Local Commercial Study Update

This is an update to a previously mentioned post.

Subj: Update – Local Commercial Study – City of Ottawa


*please make sure that any reply is sent to Andrew.McCreight@ottawa.ca*

On behalf of Andrew McCreight (currently on vacation until Sept. 2), I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that the website for the Zoning Study on Local Shops and Services (Local Commercial Study) has been updated following review of the online questionnaire and public comments received to date.

The update provides three new documents/links as follows:

· Questionnaire Results
o A summary of the results from the online questionnaire (Nov. 21 – Jan. 31)

· Candidate Sites and potential areas for rezoning
o A list of areas identified by questionnaire participants and location maps of candidate sites

· Potential Zoning Regulations
o Potential zoning regulations for two new zones that would permit commercial uses in residential areas.

Here are the links to the study website;

The links included in the email below will bring you to the web-pages for the Local Commercial Study. Direct links (French and English) to the Consultation Update are attached below for your convenience:


Members of the public and interested parties are encouraged to review the updates and to e-mail comments to Andrew.McCreight@ottawa.ca. Andrew is currently away on vacation returning September 2nd but will endeavour to respond to all comments.

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