Tree Seedlings – October 15

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FYI.  Hi.  In case you are interested, there are free trees on offer.  As for the other three docs: the CAFES Tree Manual is pretty darn good; Ecology Ottawa’s “How to Plant” is a simple guide for people who don’t already know how to plant trees; and, the Just Food Community Farm map is neat for those interested in taking a look at what’s being done on NCC lands by some Ottawa groups vis a vis sustainable agriculture.  It could be an interesting half-day trip for families.
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Bicycle Safe Riding Workshops for Kids

The Ottawa Safety Council is running several CycleSafe Workshops throughout the City this summer!

These workshops are open to children aged 5-14 years old, cost $30/child and range in duration from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Less about how to ride a bike, these workshops focus primarily on safety concepts and awareness needed to share the road safely with other road users, including: anticipating and understanding other road users’ perspectives and actions, Selective Attention, parked cars, positioning on the road, weather conditions and terrain, falling safely, communicating with other road users, hazard scanning, navigating intersections/driveways and right of way.

For more information visit:
To register your child visit:

[Poster for Cyclesafe Workshops 2022]

Tree Givaway, Concert, Summer Camp – May 13+

Ecology Ottawa Tree Giveaway + Stephen Lewis Foundation Fundraising Plant Sale

Friday, May 13 – 10am – 1pm
30 Cleary Ave (First Unitarian Congregation, just off Richmond Rd)

Ecology Ottawa is embarking on their largest tree giveaway in Ottawa’s history, and we’re involved!
Help re-plant Ottawa’s urban forest by picking up one of 20,000 seedlings that are looking for new homes on your private property.
Visit FirstU, at 30 Cleary, on May 13th to pick up a FREE baby tree for your yard


You can pick up some by-donation perennials for your garden while you’re here, and help the Unitarian GoGos raise money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.
The plant sale runs from Friday at 9am through to Sunday at 2pm. Stop by any time!

Choral Concert: The Road Home

Saturday, May 14 – 4pm
In Person at 30 Cleary Ave (First Unitarian Congregation, just off Richmond Rd)
By Donation at the Door – $15 Suggested

FirstU’s singers are so excited to be home again and presenting “The Road Home”, our first concert in over two years!
Join us on Saturday, May 14 at 4pm for an hour-long live, in person performance featuring our contemporary Fusion ensemble, our Three Rivers Singers women’s ensemble, and our Chalice Choir, presenting music about community, resilience, and finding home.

Please Note: You must be fully vaccinated to enter our building and masks are required for attendees.

OWL Summer Camp – Registration Open!

July 4 – 8 (9am-4pm, daily)
$75 per child for the week – subsidies available upon request

Good news! First Unitarian is running OWL Summer Camp for both 10-11 year-olds AND 12-14 year-olds this July!

OWL day camp includes all the usual Summer Camp fun – art, games, and getting active outdoors – plus workshops that focus on “Our Whole Lives” topics like body image, consent education, cultivating healthy peer-to-peer relationships, and building communication skills.

More information is available here:
Contact to register your kids for camp.
Please Note: There is a mandatory information session for parents and caregivers.

Herongate Call for Gardening Donations – March 20

Our environment people work on the “bring your own tools” model for our projects (we don’t have storage space), but we do welcome donations of soil, rocks, leaves in the fall, money, etc. to Champlain Park projects. However, we’re happy to encourage the Herongate people in their gardening work, so if you have some extra old tools…

Subject: Call for gardening donations
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2022 15:35:51 +0000 (UTC)
From: Herongate Tenant Coalition <>
To: Champlain Park Community Association <>

Dear Champlain Park Community Association,
Please share far and wide with your members in Ottawa!

Do you have gardening supplies like tools, stakes, or seeds lying around you aren’t using anymore? Support Herongate gardeners by dropping off gardening supplies on Sunday, March 20th between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM at the corner of Baycrest Drive and Cedarwood Drive.
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Talk on Depaving, Building a Forest and Pollinator Garden – March 10

Thursday, March 10th – Daniel Buckles, of Champlain Park, will outline how the community turned a paved street into a model forest and a pollinator garden. The project won the 2020 award from the Society for Organic Urban LandCare in recognition of its benefits to local wildlife, the urban forest and public engagement.

[Pollinator Garden June 24, 2021]

Join the Riverview Park Community Association on Zoom for a virtual presentation from 7:00pm – 8:00pm on the date shown above. Each presentation will be followed by a short Q & A. To attend, please register by sending a message to A link to the Zoom meeting will be mailed out to all registered participants a day before each session.

Their community association:
FORPGS stands for Friends of Riverview Park Green Spaces. They’re on Facebook.
The event was also mentioned in the Riverview Park Review – February 2022.

[Pontiac street rubble and stone dug up, ready for planting a small forest]

The Royal Mental Hygiene Challenge

From, #MentalHygieneChallenge

Joining us is easy! Just take 10 minutes every day throughout March 2022 to do simple, research-based activities that support your mental health. These 10 minutes can be done all at once, or broken up into shorter intervals – it’s up to you!

It’s fun, it’s free, and no special equipment or skills are needed.

Sign up below and you’ll receive:

  • a list of mental hygiene practices that are easy to do, recommended by mental health experts at The Royal
  • a free digital calendar to track your progress
  • links to helpful resources and how-to videos
  • an invitation to our virtual launch event on March 1 to help inspire and motivate you!

The goal here, of course, is to see how you feel after 31 days of practice. And who knows? The small changes you make might be the beginning of a big boost for your mental wellness.

Also see The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre Facebook Group for the Challenge.

Here is a nugget of information from their Good hygiene for your mental health article:

Start your own your mental hygiene practice today

Guillaume Tremblay recommends spending at least ten minutes every day doing one of the following activities. (Pro tip: if you choose an activity you enjoy – and do it at a time that fits your schedule – you are much more likely to stick with it over the long term.)

  • Meditation or mindfulness exercises (there are many free apps and podcasts to guide you)
  • Focused deep breathing
  • “Prosocial” prayer (with themes of thanksgiving, praying for others, gratitude)
  • Journaling (writing about positive experiences or expressing gratitude)
  • A walk in a natural setting

You can also combine activities, such as taking a walk in the woods while thinking about the things for which you are grateful or listening to an “eyes open” mindfulness meditation. As Tremblay writes: “These kinds of deliberate and intentional exercises foster cognitive patterns conducive to well-being.”

Occupation and Hintonburg

From the Hintonburg Community Association via Jeff Leiper’s newsletter #297:

In the last week we have heard some very troubling reports of residents in Hintonburg being harassed on the street and feeling unsafe. We were made aware of incidents Thursday & Friday at our primary schools.

Since Tuesday the Hintonburg Community Association has started some evening walks in the community and Friday we had a presence near each of our primary schools. We are providing extra eyes on the street and a quiet presence on the street at certain times of the day with our Walks for Safety.

If you have some time to help for an hour or so over the next few weeks, we would appreciate your help. Please contact the HCA at

If you witness or are aware of any illegal activity being committed by convoy participants or organizers, please report them to the following: Police 613-236-1222, x7502 (dispatch); x5015 (Hate crime hotline); x7300 (file a report); Call 311 for any by-law issues.

Carlington Community Health Centre Nominations

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Subject: Call for Nominations
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2022 16:05:28 +0000
From: Communications <>

Carlington Community Health Centre’s Governance & Internal Affairs Committee has put out a call for nominations for candidates for election to the Board of Directors at our AGM in June.
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