September 11 – Community Meeting for 153 Carleton Avenue Development Proposal

(153 Carleton Avenue is across from the park)

Date: Wed. Sept. 11
Time: 8 PM
Place: Champlain Park Fieldhouse

153 Carleton Image for Meeting Notice.jpeg

Description from the architect (Jacques Hamel):

We are proposing a semi-detached building on a 47′ (14.30 m) wide lot.  One of the units will have a garage,  whereas the other one will have at grade parking in the front yard.  Both are quite different from each other and will each have their own identity.  They are two stories at the front with rooftop decks facing the park.  Behind the deck is a third floor (comprising approximately one third of the 2nd floor area.)

Unit 1 lot area is 231 sm.  and Unit 2 is 204 sm.  Unit 1 is 2535 gsf (235.5 gsm),  and Unit 2 is 2345 gsf (218 gsm). The proposal is to subdivide into unequal parcels (one is narrower than the other).


  • Architect Jacques Hamel will present the proposal.
  • Champlain Park Community Association executive members will then facilitate a discussion with the neighbours (after the architect leaves).

Our membership list now has voluntary e-mail addresses. We are sending this to the surrounding neighbours in a blind cc.

Your participation is important. Please reserve this date.

Community Association Development Committee Contacts:
Duncan Bury: