Champlain Park Front and Corner Side Yard Set-backs

See the previous post for details about the set-back zoning ammendments. There’s also a next post about what happened.

Subject: Zoning: Champlain Park Front and Corner Side Yard
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2014 01:01:09 +0000
From: CoChair1

Please see attachment for July 8 Planning Committee Agenda containing Item 15, Omnibus zoning amendments. The report includes proposed changes to Champlain Park Front and Corner Side Yard Set-back from the current 3 metres to 6 metres and 4.5 metres respectively. This change reflects the actual built form of the neighbourhood, and returns the set-backs to pre-2009 values, thus correcting an anomaly in the subzone specifications.

Champlain Park Front Yard Set Back 8 July 2014
Champlain Park Front Yard Set Back 8 July 2014.pdf

Omnibus Zoning Amendment Update

See the previous post for details about the set-back zoning ammendments. There is also a newer post about the same topic.

The Champlain Park Community Association supports the intent of this zoning amendment.

We have been discussing further clarification to the phrase “in a portion of Champlain Park” to confirm the exact boundaries for the amendment (for example exclusion of the park and minor institutional subzones).

On January 26, 2014, the Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) executive passed the following motion:

Motion: The executive of the Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) approves of the proposal to re-designate the Champlain Park sub-zones (R2D and R1P) from the current 3 metre front yard set-back to a revised 6 metre set-back and gives consent to the City of Ottawa to proceed with this initiative.

Clarification regarding side yard set-back associated with the 6 metre front yard set-back was received after this motion was passed, and is also supported as per the proposed amendment listed above.

  • We have had further communication with the Planning department on this matter.
  • The item is not going to Planning Committee until July 8. The Councillors will vote on the matter; Councillor Hobbs has indicated that she will support this.
  • We have confirmed that in most cases the front yard set-back averaging provisions (average of front yard set-backs of one property abutting on each side of the new infill) will be used. This has resulted in around a 6 metre set-back for most of the proposals that were introduce after May 2012 when the “infill” by-law came into effect.
  • The revision in the omnibus will come into play only where the By-Law 2012-147 (current and revised version that will come into effect once approved at the OMB) references the “underlying zone provisions”. However, the revision is important because it improves the interaction with By-Law 2012-147 in those specific cases.

Questions can be addressed to CoChair1 or

Update: Summary of CPCA submission on 132 Cowley and plans

Re: 132 (130, 134, 136) Cowley Avenue Development Proposal

Applications for Consent and Minor Variances,

 City of Ottawa, Committee of Adjustment, July 17, 2013

The owner of 132 Cowley Avenue, Marc Cléroux, has applied to the City’s Committee of Adjustment for minor variances for lot width and consents to subdivide the property into three separate parcels of land to allow the building of 3 detached dwellings. Approval of the consents and minor variance applications would allow a reduced lot width of 10.16m (30ft 4ins) and building balcony projections for each of the three new parcels. 

The Committee of Adjustment, Committee Panel 1, will hear the application at its meeting of Wednesday July 17th starting at 1:00pm and will likely render its decision at that time. 

The Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) has sent a letter to the Committee of Adjustment in support of the applications.

The CPCA met with the owner and his project designer, Jacques Hamel, on May 2nd and at a community meeting of May 13th, before the submission of these applications, to discuss the CPCA’s goals and objectives for this community and had the opportunity to review the proposal and plans. Based on these meetings and a review of the plans, the CPCA believes that this proposal represents development compatible with the goals and objectives of the Association and is in accordance with the City’s Official Plan and Infill Zoning By-law. We believe building 3 detached dwellings on this deeper lot (45.72m/150ft) is a good and better use of the land and more compatible with the existing street scape and neighbourhood character than introducing semi-detached development on this site.

Three detached units also offer design opportunities to reduce the bulk massing impact that has occurred with some of the semi-detached development that has recently taken place in the neighbourhood. The staggered setbacks of the detached dwellings (13.0m, 9.81m and 6.61m) meets the setback averaging provisions related to the adjoining properties to the north and south and provides for more room for soft landscaping.

A large mature oak occupies the northeast corner of the property and the CPCA has successfully negotiated and signed an agreement with the owner to protect the tree during construction and to ensure its long term health. The agreement is similar to one signed with the owner of 179 Carleton.

Assessed owners of adjoining properties are entitled to attend and speak to the Committee of Adjustment.  If you would like to see a full set of plans showing the site, the unit floor plans and the building elevations or would like any further information:

Please contact Duncan Bury  (613) 729-0499; or CoChair1

Copy of the plans which were filed with the City.

Copy of signed letter.