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A Neighbouring Project about Neighbourhood Oak Trees, their home page is

Caterpillar Voracious Appetites

Now is the time to protect trees from caterpillars with voracious appetites.

Heritage bur oaks in our neighbourhood are being attacked by the gypsy moth caterpillar. In fact, all deciduous trees are at risk from the caterpillar. So are conifers.

Here’s what you can do to protect any tree in your yard (or in the park):

[Oak tree with burlap sack circumference guard]

Trees Still Available for Planting – Reminder

Following up on the previous post about saplings being available:

Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2020 15:25:28 -0400

Spring time trees

Are you one of the lucky ones with a front yard unimpeded by hydro wires? Do you have a backyard with space to breath? Want to start the next generation of the elder tree in your yard? There are still a few baby Bur Oaks (Heritage Champlain Oaks) and baby Sugar Maples available from my backyard nursery. They will become big trees, so not for tiny spaces. Curb side pick up available at Daniel Avenue, by sending an email to

Trees available for Planting

Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2020 17:02:16 -0400

Want to plant a tree, while practicing physical distancing in your yard? I have Champlain Oaks (Heritage Bur Oaks) and Sugar Maples in pots, available for you to pick up. These are very small saplings, but in 20 years will grow to be very large trees! They need room to grow, so may be best suited to backyards or frontyards with no obstructions.

Call Daniel at 613-807-8048 to arrange to pick up at the end of my driveway.

Meet our Heritage Trees – May 5


As part of Jane’s Walk in Ottawa, we’ll be hosting a stroll through the streets of Champlain Park neighbourhood at 1 p.m. on Sunday, May 5. Come to this beautiful urban ‘hood to meet some heritage oak trees. Details on the Jane’s Walk website.

Heritage Trees

From: Debra Huron <>
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2017 16:16:10 -0500

From Daniel Buckles via Champlain Oaks website

Calling all heritage trees

[Oak Tree between the SJAM Parkway roads]On the heels of September’s ceremony to honour heritage trees in Ottawa, Forests Ontario has confirmed that it can list more bur oaks from this neighbourhood in its provincial registry.

The deadline for nominating a tree to Forests Ontario’s heritage tree program is December 31, 2017.
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Legacy Trees Carry on Forest Genes

(longer version with photos at

Discovering the family story DNA can tell reminds us of just how diverse genetic roots can be in a human life. Farmers know that the genetic variations within wheat, corn, millets and other food plants hold the key to disease resistance and future food security.

The same value comes from keeping forest genes going. The genes of the bur oaks honoured in Champlain Park on National Tree Day are an unbroken genetic code from the end of the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago. Over multiple generations, the cycle of acorn to mature tree has repeated itself in our neighbourhood over and over again. Along the way, the offspring adapted to the thin soils, dry spells and periodic flooding of the Ottawa River shoreline between Chaudière Falls and Des Chênes Rapids. More recently, they adapted to life in the city.
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Bur Oaks to Receive Heritage Status – September 27

Daniel Buckles writes:

On National Tree Day (Wednesday, September 27) Forests Ontario will be at the Steve and Kay Kot house (124 Cowley) at 10 AM to announce the induction of four “Champlain Oaks” into the provincial Heritage Tree program. Three other trees (on Keyworth and Daniel Ave) are also being acknowledged in the Heritage Tree Program.

Here is a link to the Champlain Oaks announcement and profiles of 4 trees that will receive heritage status from Forests Ontario on National Tree Day 2017.

Join us to celebrate trees and the natural heritage of our community.


Trees Planted in Neighbourhood Forest

Daniel Buckles has written up a post on the Champlain Oaks site describing this weekend’s tree planting activity, with plenty of photos. Just in time for the seedlings to be watered by today’s rains! Have a look at: Fostering Forest … Continue reading


Invitation to contribute to the local Community Forest

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The Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) and the National Capital Commission (NCC) have entered into an agreement to cooperate in the management of the forested area on NCC land between Northwestern Avenue and Island Park Drive north of Premier Avenue. … Continue reading


Premiere Ave at Carleton Ave loses a big tree to development

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The intersection of Carleton Avenue at Scott Street is a main gateway to our community, for pedestrians and vehicles alike. For more than a year many of us have watched with vigilance as two new houses have gone up at … Continue reading