain Park, and remove the garbage from our waterways.
Please join the shoreline cleanup at:
        Remic Beach on Saturday 29 June, 10am – 12pm
For any questions contact Dan Wilcock at CPCADan@gmail.com

Water Quality Testing

Thanks to Water Rangers, the Champlain Park community now has a citizen science test kit that will allow us to monitor water health parameters in the Ottawa River such as temperature, clarity, pH, hardness, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen and conductivity. Regular testing will create baseline data, allowing more meaningful long-term observations of our river’s health.
Dan Wilcock is the local member of Ottawa Riverkeeper’s riverwatcher network and is leading Champlain Park’s water quality monitoring.
If you’re interested in learning more, or getting involved in water testing, Dan will demonstrate the test kit at:
              Remic Beach on Saturday 29 June,  at 11am
Water quality results are available at:

Kitchissippi/Somerset shore fishing clinic

City Councillors Leiper and McKenney have organized a free beginner shore fishing clinic to be held at:
             Remic Rapids on Saturday June 29 from 5 – 7pm 
Full details are at the Facebook event page here.
Jeff Leiper’s office has been working with the NCC, sport fishing groups, naturalists and others to offer an educational evening that is inclusive and welcoming for all ages and everyone. They’ll have lots of tackle (fishing gear) on hand and lifeguards to enjoy a safe, very hands-on learning experience.