Communications Committee

The Communications Committee’s job is to get news and notifications out to our neighbours, and to encourage discussion among neighbours.

Mostly this involves finding and posting new content to the web site ( and Twitter (@ChamplainPark), answering e-mails from the public, forwarding e-mails to the appropriate executive member, and occasionally publishing a paper flyer.

Previously we published a monthly Champlain Speaker newsletter; parts of that functionality (available baby sitters list, upcoming events, news articles) have moved over to the web site (though the babysitter and other lists had to be removed after problematic phone calls to children). An occasional single page paper flyer is still published and distributed to houses in the community, whenever there are important events to announce.

We also used to have a mailing list for urgent notifications and discussions among neighbours, but that is now done via Twitter under the #ChamplainPark hashtag or through comments on the web site posts. You can also sign up to receive e-mail notifications of posts to our web site. Unfortunately there isn’t any way to sign up for comments on posts without viewing a particular post on the web site. There’s also a third party (not CPCA) Facebook group for people actually living in the neighbourhood to chat;

If you have something to say to all your neighbours, please let us know. Short comments can go in Tweets or you can comment on web site posts, longer essays can be posted to the web site (e-mail them to the webmaster), and if you have plenty to say frequently then we can set you up with author privileges on the web site.