Town Hall on OMB Replacement – March 10

Subject: Please Join Me Saturday March 10
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2018 21:09:30 +0000
From: Naqvi, Yasir (MAG) <>

Good Afternoon,

As you know, our government recently passed the Building Better Communities and Conserving Watersheds Act, 2017. This legislation replaced the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) with the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, which will help ensure that proceedings before the tribunal are faster, fairer and more affordable.

We want to make sure that we do everything possible to give people a stronger voice in the planning of their own communities. So, I am pleased to invite you to a town hall discussion on Saturday, March 10, 2018 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm at the Churchill Seniors Recreation Centre, 345 Richmond Road, Ottawa.
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Infill II By-Law Proposal Update

Infill 2 By-Law Update, 22 Feb 2015 for Champlain Park website

Heather Pearl and CoChair1, CPCA Co-Chairs, have been involved over the last several months in some multi-community discussions on the Infill 2 By-Law proposal (see CPCA website links to summary meeting notes at the bottom of this message). They also attended an information session offered by the Planning Department on Jan. 15.

Here are links from the City’s website to pertinent information on the proposed By-Law changes, which deal with height, massing, rear and side yards:

The provisions can be found at this link:

Other info can be found at this link:

We would like to draw your attention in particular to the discussion of “equitable massing”. This issue and related FCA resolutions (supported by CPCA) are described in Attachment 1 “Height and Equitable Massing” from the FCA Infill 2 Working Group’s Feb. 5 meeting notes. The CPCA executive has also voted to support the FCA resolutions.

The working group discussions highlighted the fact that each community’s character and development history affect their response to the Infill 2 By-law proposal. CoChair1 and Heather recently met with Councillor Jeff Leiper to discuss options that are appropriate and achievable for our community, including height reductions to 8.5 metres for both the R1 and the R2. We will be following up with Jeff and with the Planning Department. The Planning Department has a deadline of Feb. 27 for comments. Our letter will be posted.

Here are the documents related to the Infill 2 By-Law proposal that is scheduled to be heard at Planning Committee on April 14. The first attachment is a summary (the main text of this post). The other documents contain supplementary information related to multi-community discussions between community association planning and zoning reps.

Infill 2 By-Law Update 22Feb2015.pdf
150205 Final FCA Infill 2 Meeting Notes.pdf
150205 Final Attachment 1 Height and Equitable Massing.pdf
150205 Final Attachment 2 Projections Above Height.pdf
150205 Final Attachment 3 Corner Lots Provision.pdf
FCA Infill 2 WG MeetingNotes18Jan2015.pdf
Infill II Meeting Synopsis 150121.pdf
Presentation Flat vs Sloped 1412040001.pdf

Infill I – Presentation

This presentation summarizes the revised Infill Phase I zoning proposal. The original zoning for Infill in Mature Neighbourhoods was appealed to the OMB by representatives of the builders/developers community. Subsequent to the OMB Decision, a revised by-law has been drafted. A series of follow-up meetings is being held with representatives of the community associations and the builders/developers, to discuss the revised zoning proposal.

Co-Chairs, CoChair1 and Heather Pearl, are attending these meetings on behalf of CPCA.

Infill Title Slide
Infill I 2013-08-20 v.02.pdf