Planning and Zoning Committee

The CPCA Planning & Zoning Committee engages in the following types of activities:

  • Reviews development proposals in Champlain Park that are going to the Committee of Adjustment
  • Meets with Owners/Developers to discuss proposals, to convey our goals for “compatible development”, including building design, retention of green front yards and mature trees and to work with them on these issues.
  • Represents the CPCA before the Committee of Adjustment by writing letters and presenting the association’s position at the hearings; Co-ordinates preparation of the CPCA “case” for OMB hearings.
  • Informs the community about upcoming development proposals and other planning/zoning issues via the CPCA website, and/or flyer and presents information and provides opportunities for discussion at meetings.
  • Represents the CPCA in discussion with the City and other organizations related to planning and zoning issues.

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