Ottawa River Flooding Presentation

Following up on a talk by Michael Sarich of the Ottawa River Regulation Secretariat at our AGM, here are his slides about why flooding happens, what can be done, and the history of flooding on the Ottawa river.

[Ottawa River Watershed]

He’s also provided a frequently asked questions document from the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board (see for general information and bulletins).
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Flooding Status in Champlain Park

As mentioned in a post on Facebook by our city councillor Jeff Leiper, sewer overload warnings have been delivered to the appropriate houses (a flyer or fire department visit); if you didn’t get one then there’s no worry about keeping usage down.

The Pontiac and Keyworth sandbag wall should be okay; the water won’t be rising too much and should mostly affect low driveways there.

Also the Patricia sewer overflow seems to be mostly ground water coming from upstream (higher water pressure). I assume it’s better to let it flow out there than filling the pipes.

Pontiac and Keyworth Sandbag Wall in the Rain and Sleet

Please Reduce Sewer Usage in Champlain Park

Jeff Leiper’s office has suggested that reducing household discharge to the sanitary sewer system for the next few days could help reduce the risk of over-taxing the water system. Which means reducing usage by following cottage rules and cutting down on deep baths/long showers/etc:

If its yellow, let it mellow. If its brown, flush it down.

This is because river water is getting into the system. One of our residents writes:

Our concern was heightened this morning when a manhole cover at the corner of Pontiac and Patricia blew off from increased water pressure caused by the city blocking the sewer pipe yesterday on Pontiac behind the school. It’s still spouting a column of water and flooding the forest on the west side of Patricia and creeping towards Clearview. All they accomplished was pushing the problem 200m west.

Link to Full Size MP4 Video.

By the way, Dovercourt is making their showers available if you need them.

Sandbagging Complete

Thanks everyone for helping out, the sandbagging is complete in our neighbourhood, for now. If you want to join the roving bands of sandbaggers (a bunch of them showed up in an OC Transpo shuttle bus), check out the city web site or ask around (councillor Jeff Leiper’s staff would know).

Flood info page at: There’s even a video there about making sandbag walls.

Sandbagging Complete – Site all cleaned up too!

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