Day One in the Post-Car Era – on Pontiac

Daniel Buckles writes:

Hours after planters were installed on Pontiac as part of the Park extension/depaving project, a new temporary public use has taken shape. It inspires me to dream about a time when cars as we know them will no longer rule (and pollute) the land.

[Pontiac Street with barrier planters, and a hockey net]

Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2017-09-11

This week’s topics:

  • School safety blitz – Tickets issued.
  • STEP in September – School zones & buses, seat belts.
  • More school safety – Mostly about the students.

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Garden Club with Ed Lawrence – September 12

Laurie would like to point out that Ed Lawrence will be appearing on Tuesday at the gardening club meeting, possibly his final appearance at the club. He’s locally (Ontario) famous for a call-in radio show about gardening,

More about the Garden Club at

Champlain Oaks Available for Planting

Daniel Buckles writes:

I have a small number of Bur Oak saplings grown from seed of the oldest and biggest trees in our neighbourhood. The saplings are direct descendants from the ancient oak forest viewed by Champlain in 1613 and that lined the Ottawa River following the last great Ice Age. Contact me if you have a plantable spot and would like to establish one of these trees.

Daniel Buckles, 613-722-8048.

Fall Season Activities Starting

Just a reminder that Fall Activities are starting soon. There are:

Additionally a book club is being started, details coming soon.

Quite a busy season! See the full calendar at

Planning Primer Course – September 16

If you’re interested in learning about the city’s planning process, the “Planning Primer I” class is being offered on a few days, starting on September 16th.

Details about the course are at and the sign-up link is

Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2017-08-21

This week’s topics:

  • Scam #1 – Slashed tires and boxing-in cars.
  • Scam #2 – Fake driving test booking web site.

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