Omnibus Zoning Amendment Update

See the previous post for details about the set-back zoning ammendments. There is also a newer post about the same topic.

The Champlain Park Community Association supports the intent of this zoning amendment.

We have been discussing further clarification to the phrase “in a portion of Champlain Park” to confirm the exact boundaries for the amendment (for example exclusion of the park and minor institutional subzones).

On January 26, 2014, the Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) executive passed the following motion:

Motion: The executive of the Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) approves of the proposal to re-designate the Champlain Park sub-zones (R2D and R1P) from the current 3 metre front yard set-back to a revised 6 metre set-back and gives consent to the City of Ottawa to proceed with this initiative.

Clarification regarding side yard set-back associated with the 6 metre front yard set-back was received after this motion was passed, and is also supported as per the proposed amendment listed above.

  • We have had further communication with the Planning department on this matter.
  • The item is not going to Planning Committee until July 8. The Councillors will vote on the matter; Councillor Hobbs has indicated that she will support this.
  • We have confirmed that in most cases the front yard set-back averaging provisions (average of front yard set-backs of one property abutting on each side of the new infill) will be used. This has resulted in around a 6 metre set-back for most of the proposals that were introduce after May 2012 when the “infill” by-law came into effect.
  • The revision in the omnibus will come into play only where the By-Law 2012-147 (current and revised version that will come into effect once approved at the OMB) references the “underlying zone provisions”. However, the revision is important because it improves the interaction with By-Law 2012-147 in those specific cases.

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One thought on “Omnibus Zoning Amendment Update

  1. It’s a shame that this wasn’t in effect last summer, when that big, brown monstrosity was built at 154 Keyworth Ave. That house looks totally out of place where it sits and it doesn’t fit in at all with any of the other houses on the street. Almost a year later, it’s still not finished. It breaks my heart to see how the developers have been running amok in Champlain Park, building these huge, super-modern designs and totally ruining the appearance of the neighbourhood I remember from my youth. In 10 or 15 years from now, none of the original houses will remain.

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